Saturday, December 21, 2013

ADL Has The E-Mail; Bill White Himself Does Not

[The ADL has published an image of one of the "threatening" e-mails Bill White allegedly sent. So far as anyone knows, White himself, the accused, has not yet been shown any "evidence" or even been officially been informed of the charges against him, which should tell you something about the state of what might laughably be referred to as our justice system in this country. This is from the only other site with the balls to cover the Bill White story at

Many thanks to Comrade G. D. for his publication of this little historical curiosity. - HAC]

I have finally managed to procure a copy of one these emails – the Anti-Defamation League has one online. However, because it  is the Anti-Defamation League, one has to query the validity of the claim since they are obviously a politically bias site in favour of Zionism which specialises in (ironically) defaming anyone who has a political opinion opposite to their own. As such Bill White is obviously going to be a political target of theirs and therefore the veracity of any statement by them has to be taken with more than single grain of salt.

There doesn’t appear to be anything in the message which links it to Bill White, and the full message is truncated, indicating there is more which is not displayed for some reason.
Still looks like the handiwork of a single troll to me, not anything organized and  the individual in question very likely had no intent to do anything but type on the internet.

I’ve seen hundreds of people type stupid rubbish over the internet – and not a single one of them has ever done anything but exercise their fingers in random acts of unwarranted machismo. The question here is not just a matter of who sent the messages, but also one of: how seriously can we take internet trolls? I’ve seen people type far worse than this – but to what extent can it be taken seriously? I think that if one sweeps through the hyperbole and media rhetoric, they will discover that whoever sent these will have had neither the intent nor the capacity to enact the content.

I believe that all we have here is an incident of web trolling, regardless of who or what sent it.



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