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Radio Free Northwest - December 31st, 2013


Our annual two-hour all-music show.

Guys: apparently Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 are having some problems with downloading RFN off our site. If you experience these problems let me know and I will upload a copy of the MP3 file to a big-file STP site so you can download it directly.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Letter From Bill White - December 18th 2013

Hello, Harold:

Not much going on here. I've sent you some AFP articles these past few days, and thank you for the flyers and newspaper you sent. I see that The First Freedom has run a really nice ad for me, with perhaps the worst picture of me ever taken. 

I'm also told that the U.S. Attorney's office has provided the media with a photo of me with my head shaved. Funny thing about that photo--I don't usually shave my head. However, in BOP solitary, where you can get neither a haircut nor shampoo, I do. So the media is using something I do to respond to the horrendous conditions that the BOP imposes on political prisoners to make me a Skinhead. LOL. 

I really have to thank you for helping me communicate to the world that all of this, from the trials to the indictments to the media coverage, is a carefully stage-managed fantasy.

I still have not heard anything about the Florida charges. I was told today that someone might be by to show me the latest indictment some time next month. Or, they may not. However, I've heard that a year and a half ago, the dictator's people were pursuing someone else in this case, and not having been able to pin these e-mails on anyone, someone in the power structure has decided, almost at random, to pin these e-mails on me, whatever they were about. Why not, right? Who is going to take up for me? I am offensive to all sides of the Zionist political spectrum, so I'm a safe scapegoat, and somebody gets an easy case clearance.

The past week I've been wrestling with the critiques of Michael Hoffman, whose Revisionist History newsletter is consistently brilliant and provocative, even though I differ with him on several points. Hoffman is the leading pro-White scholar of Judaism. His Judaism's Strange Gods, which I read ten years ago, is the leading introduction to the subject for serious White activists. But Hoffman is strangely critical of both National Socialism and the modern White movement, on philosophical grounds, not because he wants to complain about fringe degenerates and the like.

[Okay, I'm going to redact several thousand words here and most likely publish this one in full in Northwest Observer. Let's get back to the juicy stuff toward the end of the letter. - HAC]

So these are my thoughts. Merry Christmas, Harold. LOL. Thanks you for your recent defense of me, but one point: there will be no government dweeb talking about IP addresses at my Florida trial, whatever else they dream up by way of evidence. This is one thing the dictator's servants do not want to discuss. There is no IP evidence linking any of these things to me, and never has been. These cases are literally being made up out of whole cloth purely out of personal hatred of me. I really do wish to hell I knew who I pissed off back in '08.

And while I thank everyone who writes to me, please do not threaten anyone in my case in your letters. (Not you, Harold, your readers.) It is against the law for me to even suggest that I want anyone harmed. I cannot even say "do as you like", and I must firmly say no to any suggestion. 

Why on earth would any sane individual write to me, of all people, seeking my permission to commit a crime? I am not some kind of boss of anything. I am a writer and a historian, and the people who are holding me in prison know that even if some of the strange people out there don't.

Thank you, Harold, for all your support.


P. S. I have finally figured out what a fedora is. Your books mention them, I saw a U.S. Marshal's report claiming I wear one (I don't--it never ceases to astonish me how wildly inaccurate some of their information is) and today, I see one advertised in the Wall Street Journal.

P.P.S. Not to pile on, but what a piece of shit Dietrich Bonhoeffer is! I keep hearing this asshole being lauded in conservative media. I remember being given a book once, denouncing mass psychology, that I believe was written by this guy. In the past few weeks I've discovered who he was--he opposed the Reichskirche and practiced Zionist-Kabbalistic Lutheranism. The fact that he survived until 1945 is evidence of Hitler's excessive tolerance of political dissent.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

HAC Reads Freedom's Sons, Part 2


More book-promoting. This is the second part of my dulcet tones reading the Prologue.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Freedom's Sons, Read By HAC

Book-plugging time again.


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Letter From Bill White - December 11th, 2013

[Almost missed this one.] 

Hello, Harold:

I received the latest issue of Northwest Observer. I'm glad it got through, as my mail has become a bit hit-or-miss this past week and a half. People may not understand the reptile issue, but the first piece of mail I've had seized, besides obvious contraband, was taken last week, and it was 50 pages of my early genealogical charts on serpent-gods and European nobles. So of all the things I do, the reptiles seem to be upsetting the dictator's servants most. LOL.

Your reprint of Dr. Revilo Oliver's article was particularly impressive. Had I known of this speech of his, I would have been paying much more attention to his works. Unfortunately the Weenie in custody of his literary estate discouraged me. I disagree that the Volksgeist arises from mere agreement or by a language, and I'd put the explosion of corruption out of Catholicism and into the Protestant and Reformed religions into the 16th and 17th centuries, but otherwise he's quite correct. What Oliver is missing is a description of the long-standing occult forces for which things like Catholicism, Christianity, and liberalism are just masks--but that is a minor thing as well.

What particularly interested me was Oliver's attribution of One World-ism to Philo the Jew, whom I have some familiarity with, but whom I have not read. Philo, as I recall, was a Hellenizer, and I wonder how much of his One World-ism incorporates the philosophy of Alexander's Macedon. There have been several critical turning points in history--one was 17th century Britain, when modern democracy and banking was born. Another was 4th century Macedon, when Alexander posited a One World government and the Oniods (sp?) transformed the Temple into centers of money-changing. Philo's abuse of stoicism I am unfamiliar with, except that it is certainly abuse, as Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic Emperor, is one of the world's great thinkers.

It's also good to hear that you have been resurrecting Sir Oswald Moseley. There is a great arrangement of one of his speeches on the Blood Axis CD Blot. True, Michael of Blood Axis is a pretentious Satanist, but Blot was great.

I think you are right that America has reached a crisis point. Obamacare, which is making a deep psychic-electoral impact, is the least of Obama's problems. First, America is near bankruptcy, and America has never been near bankruptcy before. This changes everything else, because America has had bad leadership before, but it has always had the money to buy its way out. Now the money is gone. This means that America has perhaps of just one more crisis left. Then it's the end of the British or Soviet empires redux.

This is not only why Obama has been playing his cards so carefully on Iran, it's why he backed down in Syria and is so challenged with the China Air Defense Identification Zone. Moreover, the world senses that Washington is weak, and smells blood. China needs the oil fields of the South and East China seas for the same reason Japan needed to seize Southeast Asia in the 1930s and 1940s--it is industrializing and needs resources. However, China would not be challenging the United States now if it didn't sense weakness. It was on a 15-20 year plan to seize these areas, building its navy and air force. Now its moving, knowing that if Obama cannot fight in Syria, he won't fight in China, either.

This weakness is what may eventually draw Washington into a war which drags it under. Weakness, as always, invites attack. Obama is in a double bind. He can't fight, because that will drive him down., and not fighting makes a bigger fight in the future far more likely. So with luck, a war which not only bankrupts Washington but substantially disrupts the American homeland is on the way. The latter is not apparent, but one can always hope.

Enclosed is an essay on the national economy and national state which you can post if you like. Also e-mail it to [redacted] and [redacted]. I've been working on this for two months, trying to make it straightforward, while still covering all major subjects. Let me know your thoughts. There is one small section I am concerned may be unclear, but my guess is only I will notice it. LOL.
I hope all is well, Harold. No news except that my §2255 in Chicago may finally be filed this week.


* * *

Bill White is a prisoner in the Roanoke County jail, awaiting sentencing in March for allegedly sending his ex-wife an angry e-mail over money. The e-mail appears actually to have been sent by the government's star witness, possibly while she was actually in the presence of U.S. Marshals, but in Obama's America 2014 guilt or innocence no longer matters. Skin color and political conformity do. White has also been indicted in Florida for something or other, but so far no one knows what it is except for the dictator's lawyers, and as of this date, they're not telling. Please write to 

William A. White  #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Proposed Official Motto For The Northwest Front

Proposed motto change on bottom of seal.


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Radio Free Northwest - December 25th, 2013

Olivia on Movement burnout, HAC on surviving an integrated high school, lots of Christmas music. Merry Christmas, Festem Yule, Nollaig, etc. etc.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Good Christmas News: Edgar Steele Is Alive

[From this week's Radio Free Northwest]

Okay, let’s start out with a little bit of true Christmas cheer. I have finally been able to get a report on Edgar Steele’s situation from inside the Gothic walls of the Victorville maximum security prison in California, and it is better than expected.

One of our prison guys was transferred to Victorville recently and he has been able to speak with Edgar, finally. On the downside, Ed is confined to a wheelchair due to recent heart surgery. By all rights, he should never have been sent to Victorville at all; he’s pushing 70 years old now, he still has an extremely serious heart condition and  he should either be in the federal prison system’s main medical facility in Springfield, Missouri, or else he should be in their geriatric unit at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, which is where the dictatorship sends the old men who are doing ten thousand year sentences to finally die in prison like some insane judge decreed fifty years ago. 

But Victorville is kind of like a medieval oubliette; it’s a hole in the ground into which the dictatorship drops people it wants to disappear. According to our contact, Ed now has long hair and although he’s in a wheelchair he is coherent and as cheerful as can be expected under the circumstances. 

Apparently the rumors about him having had some kind of mental breakdown are not, repeat, not true. Ed is able to conduct a coherent conversation, although he is very easily tired. 

Also, his captors have withheld his mail for well over a year by placing him in some kind of weird security classification, but apparently they are now letting him have a little of his mail from the past two years or so. Ed asked our guy to convey his thanks to me over an article on his situation I ran in the Party’s magazine Northwest Observer which as near as I can figure was over a year old.  

Whether they are allowing him personal letters yet I don’t know. I’ll see if I can find out. Ed said that he had written me a letter thanking me for the article, but that was several weeks ago and I haven’t received it yet, so apparently the commandant of the prison still isn’t allowing him to send any outgoing mail, which is why no one has heard from him for two years. 

I was going to link to the official Edgar Steele site here, but either it's down or my archaic Windows XP can't connect; I'm getting an error message. Try


I checked that and it's still up.

Bill White Needs Research Assistant

December 19th, 2013

Hello, Harold:

I want to thanks you for immediately realizing that this indictment in Florida is a crock. More than a  week after it was issued, I still have not seen the actual indictment, nor have I been able to get any kind of official explanation of what's going on. As best I can tell, I am being scapegoated for almost random internet posts made by some person unknown to me, over a situation which is unknown to me. I have many questions. As best I can tell, whoever made these threats e-mailed them to my former account, which I was not tending, and this is the only linkage. None of my e-mails or Facebook accounts were used, and I had nothing to do with this.

I am curious on one point--what the hell is the underlying case these people were arrested for? I thought the American Front was the National Bolshevik "New Resistance," but the SPLC is making some wild claim about an "Aryan compound" in Florida. Does anyone have a clue WTF this is actually all about? If so, please write and tell me.

I've been working on a longer letter to you on the issue of rabbinical methodology, racism, and neo-Platonism. addressing Michael Hoffman's views on these issues, I have nothing but respect for Hoffman, whose works I've discovered, but I believe he is wrong on several points, points which deserve deep thought.

However, a situation has developed, so I'm running off a shorter note. In 2010, when my wife stabbed me in the back, liquidated my business, and ran away with all the money, one person assisted me. That person was [name redacted]. However, over the past year, maybe more, this person has really turned on me--insulting and attacking me on the internet, lying to me in letters he writes, and really double-dealing me and undermining me for reasons I don't understand. After six months of fighting between my bloggers over nothing, [redacted] has admitted lying about being "hacked," lying about not being the person insulting me on message boards, and has refused to return certain property entrusted to him, claiming he will destroy it rather than give it back to me. 

[I won't interrupt Bill's letter with a tirade of my own, except to say that for reasons I have never understood, White Nationalists seem almost incapable of sustained loyalty to a group or individual for any length of time, to the point where treachery is now a recognized hallmark of Movement people. It's kind of who we are and what we do, and it's one of the many things we must change about ourselves if there is ever to be any hope at all for the continued existence of our race. - HAC] 

You see, Harold, my life is a series of betrayals, probably due to my own foolishness. Again and again, I have trusted someone and been stabbed in the back. This is why I now spread trust around and never make myself dependent on just one person's assistance.

However, I now need a historical research assistant--someone to explore the occult aspects of history with me--pagan and occult religions, obscure leaders and figures, and books covered with a thousand years of dust. This has to be someone with time, patience, and a sincere interest in the subject--someone for whom this is not "work" or an obligation, but something you want to do. The job involves internet research, like printing out Wikipedia articles, and often research on obscure genealogical questions, as well as collecting my papers from the half dozen or so people holding them from me.

If anyone out there is interested, they can send me a letter with material on the Byzantine Emperors from Constantine V Copronymus to Michael II the Stammerer, and particularly their relationships and intermarriages with the Khazars. Information on original sources would be helpful.

Thank you for posting this, Harold. It is very easy to trick people in prison, and I have only a handful of folk I can trust. You would be amazed at how much phony mail I get--letters from transsexuals working with the SPLC and similar nonsense. I haven't fallen for those, at least. But I do know that there are good people out there, sometimes in surprising places, and I am willing to be burned from time to time to have the privilege of meeting some of those good people.


William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

HAC On Joe Adams Radio Show - December 20th, 2013

Hi, guys:

This is me on the Joe Adams show on White Voice radio last Friday.


Periodic Plug For Freedom's Sons

Hi, guys:

Okay, you can purchase the fifth and last Northwest independence novel, Freedom's Sons, from Amazon.com at


and the ultimate Freedom's Sons comments section, wherein I will gather all comments and reactions to the novel I get including those posted elsewhere under one cyber-roof, is located at

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ADL Has The E-Mail; Bill White Himself Does Not

[The ADL has published an image of one of the "threatening" e-mails Bill White allegedly sent. So far as anyone knows, White himself, the accused, has not yet been shown any "evidence" or even been officially been informed of the charges against him, which should tell you something about the state of what might laughably be referred to as our justice system in this country. This is from the only other site with the balls to cover the Bill White story at 


Many thanks to Comrade G. D. for his publication of this little historical curiosity. - HAC]

I have finally managed to procure a copy of one these emails – the Anti-Defamation League has one online. However, because it  is the Anti-Defamation League, one has to query the validity of the claim since they are obviously a politically bias site in favour of Zionism which specialises in (ironically) defaming anyone who has a political opinion opposite to their own. As such Bill White is obviously going to be a political target of theirs and therefore the veracity of any statement by them has to be taken with more than single grain of salt.

There doesn’t appear to be anything in the message which links it to Bill White, and the full message is truncated, indicating there is more which is not displayed for some reason.
Still looks like the handiwork of a single troll to me, not anything organized and  the individual in question very likely had no intent to do anything but type on the internet.

I’ve seen hundreds of people type stupid rubbish over the internet – and not a single one of them has ever done anything but exercise their fingers in random acts of unwarranted machismo. The question here is not just a matter of who sent the messages, but also one of: how seriously can we take internet trolls? I’ve seen people type far worse than this – but to what extent can it be taken seriously? I think that if one sweeps through the hyperbole and media rhetoric, they will discover that whoever sent these will have had neither the intent nor the capacity to enact the content.

I believe that all we have here is an incident of web trolling, regardless of who or what sent it.


Friday, December 20, 2013

"It Is Not Safe Any Longer To Remain Silent"

December 12th, 2013

Hello, Harold:

I heard on the radio this morning that I was indicted in Orlando, Florida for the eighth time. According to the radio, the charges involve "aiding and abetting the extortion of a judge, a prosecutor, and an FBI agent" as well as something called "illegal use of identification." The charges, from what I can tell, are total nonsense, and since I can't tell you who these people are, or when all this extortion supposedly took place, I haven't got a clue what's going on. I'm not even sure what "illegal use of identification" means. My only guess, from something the U.S. Attorney let slip some months ago, would be that it's something to do with the American Front case in Florida. They were going to use the Trayvon Martin case but perhaps that was a bit too high profile.

If so, I wish they'd do better research. American Front is not a "White supremacist" group, it's an anti-racist Skinhead group associated with [redacted]

You know, I have no idea what's going on, but I'm wondering if this "illegal use of identification", a charge I never heard of, doesn't mean that they haven't caught who did whatever the hell it is that was done, if anything, and now they're somehow claiming it was me. With this régime anything can happen.

All I know is this: when I was released from prison in 2011, I lived peacefully in the middle of nowhere, on a horse farm with no internet. This did me no good. The media, angry that I wasn't doing anything and missing their favorite racist chew-toy, began publishing outright fabricated reports accusing me of doing everything from arguing at a parade to distributing Klan business cards, as if I have something to do with the Klan! LOL. 

That didn't work. When I realized that the dictatorship still meant to get me no matter how quietly I lived, I fled the country so they couldn't frame me, as they are doing now. They had already planned to arrest me on May 11 [2012] for crimes which they were well aware I did not commit and for which I had already been exonerated by the federal court of appeals, and they were infuriated that I wasn't there. I think a lot of this could be just hatred and resentment for my making them work for their bloated paychecks.

So they have taken the past year and a half to cook up this series of fabricated cases which are achieving their original goal of ensuring that I spend the rest of my life in prison for the crime of displeasing and offending them with my words and my thoughts.

They had one of their informants send e-mails to my wife, using my accounts, for which I was just convicted by a terrified "anonymized" jury who were convinced by the régime that I was a mad dog killer who would come after them in the night if they didn't keep me in prison. They are now apparently trying to pin some random unsolved crime on me, if indeed the entire thing hasn't been fabricated from the ground up like the Edgar Steele case was fabricated.

Your readers should take note. It used to be that speaking about a crime was the same as committing it. Now, if you won't speak about it, the dictatorship simply sends an e-mail for you or posts a blog with your name on it, and you're guilty. The régime plucks some harmless person out of obscurity, pretends that they are a "White supremacist leader" and crushes them, creating a spectacle for the people and distracting them from the increasing shortage of bread with their circuses. The question is, how much longer will Americans tolerate this?

I fled the United States because I understood that the United States government was planning to arrest and imprison me for crimes they knew I did not commit, because they themselves had done so. If someone like me, who is not even on the internet, can be destroyed like this, then anyone can.

What this means is that it is not safe any longer to remain silent. If silence is met with the same type of persecution and brutal institutional terrorism as actually speaking out, then it is time to stop being silent. In the Marquis de Sade's Justine, Justine asks the coach robbers "Why kill a man over a dollar?" and is told "the penalty for robbery and murder is the same, so I murder everyone I rob." Well, in the United States the penalty for silence and for resistance is now the same. So why are White people not resisting?

Anyway, we'll see how it all plays out. In my last case they at least had tapes of me cussing about my wife, although not threatening her. (The recordings had nothing at all to do with the actual charges against me, which of course did not matter a jot.) I have no idea on earth what this crap in Florida is. Presumably at some point in time, someone from down there will drop by my cell here in Roanoke or at least send me a letter explaining to me WTF it is I'm supposed to have done now. It's sad that America has now fallen to the level of the old Soviet Union and present-day North Korea.

In good news, the Saudi-Zionist Al-Qaedas in Iraq just kicked Barry's stooge out of the rebellion. Russia is placing the Ukraine back under its sphere of influence, and China is still uppity. The Wall Street Journal quotes one Iranian this morning essaying "a nuclear war would destroy the Zionists, it would not hurt Islam." Similarly, a nuclear exchange would destroy the U.S. but it would only harm China. So I pray for blood and ashes to rid the world of this dictatorship. It took Mandela 27 years to become President; at this rate I've got 21 years to go before I can go back to writing at my horse farm. LOL!

Hope you are well,

Bill White 


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - December 19th, 2013

HAC bloviates on this idea that “the sheriffs” or the governors or the state legislatures out West “will save us” and gives some advice on youth-oriented topics. Andy and Gretchen are there and Olivia to rap on education, and returns from the Outer Darkness, and we hear some Cthulhu Carols.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Famous "NVA Attacks" Video

Colonel House’s famous video from 2010, possibly one of the most-banned videos on YouTube. Of course it's still on YouTube, hidden away in various innocuous guises where it will suddenly leap out at unsuspecting little Whiteboys and girls and corrupt their pristine minds, washing away all that liberal brainwashing like so much soap scum.

Monday, December 16, 2013

HAC Reads Freedoms' Sons Prologue

Some of you guys keep after me to read my books out loud on audio. That’s not really possible considering the length involved, but here is the prologue from Freedom’s Sons.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Letter from Bill White 11-30-2013

Hello, Harold:

Thank you for The Origins of he New World Order in the Corruption of the Catholic Church, and thank you for indulging my obscure historical mysticism. In a time such as ours, where no institution seems fit as a center, it is important to understand history and understand how these institutions were shaped, and why they are so corrupt. This was the mission of the historical research section of the SS-Ahnenherbe, and it is a mission which continues in vitality today. How do National Socialists answer reactionaries, from Catholic traditionalists to monarchists to the Ku Klux Klan, if we cannot explain their errors? We cannot let people like Shirer frame the debate--though, given the death and cruelty fetishism that infuses too much of "American neo-Nazism" folk like him often already have.

Further, the best men of the old Reich, like Otto Skorzeny, were intelligent, well-educated men. Today Jewish critical methods have infiltrated every aspect of mainstream education. Hebrew "scholars" talk about colonialism, Geoffrey Chaucer's Knight's Tale, and the like. The de-Judaizing of our society must similarly attack Jewish thought in every nook and cranny of their work.

I enjoyed the essay on Gettysburg. (?) Having read my friend Pete Papherakles' deconstruction of Albert Pike in the recent Barnes Review, I have been increasingly questioning to what degree the Southern independence movement was a pawn of Jews and Masonic forces, rather than a truly White movement. There is no question in my mind that the Jews of the Confederate cabinet exploited the Southern people and created price-gouging shortages. 

Pike himself I did not know had been deposed as a general and tried for treason, and been born a Yankee. I do not doubt the sincerity of White people who join the Klan in their desire to defend their race and Southern culture, but too often the options the culture allows us are not true options. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the Klan did the right thing, both in the 1860s and 1870s when it fought Reconstruction and in the 1950s and 1960s when it fought the Civil Rights Error, but did it offer a real solution for White people? I'm not sure. It is ironic that an organization so steeped in Masonry accuses National Socialism of occultism as well.

Equally, Harold, I have nothing against Skinheads, but Skinhead is part of a subculture, not necessarily a political organization. You don't have to be a Skinhead to do real cultural and political work, and with a few big exceptions, many Skinheads do not do real cultural and political work.

I would love to help people to organize things, and anyone who wants help organizing anything, from charitable work to an electoral campaign, is welcome to write to me. But in the White movement we have a lot of material aimed at the lowest common denominator and only a little material that really exalts our people and which can appeal to the best elements of the White race. We need more intelligent material, material which appeals to the better elements of the human character, and material which cannot be answered intellectually by our opponents. This means focusing on what is good about being White, and critqueing non-White races on a higher level. This way, when some Jew asks "How do you define White?" we don't end up with a DNA test showing we're 14% black. (NB: To be fair, the so-called DNA test in the grotesque Craig Cobb incident seems to have been fraudulent. - HAC) We can explain the N-haplogroup, the reality of race, and the spiritual dimensions of our struggle. I think many of your readers can appreciate that.

Enclosed are the edits to my essay and the missing last page. Please e-mail this to [redacted] when it is ready. Also, send a copy to [redacted] and tell him I'd appreciate his thoughts.

Thank you and those working with you for your support. With some luck. I will be out of prison before too long, and able to thank all of you in person.


* * *

As we now know, that will never happen. The dictatorship has decided to indict Bill yet again, and again, and again, and again, and however many times to make sure this scholarly and gentle man remains in prison for the rest of his life, so insane has some powerful Induhvidual's personal hatred and malice for him become.

Apparently, when he was on the run in Mexico from the régime's attempt to drag him back to prison on charges on which he had already been acquitted by a federal appeals court, Bill had nothing better to do than sit on the beach sipping mai-tais or Dos Equis or whatever, with his laptop, pelting the FBI and assorted federal judges with wild threats. At least that is the dictator's story, and he's sticking to it. 

Two years later, all of a sudden someone seems suddenly to have noticed all these "threats". No doubt whatever show trial they give Bill next will be enlivened by some computer geek who will rattle off a series of meaningless numbers to "prove" Bill's guilt to a jury, a jury who may or may not have bee terrified witless by being "anonymized" and surrounded by goons in black body armor.

[Sigh] Anyway, Bill needs your moral support now more than ever.

William A. White #20040199844
325 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016


Saturday, December 14, 2013

"The White Man's Nelson Mandela"

Yes, I know what is being done to Bill White, and it is unspeakably vile, but unfortunately, it is not unexpected to Bill himself or to anyone familiar with the dictatorship's deranged obsession with White. I will wait until I hear from Bill himself before commenting, unless he has been cut off and rendered incommunicado. The last I heard our Lords and Masters planned to keep him in Roanoke until March; that may change now, but we'll have to await their imperial pleasure.



Friday, December 13, 2013

Harold Covington: "Why I Say Nigger"

Hi, guys:

The Jews and libs screamed and screamed until this one was thrown off YouTube:



Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - December 12th, 2013


HAC talks about RFN paranoia, the institution of marriage, and some other stuff. Gretchen review a book on the dynamics of revolution, we hear from a Swedish comrade, and HAC closes with a brief tirade on internet kampf.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yes, Lovecraft Was One Of Us


[For those liberal Lovecraftians who are still in denial.]

On the Creation of Niggers (1912)
by H. P. Lovecraft

When, long ago, the gods created Earth
In Jove's fair image Man was shaped at birth.
The beasts for lesser parts were next designed;
Yet were they too remote from humankind.
To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,
Th'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.
A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
Filled it with vice, and called the thing a Nigger.


Sunday, December 08, 2013

Letter From Bill White 11-29-2013

November 29, 2013

Hello Harold,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed yourself and ate well with family and friend. I dined alone with cold beans, LOL.

Thank you as well for the typed articles. This year I gave thanks for all the wonderful people who support me.

Having finished William Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, I moved on to Barbara Tuchman’s Guns of August. When I was 12 or 13 I had an Avalon Hill war game by that name, which I bought for a dollar in a liquidation, and used to play with when I was bored. This was before computers really had satisfactory strategy games, no Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis.

So call me Lyndon LaRouche, but as I glean the family relationships between the last members of the European aristocracy, the House of Windsor seems to play a nefarious role, along with the House of Orange. Many people do not realize the role that the occult-aristocracy played in organizing the so-called “resistance” to National Socialism or their role in the current One World movement, but the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Bilderberg organization come from the crowns of England and the Netherlands, and created the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the European Union, and the United Nations, among others. Windsor—then Hanover—and Orange have been aligned with the Jews since the 17th Century, and their mischief hasn’t stopped with the nominal decline of their monarchies.

Which brings me to some final thoughts on Shirer. I recently wrote an article for the Barnes Review where I mention the only work of literature Jewry produced in Franco-Germany during the Germanic Dark Ages, the Toldot Yeshu, or Life of Jesus.  It is a filthy, hateful Jewish interpretation of the story of Christ. This is the only book I can really compare Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich to, as Shirer’s book is a wonderful story about a beautiful man told by a liar smearing filth on him on behalf of Jewish interests. Yet still, with all of these lies, the love and beauty which was Adolf Hitler and his Reich shines through. I still tear up when I read of Hitler’s decision to remain in Berlin, and it inspires me as I wait for the next coming.

Shirer, though, has me thinking of some of the errors or National Socialist and Fascist revolutions, particularly vis-à-vis Stalin and the old European aristocrats. As a distant descendant of a Teutonic knight, Caspar von Schwenkefeld, perhaps I should sympathize with the Junkers, the landed descendants of the Knights—but my sympathies are with Himmler, who tried to resurrect a new and truer Teutonic aristocracy. People say that Stalin’s purge of his generals in 1937 and 1938 left the Soviet army unprepared. However, Hitler and Mussolini’s failure to purge their reactionaries in both the military and, in Mussolini’s case, the Fascist Party and government, was the direct cause of their failure between 1943 and 1945. Stalin did not hesitate to shoot leftists, who had helped Bolshevism come to power, and suppress socialist critics around the world. Hitler left “rightists” in power, though they were not true National Socialists, and Mussolini failed to suppress the monarchy. Both of these allies then betrayed them, while by 1941, no one who would even think of betraying Stalin was left in power.

Mussolini was deposed when the Italian king and the monarchists of the Fascist Grand Council betrayed him in 1943.Hitler’s betrayal in 1944 came from aristocrats in the military, first with the attempted assassination, then the with wholly unnecessary surrenders of cities like Paris, along with entire armies, on the Western Front. Why wasn’t Paris razed? Why as it not even defended? And while I can understand an exhausted, starving, freezing army surrendering, I cannot believe 300,000 men in France and Belgium could reach this state in two weeks over and over again. Why was there no guerrilla struggle? Why no Operation Werewolf? Why weren’t the capitalists and Communists defeated like the Zionists in Vietnam and Iraq? Hitler was not a defensive strategist, but he was betrayed.

This betrayal is doubly bad because in 1933 and 1934, Hitler suppressed the SA precisely because the SA wanted to continue on to a second revolution and purge these decadent aristocrats. The more I study the occult roots of the One World movement and trace its development from Roman, Graeco-Egyptian and ultimately Minoan, Anatolian, and possibly Phoenician cults into modern Judaism, Zionism, and Judaeo-Christianity, the more I recognize why the old traditional European aristocracy was no longer fit to rule. Not all of the European lines were equal. Some have been corrupted since the 5th and 6th centuries. What National Socialism had to do was elevate a new aristocracy, and despite the problems with Röhm and some others, the corrupt aristocracy had to be supplanted, particularly in the military. Ultimately, Himmler would have been the man to do this, but he did too little, too late.

There is a lesson here for the national liberation movement. Like Hitler, we are faced with a “conservative” right wing which, even when it is awakened to the issues of Jews or race, is pursuing a very different goal from us, comparable to the relationship between the Socials Democrats and the Communists or the monarchists and the National Socialists. The Communists always expressed the issue as one of “alliance from above” or “alliance from below” in their politics, whether they should make common cause with the leaders or with the rank and file of such movements. In my view, such people can be won to the national liberation struggle, but in doing to they must ultimately abandon American or Constitutionalist ideals for national-revolutionary ones. As in Europe, the old institutions, the U.S. Constitution and the old U.S. identities, have failed, and the people must be led—over their leaders and if necessary beyond them. 

On another front, there is some amusing legal news from Wednesday. Five years ago, the former desegregationist Attorney General of Virginia, Anthony Troy, tried to sue me. He lost, sued me again, and won an $860,000 judgment the second time, largely because unknown to me, my wife stiffed my civil defense attorney for his fees. At the point at which he “won” his $860,000 judgment, Troy had by his own estimation spent $1.2 million dollars of his law firm’s time and money pursuing it. As of today, Troy has collected $0—that’s zero dollars and zero cents. Zip. Nix. Nada. Bupkis.

So, having won a worthless judgment, and gotten his day of fawning lies in the Roanoke Times, you’d think Troy would sit back, pat himself on the back, and try to persuade himself it was all worth $1.2 million dollars. But no—like Br'er Fox, Troy is stuck in the Tar Baby, and he can’t stop punching. So he has spent the past three years trying to add more money to his worthless judgment. He has now been rebuffed, I believe, five times by three different courts—and burned another million in the process. But he just won’t give up.

This led to my call Wednesday morning. The Fourth Circuit ordered my case to mediation. I made a very fair offer: if Troy would drop his appeal, Troutman Sanders will not have to pay $500,000 pursuing it. Troy refused it. He seems to think that he is doing something other than burning up money and time and making a fool of himself.

This is what I call the pathology of lawyers—the belief that they can take anything they want through the passive-aggressive paper-filings of the dictatorship’s law. Too weak to assert their own will, they try to assert the law’s will—and go insane when they fail. What else but insanity can explain spending millions on worthless paper? What else but insanity can explain prosecuting me seven times and believing it would make me shut up?

I understand, as the man once said, that “naked I came into this world and naked shall I leave it.” There are things that can be taken and things that cannot, and I understand that the things scum like Troy and the United States want are among the things which cannot be taken. When a government loses its legitimacy, the law can no longer punish anyone. Obama’s America and these people who hold me captive can martyr, torture, murder, yes. The dictatorship and the dictator’s servants can still do immense harm to others. But they can no longer punish anyone. They lost that moral right a long time ago.

That is the news for this Thanksgiving. Not much else is going on. I am working on two longer essays, and that is about it. AFP ran another article this week.

Hope all is well with you. Thank you for what you do.


P.S. Looks like China has decided to call out the negro-in-chief. They know Obama couldn’t stomach Syria, now they’re showing him up in the South China Sea. This is a dangerous game, though, because China may now force Obama to respond.  Obama will persuade himself that a “limited” response is possible, and soon after, America will meet nuclear death.

I, for one, pray for nuclear death to this filthy nation. Remember that in 1910 a learned university professor “proved” that world war was impossible because of the economic interdependency of nations. I only regret that I am on the wrong coast to be “liberated” by Chinese hordes. At least my Fallout 3 experience should prove useful.

* * * 
Dissident writer Bill White is being held in a county jail in Roanoke, Virginia, until March of next year when he will be sentenced to up to 16 years in prison for the unspeakable crime of sending his ex-wife an irate e-mail over a money dispute. As it happens, the regime's own IT expert informed the prosecution that White did not and could not have sent the e-mail, since he was in police custody at the time but--nyeh! Little details like that are no longer allowed to interfere with the dictator-artist's broad canvas as he renders Amurrica perfect.

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