Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why I Publish Bill White

I have been informed that Bill White has been interrogated in his cell about me and this blog. His captors have demanded, among other things, to know if I am paying him for his material, which would be a violation of Bureau of Prison regulations. In point of fact, no, I am not paying him.

I am publishing Bill White's letters and writings for one primary reason: the dictatorship does not want you to hear what he has to say, and therefore it behooves us all to hear it. Anything which Barack Hussein Obama and his servants don't want us to do, say, hear, or think is something that by definition any man of integrity should be doing, saying, hearing, and thinking.

For reasons which I still find somewhat puzzling, someone in the régime, in the absurdly misnamed Justice Department or elsewhere, has developed an obsession bordering on insanity with White, even though they have to know that he is completely harmless. Even federal employees can't possibly be stupid enough or hysterical enough to believe their own propaganda, at least in this instance. White's actual written work these days has lapsed into mysticism and obscure historical analysis which is of no interest except to a small group of scholars; the average Skinhead could not possibly understand it. Hell, the average Skinhead probably couldn't even read it. 

The idea that Bill White is some kind of revolutionary firebrand who, if released, will leap up onto an outdoor café table and incite a mob with pitchforks and torches to storm the Bastille a la Camille Desmoulins, is farcical. They have to know this full well, and yet they persist in indicting him time and time again on a series of charges, growing more and more grotesque and outlandish every time, which make one wonder if Monty Python is writing the script.

They are willing to expend hundreds of thousands and if necessary millions of taxpayer dollars, over a period of years, keeping him bunged up in a cell and fabricating non-existent crimes in order to immure this man in prison for the rest of his life, which is clearly what they are aiming for.

Even the people who are torturing him admit that Bill White has never committed one single overt criminal or violent act. He has been held in prison almost five years, so far, solely for things he posted to the internet, for God's sake! Including one e-mail which the régime's own technical expert informed them before trial he did not send and could not have sent, and which was apparently in fact sent by their own star witness, if I understand correctly while in the company of United States Marshals.

There simply doesn't seem to be any feasible motive for keeping Bill White in prison beyond bizarre, deranged personal malice on someone's part. Given the opaque and Byzantine nature of our lords and masters' inner workings it is unlikely we will ever know who is behind this lunatic persecution, nor is there anything anyone can do about it. We now live in a Third World country where the ruling party does whatever the fuck it wants, to whomever it wants, and there is no accountability of any kind. 

But I can and I will deny the dictatorship what appears to be its primary goal, which is to make Bill White shut up. So long as I am around and have internet access, and so long as Bill is not locked up incommunicado or murdered in prison, he will share whatever voice I have. It's not much, but it's his as long as he needs it.

And yes, I know that may not be long.

Now let's talk about the threats made against me. I could go off on a long First Amendment Philippic here, but if the United States Constitution meant anything to you buzz-cut boo-yahs and bitches in Hillary pants-suits, you wouldn't be doing what you're doing, which is taking money and Obamacare-free health insurance from an uncouth Third World despot in order to evade that very Constitution and do harm to the innocent, like Bill White. So I'll make it nice and simple.

Guys and gals, it's like this. Several months ago I turned 60 years of age. That's six whole decades that you can never take away from me. Not very pleasant decades, most of them. Life has not been a bowl of skittles for me, and your colleagues of yesteryear had a lot to do with that, but those years are mine now. I have lived them, and you cannot have them. As I like to say sometimes, you can't take my youth, I've already misspent it.

Yes, I know that won't deter you. I know some of you get your rocks off by arresting elderly White men on fabricated charges and sending them to die in the hells that you and your kind have created for those of us who refuse to bow down. Edgar Steele, Bob Chambless, Byron de la Beckwith, J.B Stoner, others. I knew some of them. I know that you delight in nothing more than a weak and helpless victim who can no longer fight back, even if he had the will to do so. In fact, you prefer it.

Yes, I know you can get me any time you want. I don't break the law, but that no longer matters. When the spirit finally moves you, you will simply make something up. My goal in that matter is to try and get you guys to prefer the real charges, i.e. that I wrote or said something the dictator or his claque didn't like, but as the Bill White case itself demonstrates, that is unlikely.

Yes, I know you can destroy me, and there is a good chance you will. Do you seriously think that if I were unwilling to accept that, I would be doing what I am doing, or living like I am living? True, I'd rather not die on the floor of whatever concrete box you throw me into, and for that reason I do take certain precautions, like not breaking the law. With that and a dollar fifty, I can buy a small cup of watery coffee at McDonald's. 

What you do doesn't matter any more, or even who you are. It's who some asshole in a suit and some political gangster in a black robe says you are.

Ask Bill White.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here! Here! Harold. Well said -- and you speak for many of us.

I admire your stance and hail it.

I admire Bill White's integrity under fire.

The system is inherently evil and now out of control.

If our time comes, it will be due in large part to the resolution of you two.

-Michael O'Meara

7:02 PM  
Anonymous John Pulford said...

Bill White is in prison because he was careless enough to run a picture of the cover of his proposed October 2008 magazine on the internet, which had a headline that said "Kill This Nigger?" The image itself was covered by the First Amendment and so they couldn't actually charge him with that, so they made some shit up instead, and they're still punishing him for the cover of a magazine that was never published five years ago. The feds didn't even succeed in suppressing the image, because you can find it on Google.

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

F**K the Jewnited States....

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's called tyranny. If the Founding Fathers weren't dead already they would die of shame.

2:12 PM  

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