Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Jewish Media And Immigration

by Bill White

When Leonarda Dibrani, a 15-year-old Albanian woman who looks like a fat vampire, was arrested at school and deported with her illegal immigrant family from France, native Frenchmen overwhelmingly cheered. 74% told pollsters they wanted her out of the country, and 65% did not want her back under any circumstances. But the extreme internationalists in the French Parliament and the Jewish press went insane, declaring as they do when they stand against the people that the deportation was a "national debate."

Dibrani and her family are Albanian Muslims from Kosovo, descended from the Semitic and Central Asian peoples who occupied the region under the Ottoman Empire from the 15th to the 19th centuries. Despite the globalist-enforced separation of Kosovo from Serbia, Dibrani and her family were unsatisfied with their new nation and traveled through open EU borders to France, where they settled illegally. There they ran into trouble.

Warlier this month, in an effort to combat the growth of the National Front of Jean-Marie Le Pen, French President Francois Hollande, leader of the French Socialist Party, ordered his interior minister Manuel Valls to begin deporting the illegal immigrants who comprise a large proportion of France's 10% non-White population. While the deportees were mostly comprised Africans from France's former colonies, the media decided to focus on the European and vaguely white-ish Ms. Dibrani and her siblings.

France's move is similar to a push being made in Britain, which has begun mass deportation of illegal immigrants in response to the rise of the UK Independence Party. While hardly nationalist, the UK Independence Party opposes illegal immigration and has largely stolen the thunder of the British National Party, which broke into the five ballot-qualified factions after its leader, European MP Nick Griffin, turned toward Zionism. Britain's population is perhaps one-eighth non-White, and has also seen a large influx of White Eastern Europeans.

Ultimately the focus on illegal imigration in Europe is a fraud, as it is in America, because much of Europe's immigratoopn problem comes from "legal" asylum-seekers, particular Somalis, tens of thousands of whom have "legally: settled in Scandinavia, then proceeded to riot and engage to terrorism.

The immigration controversy also contains much irony, as European socialists spend many decades criticizing America's black ghettos, then decided they liked the ghettos so much they would import their own. Europe's treatment of African and Asian immigrants also contrasts greatly with Africa and Asia's treatment of White immigrants, who have been called colonists and slaughtered in ethnic conflicts, many of which are ongoing in states such as South Africa.

Despite these problems, Jews intent on breaking down the ethnic integrity of Europe ad turning the continent into another America have manufactured "national debates" around issues like the Dibrani deportation in an effort to intimidate Europeans into abandoning programs designed to maintain their nations' ethnic integrity.

* * *

Dissident writer Bill White, who has been described as "the White man's Nelson Mandela," was convicted by an anonymous jury on November first of the crime of sending his ex-wife an irate e-mail. He was brought to trial in spite of the fact that the United States Attorney's office was advised well beforehand by their own IT expert that White did not and could not have sent the e-mail in question, as he was already in custody at the time.  Bill White now faces sixteen years in prison. He may be reached at the following address:

William A. White #20040199844
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Anonymous Nadja said...

I have a friend here in sweden who married a southafrican white blond man and she's frowned upon by most people who think she married a racist demon who should not be here, and she told me today that she fears losing her teacher job because of her marriage. the media has brainwashed the public opinion with stories about evil whites in southafrica who kill and mistreat black innnocent people, and we all know things are not like this, white people are the most endagered human group in southafrica, of course the many swedes who marry blacks or asians or mestizos from latin america are almost considered heroes and saints.. it's disgusting!

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read up on the story after reading here, and it said the father of the family lied about their origin. He alone was born in Kosovo - he is a Roma/Gypsy - but his wife and all his children were born in Italy. He says he claimed Kosovo because he thought it would give them a better chance of asylum.
So it seems to me they should be sent to Italy, given that his wife and 6 children (7 members) were from there.

11:06 PM  

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