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Letter From Bill White - November 14th, 2013

Hello, Harold:

The dictatorship, not wanting to end its public display of my persecution, has decided to draw the legal proceedings here in Roanoke out until March 2014. Back in 1986, Congress "reformed" the federal criminal code, usurping state police powers,  eliminating bond, and imposing an intricate sentencing regime. This is really the major modern turning point in federal tyranny, though you won't hear the Jewish cheerleaders of the fraud Ronald Reagan say so.

One result is that more attention is paid in the federal system to sentencing victims than to trying them. So, it took four months once I arrived to try me. but it will take five to sentence me. The result is this: in March 2014 I will have spent 52 months in prion, all as a low-security prisoner and an innocent person. 36 of those months will have been in solitary confinement. Plus the dictatorship is threatening to trot me out again and prosecute me from 2014 to 2015. This will now be seven years of prosecution.

[NB: The dictator's servants are attempting to get Bill classified as a "career criminal" through endless indictments on a growingly absurd list of fabricated nonsense charges, all involving the internet and containing not one overt or violent act, criminal or otherwise.]

This behavior is unusual even for the federal government. Ask yourself, why are they doing this? And why is no one in the establishment, the alleged defenders of the right, upset? Whitey Bulger, mob boss and murderer, was tried once. When all of this began, I was a law-abiding businessman with a family. Why try me eight times? One would think some "protectors of American rights" would be concerned about this, about the fact that the dictatorship would fabricate charges against a political dissident over and over, regardless of who I was. The fact is there is no outrage. To the contrary, there seems to be some kind of consensus within the power structure that this is okay. Should be a "teachable moment" for White Americans.

On the upside, I have finally obtained some books. One is William Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Shirer is an awful bigoted liar, but those who can see through his nonsense can see the beautiful story of Hitler's rise underneath. As I re-read the first chapters--I first read Shirer in my teens about twenty years ago--I reflected on how different the Weimar Republic was from our America. The Social Democrats were the same. As Hitler stated:

"I understood the infamous spiritual terror which this moment exerts, particularly on the bourgeoisie, which is neither morally nor mentally equal to such attacks. At a given sign it unleashes a veritable barrage of lies and slanders against whatever adversary seems most dangerous, until the nerves of the attacked person break down...

"I achieved an equal understanding of the importance of physical terror toward the individual and the masses...For while in the ranks of their supporters the victory achieved seems a triumph of their own cause, the defeated adversary in most cases despairs of the success of any further resistance."

The answer is something which I realized in my teens--that nations collapse into revolution after defeat or exhaustion in war. The classic example is the rise of Islam, which would never have left the Arabian peninsula had Rome and Persia not exhausted themselves creating a void Mohammed's successors could enter. In the 20th century Russia, Germany, Italy, China, and others are examples of war-exhausted countries falling to revolutions. Germany and Italy were also both factious new nations, and China was fractured, but Russia was a unified if ethnically diverse empire. What unites all of them is that they lost a war to a foreign power, and then fell to domestic factions.

There is one other pattern which emerges in the past century--that of the foreign-backed coup. Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Iran, Rhodesia, South Africa, and so on and on, are models of the old-style coup or civil war, backed by the U.S. or Soviets. In the past two decades we have new-model coups and civil wars, in Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, and so on. I recently sent you a lengthy essay on the latter. But lacking foreign intervention, coups are the province of revolutionary movements, in exhausted countries.

So I ask myself, what about war exhausts a nation? In Russia in 1917, Germany destroyed physical infrastructure, but in 1918 Germany had not been invaded and Germany's army was not defeated. What exhausted Germaany? Looking historically, what exhausted the French monarchy and allowed the 1789 Revolution? How did the Netherlands exhaust Spain? How did African and Asian revolutionary movements exhaust Britain, France, and in Vietnam, America?

The answer--and this is not original--is that they exhausted their occupiers financially. In the case of national liberation movements, their occupiers generally became exhausted through numerous imperial wars, none singly large enough to defeat them, but cumulatively more than they could afford. Britain won World War Two and lost its empire. The Hapsburgs battled France, the Ottomans, Sweden, Denmark, German Lutherans, Dutch Calvinists, and all comers until they had to make concessions. France bankrupted itself under Louis XIV and never really recovered. Russia and Germany were exhausted in World War One.

This leads me to ask, can a state become exhausted without war? What exhausts a state is its debt. The state borrows more than it can afford to pay back. Before central banking, the king needed gold. Central banking, and the acceptance of paper money, and then bookkeeping entries, vastly expanded the war-making capacities of the state. But it also vastly increased the ability of the state to take on debt. Before the 20th century, the only thing the state would really bankrupt itself on was war. True, Louis XIV built the Louvre and Versailles; some wonder whether Egypt didn't bankrupt itself with pyramids. 

But that was really the only thing a state would invest in beyond its means, until welfare. When the stability of the state requires bribes to people, and the state must borrow to pay those bribes, this is like the old Chinese emperors who bribed the Mongols and the Turks over and over until the conquests of Kublai Khan. Much of this goes back to the these of Ibn Khaldun's Muquadimmah. Civilized societies become unwarlike, try to bribe barbarians, and are conquered by the barbarians they subsidize.

All of this leads to the bright side: America is exhausted. The Soviet Union exhausted itself through domestic repression, a state economy, and imperial military obligations. America exhausted itself similarly. America cannot pay its bills, bills incurred in Iraq and Afghanistan, through a failed stimulus, and now through excessive welfare obligations. 

Right now, the received wisdom is that the U.S. can borrow perhaps $3 trillion more without collapsing. I think that number is optimistic. This leads to the Russian estimate that the dollar may survive to 2017 before its collapse. Another war on any substantial scale will tank things now. 

(This may be one reason for the American dictatorship's reluctance to follow Israel's lead and attack Iran. It could well be that saner heads in the Pentagon and the Treasury have told the dictator point blank that the United States cannot win such a war, and cannot afford the damage it would do to the economy when the Straits of Hormuz close. Hence the present peace negotiations which are causing such conniption fits in Tel Aviv.)

What folks don't realize is that the U.S. debt is essentially an adjustable rate mortgage. With interest rates at under .25%, America's debt service is minimal. We barely pay any interest at all. If the interest rate goes to 1%, our debt service quadruples. If interest rates go to where they were five years ago, say 5%, our debt service increases 20 times. How about later-Carter, early-Reagan 20% rates? 80 times. The interest on the debt becomes one and a half times America's entire tax revenue. When you have more interest than tax revenue, you're broke, and you can't get out without default.

On my own upside, this means that at some point the regime will need to empty its prisons, so I'm hopeful.

But what this also means is that the United States is careening toward a revolutionary situation. As in all such revolutions, the national question will emerge, or in our case the racial question. And this will be our opportunity to launch a successful national revolutionary struggle. All we need, barring our discovering Hitler-like allies in the bourgeoisie, is foreign support. Then we will have a textbook revolutionary movement.

Just some thoughts I had. 


P.S. Thank you for The First Freedom. A kind fellow has gotten me a subscription, but I've shared these with other inmates. 

* * *

Readers need to drop Bill a line in Roanoke, since it looks like he's going to be there for a while.

William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016


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