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Letter From Bill White - November 10th 2013

November 10th, 2013

Hello, Harold:

There was a time when people looked upon what was happening in the United States with fear. As American power erodes, I think more and more are looking on America with disgust and righteous anger. And in time, I hope that the peoples of a post-American world will one day look upon what happened here with shame.

News of how the Jewish and homosexual media has portrayed the latest show trial has slowly been trickling down to me. I am not terribly upset by it, and I wonder how many people really consume this stuff any more. As America declines, our media-government complex has become much more intense in demanding of its followers participation in the Two Minute Hate. As Orwell noted, the contradictions of AmSoc are so great that the people must be constantly distracted from the poverty and misery of their day-to-day lives, with focused hatred for an imaginary enemy. The enemy could be Eurasia (Russia), Eastasia (China), Islam or domestic terrorists of Goldsteinism (“White supremacy".) When I was young, aged 11 or 12, I remember coming home and asking my mother how it was possible for TVs to watch people. This was before the internet, when personal computers barely existed, and there were no cellphones. Now everyone is getting an Xbox 360. LOL.

When I can get one—it may be six months—I will make a trial transcript available online. (In fact, a friend of mine is holding all my old trial transcripts, should anyone want to take on that project.) For now, I just ask the world to grasp and keep in mind one salient fact—that the entirety of the crime of which I was accused was a fabrication. The crime was committed by an FBI informant, it was committed without my knowledge, I was framed for it taking a page out of the KGB playbook and the novel Gorky Park. The only saving grace is that the American system of repression is not yet sophisticated enough to completely silence the truth.

What strikes me as ironic, though, is the way that many White Nationalists have simply jumped on board and used reports from the Jewish and homosexual media as starting points for their discussion. These are people who believe that the Boston Marathon bombing was faked, but who suddenly rely on the Roanoke Times or the Southern Poverty Law Center when a fellow White Nationalist is involved. We know that the U.S. media cannot truthfully tell us who detonated chemical weapons in Syria—are we going to believe them about this?

And Harold, isn’t there some irony when a group of Jewish dykes and faggots start prattling on about marital or extra-marital relations between man and wife? You would think that if there is one thing these people simply can’t understand, it’s that. The allegation was that after my wife stole $300,000 from me and destroyed $2.7 million of my property, she voluntarily agreed to pay back $78,000. But when she gets the chance, she deliberately writes a $200 check, knowing that she had 67 cents in the bank, just to hurt me. The government’s “plot” which involved the alleged sending of these e-mails developed from there. This is worth 16 years in prison?

All of the constructs of our enemies, whether social constructs like “racism” or pop-psych constructs like “racist rage” are utter nonsense, designed to fool the young and the simple-minded. As a teenager, they fooled me too. My curse, in many ways, is that I grew out of it, and was smart enough not just to see through the dominant lie, but to see that the supposed opposition, the current Tea Party trend, was a lie as well. All over the world there is authentic, aristocratic nationalism—and I have had the misfortune to be born into a country dying because of its own rootlessness.

I’ve enclosed an essay that has taken several weeks of germination for me to produce. I believe I mentioned it last week, when your comments on the Northwest Constitution and the judiciary brought it together for me. If you have time, please publish it and send the text to Wendy and Paul Angel in case we decide to package it with The Philosophy of National Socialism into this pamphlet. I am also considering writing something on state intervention in the economy, which has been germinating for a month or more, but has not made it onto paper. As I have little historical work to do, sitting here wasting my days away, I have time for this pure philosophy. Frankly, I’m quite irritated sitting here and any “rage” which results from my suffering and what the dictatorship has done to me is more than justified. Still, I try to preserve my equanimity.

There is no legal news. As I have likely mentioned before, my feeling is that this case will add 3-5 years to my sentence. The dictatorship may demand 16-20 years, but they have two big problems with that, and have a history of demanding sentences 2-6 times greater than they received. But we’ll see. I’ll be back in Loretto regardless next year.

I also have no idea if I have a sentencing date. Motions for dismissal and for a new trial will be made this week. There is a Brady issue which has emerged, but I don’t know if my attorney even knows of it, because he’s been out of touch. I worry about him. He’s very high strung. And, I should have a §2255 filed in Chicago soon.

The Barnes Review published a really good essay I wrote on Julius Evola in the September/October issue. It was written about two years ago, so I was glad to see it still looked good, now that it’s seen the light.  In the brief time I was out, I left TBR with years of material, so they should still be publishing me long after I’m dead.

It was also good to see that TBR’s circulation is up, from 4290 subscribers to 5122, with circulation up from 5084 copies to 5600. Don’t let anyone tell you that TBR magazine has financial problems. It doesn’t. The magazine is not only solid, I’d say it is one of the cornerstone of the real White Nationalist movement in this country. It’s the only serious White publication that does not promote some kind of perverse conservatism or some crude media caricature of racism. Slowly but surely, it is coming into the world of the new National Socialist Right,. If your readers aren’t getting it, I highly recommend it to them, and only $32 per year for the Christmas season.

As a final note, I am raising money to pay my investigator for sentencing--$1000 is needed. If any of your readers would like to help finance this, donations are appreciated at Bill White Defense Fund, Poisoned Pen Press, P. O. Box 2770, Stafford, VA 22555.

I hope all is well with you, and thank you for supporting my writing. Circumstances often leave me quite frustrated, and it is only through the kindness of people like you that I am able to still contribute to the world.



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Ironic how they are always going after these white nationalists who allegedly want to start a race war, and the Ferguson riots go on without any white nationalists involved.

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