Tuesday, November 12, 2013

HAC's Personal Obamacare Saga

So far, I have tried to get onto the Washington state Obamacare website (not healthcare.gov) eight times. Four times it would not allow me to open an account, saying my proposed passwords didn't match, although they most certainly did. Once the screen froze, and once I logged off after seven minutes of the little circle whirling beside the word "connecting". Twice the site was "down for maintenance."

I mention this because one of the Democrat lies is that it's just the healthcare.gov site that's screwed up and the state sites are working fine. They aren't. The state of Washington refuses to reveal how many people have signed on through their site. Wonder why?

My understanding from the media is that once I do set up an account I will not be allowed to view any premium prices at all until I fax some bureaucrat in Olympia my tax return and he or more likely she gets back to me, "to determine if I am eligible for subsidies." 

I gather that what they're doing in Washington is basically just slapping everybody on Medicaid because they couldn't get enough private insurers to participate except at insane costs due to the demand that they cover breast pumps, abortions, Viagra and pre-existing conditions. 

In any case, after four years, I still have not gotten one authentic glimpse at a price list. The best estimate I got for a man of my age and sybaritic lifestyle, from a Kaiser Permanente cheat sheet on the web, was $751 per month, which ain't happening.



Anonymous Barney said...

Here in the UK, the "National Health Service" is a cover for extreme rip-offs, with vaccines charged at something like £100 a time, purely because big pharma, big government and big business generally are all involved in the scam.

What the people don't see doesn't concern them seems to be the thinking behind the "free" (third grade) "healthcare" most people have to endure, with quality service reserved purely for the rich.

I've seen both sides of this system, with "doctors" and others skimming off thousands of pounds per DAY, simple because NHS patients aren't aware of how much money is changing hands behind the facade of "free care".

Now I'll attempt to submit this comment using the Opera browser because Blogger doesn't appear to like FireFox.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous JiB said...

On one site I recently read that as of last weekend only 8 persons had successfully logged on to the Obama-Care site. I think you Americans will have to be a bit more patient with the new software your administration has created. LOL

1:39 PM  
Anonymous George said...

"I gather that what they're doing in Washington is basically just slapping everybody on Medicaid..."

According to Rush Limbaugh, this is precisely their aim - a roundabout way of initiating socialized "health care". Of course, it will be socialized medicine for the masses, and the elite will still have their comprehensive coverage. The old USSR being brought into the US piecemeal.

3:57 PM  

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