Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brad Love Denied Right of Correspondence

The establishment persecution of Canadian political prisoner Brad Love continues. He's an enthusiastic correspondent and letter writer. I've been getting a letter or call from him about every 10 days since Ontario's malignant legal establishment threw him back in prison in July. For the past month, he's gone silent. Worried, I talked to his brother Matt today and learned the shocking news. "They have cut off all his mail, in and out," Matt reported.

While many of his fellow prisoners while away their time watching television or semi-comatose on the medications freely ladled out by the authorities, Brad prefers to read and write. Can't have that. Better be a compliant zombie than a dissident thinker in politically correct Canada.

Brad Love, a decade after his conviction under Canada's notorious "hate law" (Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code) for writing non-threatening letters to public officials criticizing Canada's immigration mess, is still mired in the toils of repression. In July 2012, for sending some information packages to some Toronto Jewish groups, he was sentenced to a further 18 months in prison, plus a further three year gag order from writing letters to the media or politicians. He applied for bail; pending an appeal. In July, 2013, this bail was arbitrarily revoked. So, for the past four months, he's languished in jail, again for nothing more than the non-violent expression of his populist, no nonsense working guy  views,. .

 Brad was employed in a lucrative job in Alberta's tar sands in Fort McMurray. The arbitrary imprisonment punishes him for his views, denies him an income and, ironically, denies the state a hefty junk of his pay in taxes.

-Paul Fromm


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