Friday, October 25, 2013

The Martyrdom of Bill White

On October 31st, unless they postpone it again, a man named Bill White will go on trial in Roanoke, Virginia for the hideous and atrocious crime of sending an angry e-mail to his ex-wife over two years ago, during a dispute over money. 

The Assistant United States Attorney prosecuting the case has been informed by the government's own technical expert that Bill White did not and could not have sent this e-mail. In addition, the time-stamp clearly indicates that White was in fact in police custody in Mexico when it was sent. 

The AUSA is also by now aware, if he was not before, that the person who actually sent the e-mail is almost certainly the prosecution's own star witness, a drug-addicted psychopath who has committed repeated acts of perjury prior to this. 

It is apparent that the tyrant's hirelings in the grotesquely-misnamed Justice Department do not believe Bill White to be guilty, hence almost two years of reluctance to bring this absurd fabrication to trial, accompanied by repeated enraged and bullying demands that Bill plea-bargain, which he has refused to do. 

I hate to say this, but Bill White's last words on whatever tombstone they allow him, in whatever federal prison cemetery where they finally lay his tortured body to rest, will probably be "I will not plead guilty to a crime I did not commit." It is a common epitaph in the gruesome Amurrica of political correctness and the monetized prison industry ruled over by Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic party.

Next Thursday the regime will be asking for a sentence of sixteen years in prison because this howwible, wicked e-mail allegedly made the ex-wife "feel apprehensive," which is in itself a re-definition of the law imposed by the dictator's courts especially for use in this case against this one politically targeted individual. Oh, that and White's status as a "White supremacist", whatever the hell that means, with an "inherently criminal and violent audience". Like all of you reading these words now.

Sixteen years in prison for a GODDAMNED E-MAIL! And the tyrant's servants will probably get it.

Yes, I know, Bill is cheerful and optimistic and very up-beat going into his trial. The poor bastard actually thinks he has a chance of being acquitted by a jury which, in his part of Virginia, will be at least half black. I am sorry to say that I don't agree. I pray to God that I am wrong, and if so I will never be so happy to admit that I was wrong. But I'm not. 

Bill White will not be receiving a trial by his peers, he will be thrown before a jury of his tribal enemies that they might rend and tear his flesh with their teeth, and any Whites on the jury will be too terrified to speak up in his defense lest they themselves incur the wrath of the dictator and his evil servants.

Bill White is not going on trial for what he did, but for who he is. Bill White is not going on trial for sending an e-mail to his wife. He is going on trial for the crime of being Bill White. Bill White, Roanoke's official NEO-NATSY!  

Bill White is a Bad Man. We know that he is a Bad Man because the TV and the Roanoke Times have told us so, and surely if it's on TV and in the Roanoke Times, it must all be true, right? 

Bill White, who was so foolish as to allow himself to be videotaped and photographed wearing a costume consisting of a khaki shirt and a Swastika armband--as was I, in my youth. Perhaps this is one reason I feel such empathy for him. Bill White has about as much chance in front of a jury full of Roanoke niggers as I would have had in front of a jury full of Raleigh niggers, had I been dragged into the machine back in the 1970s or 1980s, as several attempts were made to do.

Bill thinks the technical evidence that he did not and could not have sent that e-mail from a Mexican jail cell will save him. My own guess is that the jury will never be allowed to hear that evidence, any more than Edgar Steele was allowed to call the two internationally-renowned forensic audio experts who would have testified that the Larry Fairfax tapes were forgeries fabricated by FBI technicians.  

A corrupt judge took care of that in Idaho. We will see what happens in Roanoke, but my guess is that either the technical evidence will be excluded through some kind of legal legerdemain, or else the mostly-black jury will simply ignore it and the few White jurors will be too timid and frightened to stand up to the niggers in the deliberation room. 

The Assistant U.S. Attorney arguing the case will find some way to put a photograph of Bill wearing the costume in front of them. "See! See! Thar it is!" he will scream, waving his arms in the air like a windmill, foam flecking his lips. "Lookitthat! Ass a gawd-damn Swastikle! Bill White is a neo-Natsy! Bill White is a gawd-damn White supreemist! Thar he sits! Git him! GIT HIM!"

And Bill will be buried alive, for the crime of being Bill White.

* * *

Sometimes I get letters and e-mails from people who claim that I am "disloyal to the United States." Well, duh!

Why in God's name should I feel any loyalty to a corrupt empire, quavering with senility, where abominations like this trial take place? What claim does a country and a regime like this have on the loyalty and obedience of any decent human being?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you're wrong as well, Harold. What these monsters are doing to Bill White is wrong.

10:40 AM  

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