Monday, October 07, 2013

The Hidden Mosaic

by Varg Vikernes  

You might say I started out pretty well with my life; I came into this world happy, light-hearted and positive. I was adventurous, daring and inquisitive; imaginative, able and quick-witted. Life was an adventure that lasted from Sunrise to Sunset, from birth to… well, to kindergarten.

Kindergarten and later school was only like an intermission to this adventure though, something that ended life only for a brief time and then allowed it to return afterwards. Every day when school ended we didn’t just go home: screaming with joy and relief for being free again we ran home! 

The goal of kindergarten and school was to end this life, though, to place the damp fingers of the Middle Eastern system around the neck of the European child and squeeze until there was no life left. The children were to be destroyed completely, their life was to be sucked out and cast aside. 

They were to be in some sense murdered, and then to be re-animated by the educational system, in one of their slave-molds. The children were to be turned into living dead; obeying their desert-born master’s command at any time. Like mindless zombies we were to leave childhood limping along a path made for us by the wicked necromancers controlling it all: “Woooooork. Woooork. Woooooooooork!”

Aye! Work is what we do today, work is what defines us. If somebody asks you about you, who or what you are, you reply by telling them not what you love to do or anything like that, but instead what your work is: “I am a musician” I used to say, although I actually don’t do any work as a musician at all. I only play music when I want to, because I like to. 

When I want to appear a bit more useful I reply “I am a writer", because I have written a few books, after all, and have had them published. I’ve even made some money on Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia

What I instead should have replied is: “I am completely lost in this world and I am trying to find my way home. If I could I would rather live in some other age, because this world does not suit me one bit. Antiquity, perhaps. I’d love that”.

Life is not work. Life should not be and need not be work. Life is not a race to get everything done before dinner. Life is not about personal income or status objects like expensive cars or a villa in the most expensive neighborhood. Life is not about making up new stuff to help others do less and making money from doing so. 

Money is in reality worth nothing. It’s just paper. They just make us believe it is worth something, so that we become willing to work all day long in order to get it. Then they print more such paper, so that we shall work even more, harder and longer. In fact what we call work should be described by a more accurate term. We don’t work, we slave.

The pre-historic European man didn’t ever slave like we do today. He only did what he wanted to. You might think I am wrong when I say so, but it is true: he built his own home if he wanted to, he fished his own fish, he hunted, he manufactured his own tools, etc., but he did this for himself and his own interests, and he did so with pleasure. He did it in his own tempo, how, where and when he wanted to, and what he did and the result of what he did was in itself the only reward he wanted – or could possibly even imagine.

The pre-historic man was not his “work”. When asked about who he was he replied that he was e. g. Warga, son of Labrana, from the Buran tribe in Western Skanþinawio, maker of “this-or-that” song and “this-or-that” poem or tale, father of “this-or-that” boy and girl, participant in “this-or-that” battle etc.

Who cares what this Warga character does to feed his family? Don’t we all feed our families? Is there anything worth talking about in Warga’s fishing, hunting and gathering – or his trading? 

If he has looted a few enemy ships to feed his family, fine, that’s worth talking about, but who cares if he built his own home or not or if he weeded the kitchen garden last week? Who cares if he butchered a cow or repaired his cloak the other day? Who cares if he traded his furs for a few barrels of salted herrings last winter?

We are what we achieve when we achieve something that is out of the ordinary. Many today would have been simply “the fat”, for lack of any achievements other than becoming obese at an early age, and most of us “the slave”, for doing nothing else with our lives than slaving for others, or perhaps “the drunk”, “the couch potato”, “the slut”, or “the consumerist”, or something like that, but this is of course largely due to the fact that our societies are rotten to the core; Europe has been dragged down into the filth by Judeo-Christianity and the different offshots of Judeo-Christianity.

Europe is a slave continent today, because we have been duped into caring for things that really don’t matter one bit.

Wealth should not be measured financially, but intellectually, emotionally and even existentially. Rich is he who has a sharp mind, he who has peace of mind, he who has a deep meaning of life. He who has honour.

Rich is he who can look up in the night and see the beauty of a clear starlit sky. Rich is he who can hear the silence of the oak forest be broken by the falling acorns in the autumn. Rich is he who has time to sit quietly on the river bed with a fishing pole, listening to the sound of running water. Rich is he who can see his children play in the meadows at noon. Rich is he who can harvest from his own orchard. Rich is he who has friends he can trust. Rich is he who understands why he is here. Rich is he who knows from whence he comes and whither he goes. Rich is he who can offer a world to his children at least as rich as the world he himself was born into and grew up in.

Nothing lasts forever. The filth that covers Europe today will dry up with time, when the Sun shines upon it; it will be crushed and turned to dust by the many animals passing by, and then be blown away to foreign shores by the strong Northern wind. The beautiful mosaic underneath will appear before the eyes of our descendants, and they will see what once was: the origin, the purpose, the birth, the death, the meaning of Europe! Hail Wotan!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want this world.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This kind of aimless lackadasical, perpetually child like mind set is more likc Niggers than white people.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Lugh said...

I don't know about that Varg. Remember, Northern Europe is cold and during the Ice Age it was colder. We needed to Plan to survive. And there were the three Castes: the Jarl, the Karl, and the Thrall or serf. The Celts had a similar arrangement as did the Vedic Aryans.

I like your vision though. With technology rightly used, we wouldn't need as much stoop labor. Perhaps you have future memory.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, it sounds like a non-materialist world (no Jews in it). The people describe in this article are productive, unlike most niggers and other human trash.

3:43 PM  
Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

This tells us of something that we have forgotten,thank you for speaking to my spirit.

3:28 AM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

What? No. What this man is saying is that European people lived by the land and were independent. They manned their own homes and farms. They didn't trod off to school to become cogs for the prison industrial complex today. They produced things for themselves. The men worked for themselves, not some corporate Jew- WASP,

9:25 PM  

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