Saturday, October 12, 2013

Official Freedom's Sons Comments Section

The first printed copies of Freedom's Sons are now beginning to snake their way through the postal system into people's hands, plus the first copies some of you will have ordered from Amazon. com will be arriving over the next week, so we will be getting the first few readers of the entire finished novel soon. 

In order to try and keep all the comments in one place, the link above is my official FS post on the Homeland blog. This is the "official comments site" if you will. I will be transferring comments I receive by e-mail and on this Thoughtcrime blog, on the NF bulletin board, etc. to this post, so everyone can get a one-stop immediate overview of the reaction to the book. 

Comment posts will be edited for grammar and spelling, since I don't like illiterate crap being published on my sites, but will otherwise remain intact. I have no fear of legitimate criticism. If the comments are insane, or clearly from non-Whites, Jews, Goat Dancers or other hostiles, they simply will not be approved. People like that don't get to have a say here; they have all the rest of the internet to vomit in. 

Check the October 8th post here for the link where you can order Freedom's Sons.


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