Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Likes The Constitution (Ours, Not Theirs)

[from a much longer e-mail on other stuff]

When I first joined the Aryan Nations (AN) in 2010 I was quite impressed with their constitution. So you can imagine my surprise when I became involved with the NF in 2013 and saw that the NF Constitution was identical to the AN one! I asked Paul Mullet of the AN about this and he admitted that he had copied it word for word from the NF's White Book! Oh well, plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery as they say. I also had no idea that people like members of The Order were involved in creating it.

I have read the NF Constitution and I do not see where any changes are needed at all. HAC was right when he commented (on RFN of 6 October 2013) that this is not NS Germany and although the individual HAC was referring to was eloquent and made some well considered points, I don't see that most of them would work when applied to an American audience. I think that NS is great and I would have loved to been born during a time when I could have lived through it, even knowing that they lost the war. But NS was also unique to that time, place and people, as our movement needs to be to our own people in this time and place in order to have any hope of resonating with them.

So I approve of the NF Constitution as-is and I would not change a thing.

B. from Oregon

The 2006 draft Constitution of the Northwest American Republic may be found at:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some constitutional questions:

"The purchase, acquisition, ownership, possession, transportation, or manufacture of ammunition, powder, cartridge casings, and other ancillary equipment or supplies necessary to the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms shall not be restricted or otherwise interfered with by any governmental authority."

I still don't think this is clear enough. If a company sells firearms, reloading equipment and ammo, and the sales are taxed by the state, (which is important business transaction taxes and tariffs are the sole source of revenue) isn't this taxation "interference" ?

The reason I ask, is because if the congress decides to "ban" a certain weapon or class of weapon, they can adjust the tax rate charged on the sale of those weapons or on the class of business itself.

I also don't understand how charity works. It seems that you can open a charity organization, and collect donations which are taxed (which I 100% agree with BTW) but if the charity workers are religious, they can't be paid? I understand the problem you are trying to solve with but there seems to be a conflict here, and I don't understand how a religious charity would operate.

Also, there is nothing about currency in the constitution, I seem to remember something about hard currencies in an earlier version? Possibly at least consider boundaries on how the government can create money, like in the reich not a single credit was created without a unit of work having been performed.

- Peak Finance

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


like in the reich not a single credit was created without a unit of work having been performed.

Yea LOLZ well that was the theory at least :)

Kind of like the US having "Every dollar backed by gold" in 1970, we see how that worked out.

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