Friday, October 18, 2013

Dancing The GUBU Goat For Bill White

[For the record, I am not the only one who has a coterie of Goat Dancers. - HAC] 

October 13th, 2013

Hello, Harold:

New developments every day here. If you could, I’d like to say the following, publicly:

The people working on my new blog,, are in contact with me daily. They did not hack anyone, and they are the only bloggers able to pass regular messages on to me.

Further, all donations should be sent to Poisoned Pen Press, P. O. Box 2770, Stafford, VA 22555. Let them know it’s for the Bill White Legal Defense Fund. Money should not be sent to any other persons, and is better sent there than the Roanoke City Jail.

That’s it. Since you are not involved in the blog infighting, which is now turning into personal attacks on me, I thought having you post that might be helpful.

I am seeing the old, tired canards about me being resurrected in some places. Apparently the dictatorship is upset at my exposure of their plans regarding [name redacted] and feel the need to “discredit” me again, dragging out all of the $400-per-weekers. There are two tactics being used here that I believe are worth commenting on:

One is the use of the agent provocateur to promote factionalism. The classic example of this for me was Michael Burks. Here a person joins a group, seems hard-working and ingratiates themselves with the leadership. Then they start a bitter fight, either with people working under them or with people they are working with.

Burks did this over and over again, particularly to women. Having started this fight, the provocateur then demands the leader take his side, and if the leader refuses, the provocateur uses whatever trust they have been given to split the organization, walking away and attacking the leaders. This is particularly a problem for fast-growing White organizations.

Two is the use of envy. You may recalled the MICES criteria—Money, Ideology, Conscience, Ego, Sex—which the dictator’s servants use to manipulate people. In the White movement, Ego is the worst of those. Many people with weak egos try to start White organizations because they have fantasies of being the glorious dictator or the big criminal boss like they see on TV. These are the same ego problems you have with niggers in prison, none of whom have anything, but who are small-brained sociopaths who think they can take the things others have earned. There is a feeling among some that they should have wealth or attention without having done anything for it.

Thus when someone like me, who has been writing for 23 years, and who has suffered greatly for it, gets some mild positive attention on websites or in small circulation publications, there is an effort to suggest that I am “craving attention” or some such nonsense. I actually suffer from the attention.

No rational person in our Movement wants to be the subject of attention from the Jewish media. The Jewish media has no good intentions toward us. Our focus should only be on attention from legitimate White organizations and White media—the factionalization of that media being an ongoing problem. I have worked hard to eliminate my public profile, to make myself appear unworthy of Jewish media coverage. This is the only way to make myself less attractive a target of federal prosecution, although as you know they are nonetheless dragging me around through the prison industry archipelago and prosecuting me twice a year or so to make sure I am not released.

Frankly, I wish I’d had the wisdom to be involved in a “leaderless” group, rather than allowing myself to be pushed into being “Commander” of something. But there are those who envy such things, and while there is no reason any rational person would envy me, this is the nature of the Society of the Spectacle.

So two more secret police tactics to watch for—one, deliberate factionalism, and two, the manipulation of ego through the stoking of false envy.

I hope you are working well with AFP. You’ll find that the folk there are so overworked that getting anything done is like herding cats, but things do eventually get done. Be well, Harold.



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