Monday, October 28, 2013

Bill White Trial News

First off, apparently I was wrong about the trial date. This grotesque mockery will begin on October 30th, not October 31st, again with the proviso that the dictatorship doesn't postpone it at the last minute. They did that all the time during the Greensboro trial; once we all showed up at the court in Greensboro only to find a piece of paper taped to the courtroom door telling us it had been put off for another two weeks.

Prosecutors love that shit. After the third or fourth or fifth time gathering up all witnesses and doing pre-trial prep, and then the D.A.'s good golfing buddy the judge postpones again, that tends to take the edge off the defense.

Secondly, the dictatorship's motion for an "anonymous jury" has been granted. Not quite sure how it will work in this case; from what I can gather it's a little different every time, according to the whims of the judge.

As to jury selection, that varies as well. Usually the defense attorney is just given little bios of the jury in paper folders by number. Since he can't actually see or question the person lest identifying information be revealed, (remember, the defense is supposedly the bad guy from whom the jury must be "protected", so they can't know who they're dealing with), objecting is kind of pointless. Sometimes the defense is allowed to question potential jurors prior to empaneling them through a microphone in another room. In at least one case I found, voir dire was conducted with potential jurors wearing masks like executioners, which is appropriate.

Sometimes they just don't release the names of the jurors to the media and they are identified in the record only by numbers, but the jury is sitting there and is at least visible. Sometimes the jury is hidden behind a big white screen or a curtain in court, kind of like the Wizard of Oz. Sometimes the jury is hidden away in another room, watching and listening on a video feed, and there is no actual proof that any jury exists at all.

In almost every case the jury is sequestered in a hotel and surrounded by sinister, heavily armed guards as "protection" against the wicked and evil man in the orange jump suit and the shackles who is, they are told, "threatening" them and their families. The psychological effect of this on the verdict may be imagined. Apparently the thought that one day it will be them or their families in the orange suit and chains facing an anonymous jury never seems to occur to them.


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