Friday, October 04, 2013

American Exceptionalism Ends Itself

by Bill White

Vladimir Putin’s lecture in the New York Times may mark the end of the dogma of American evil, the so-called “American Exceptionalism.” 

This is the belief, fed to Americans by the Jews, that the United States is “exceptional” and thus not subject to the constraints, natural or through international law, placed on other human societies. This belief, very similar to the Hebrew self-conception of a race of Chosen People, is at the root of both neo-Marxist internationalism and Judaeo-Christian Zionism, the dominant belief system of the United States. The belief in American Exceptionalism has also led, domestically, to America’s multi-cultural, interracial suicide, and the transformation of America into an enemy of the White race. 

Now exceptionalism has consumed itself, and is in the process of handing the world over to a multi-polar order under Vladimir Putin’s direction.

“We had to learn from the suicide of America, England, Holland, and France, if we are to survive as a nation,” Putin told his Parliament on February 4, 2013. The suicide Putin referred to was the mass introduction of non-Whites into those countries’ citizenry, the dismantling of the ethno-cultural organism which is the root of any true nation. America was persuaded by the Jews to commit racial suicide, and the result has been the bankrupting of the country with welfare and the cost of maintaining a large, non-productive, non-White population. This is the first prong of the fork in the heart of American Exceptionalism.

While America was dying, Putin enacted exactly opposing policies in Russia. Putin’s first few years in office were spent purging Russia of its Jewish oligarchs and nationalizing their corporations, all state corporations stolen under Yeltsin from the Russian people. Putin took the mass media from the Jews and stopped multi-culturalist propaganda in Russia. Putin cares about the Russian people, and directs the Russian economy for their benefit. Putin has reduced taxes, encouraged entrepreneurs, and built Russian gold reserves to stabilize the Russian currency. Putin’s reign has brought unprecedented economic expansion—four times the economic growth America has seen under Obama. Russia today is much like America in the 1950s—ordered, clean, beautiful, and happy. There are no Jews, no blacks, and none of the cultural poison Jews manufacture with blacks.

This economic growth and social stability has allowed Putin to avoid the second prong of the fork of American Exceptionalism—unlimited imperialist warfare. The old Soviet Union demanded international Communist revolution, Just as America has killed itself with multi-culturalism, the Jews demand America kill others when those others defend their nations and traditions. The process began with Karl Marx’s support of Abraham Lincoln, continued with the anti-German wars of 1914 and 1939, and continues with the endless war against Islam. In this, Trotskyite Communism reveals itself in both Zionism and Judaeo-Christianity.

What America is learning is that there is no exception to the laws of God and nature. As Dante taught, all men enter hell by free will. The Jews, in their hubris, have exploited and bankrupted America, just as was done to Soviet Russia and Britain. Now, America is seeing what defiance of natural law brings—collapse and failure. Russia’s president is a true nationalist, a geo-political genius who represents his people, and he is putting the reins on Obama, a vapid trophy negro whom America elected just to show it can. Well, we can all commit evil, but we pay for it.

Now, with Putin’s broadside, America sees leadership. Against it the negroes, Jews, shiksas and shabbos goyim of Obama have posited a bizarre dance, a comedy of weakness, corruption and absurdity. Americans believed Exceptionalism meant they could endlessly appoint half-wits, spend and borrow false money, integrate with alien races, and flaunt their immorality and tyranny over the world’s peoples. Now, Putin has come to put an end to the party, to constrain America within its proper bounds, and to free the world from its “exceptionalism.”
[Bill White is in prison in Roanoke, Virginia awaiting trial for the crime of sending his wife an angry e-mail a couple of years ago. His trial is now scheduled to begin on October 31st; he faces a potential sentence of twenty more years.]


Anonymous Sven S. said...

Absolutely true! I visited Russia last year, the place looks way better than Sweden, to say this 30 years ago was unthinkable, but now Sweden is totally corrupted and filled with non white humanoids from Africa, South America and Asia, the crime is rampant in once safe beautiful cities like Stockholm or Malmö, women live in constant fear of being raped (rape in Sweden is epidemic)elderly people are killed everyday by black and brown thugs and no go are are getting bigger and bigger, in Russia streets were clean, safe and there were lots of white women with white husbands/boyfriends and white children (yes more than one children!) a rare sight here in Sweden 2013, what happens in Sweden with white men is strange and disgusting, whenever I travel abroad people praise Sweden for its beautiful blonde women, but a quick walk in any park of Stockholm will show you lots of swedish men with tiny asian women or huge assed latinas or disgusting sheapes from africa, it's insane! swedish women are way more likely to be despise muds because they feel the effects of multicultural shit everytime they are raped, assaulted and harrased by alien vermins, I think many swedish girls would happily move to the NWR.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's not over. We're just starting to wake up. The jews day is done.

I come from London.It seems to be lost but that loss has helped to change people.

We'll have Europe back. We've been here a few times before.Stay staunch. We're not beaten until we stop fighting and those muds can't survive with out us ..and they can't fight unless they outnumber us.

Europe is stirring. It's a good time to be alive. We can earn our wings.

Hail the Dawn Brother



6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to know how big a con job the term "American Exceptionalism" is, listen up.

The tribe tells you it was coined by Alexis de Tocqueville. Nope. Tocqueville merely said (in French) America is "quite exceptional" (please note the big-ass qualifier).

Meanwhile the term "American Exceptionalism" only became widespread in the US political lexicon after 1945. This is according to Harvard historian Daniel T. Rodgers.

After '45 huh? Why then?

Oh, and have a look at all the main spokesmen for American Exceptionalism: from the Communist Party USA (hmm, what tribe did most of their members come from?) to Martin Seymour Lipset (oi vey) to Louis Hartz (like shooting fish in a barrel).

Finally -- I don't remember anyone howling that America was exceptional at the time of the moon landings when the US really was a nation, but of late it's spouted all the time.

That's not a coincidence.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Richard S. said...

No wonder the feds want Bill White in the gulag as he not only understands how the real world operates, he is able to communicate his knowledge to anyone still able to recognize the ring of truth when they finally hear it.

1:20 AM  

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