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Where We Stand: September 2013

[Excerpt from the September 2013 issue of Northwest Observer.]
I don’t want this to turn into one of these endless rants about the problem itself which comprise most right-wing and racial material, while never mentioning any solutions. But I turn 60 years old in a few days and we need to figure out exactly where we stand at this point in time, before we can start to assess any possible pathways of escape from this outhouse. I’ll try to keep it as brief and to the point as I can.

The good news is that as lazy and terrified and buffaloed as White Americans are, the Jews still haven’t closed the sale. Even if they won’t admit it, the majority of the hapless White people in this country see what the dictatorship is doing, they see what is coming, and they don’t want it. If they don’t see, then the onrushing train wreck of Obamacare will wake up their ideas in a hurry.

The most impractical of all liberal policies is diversity, or multi-culturalism. One of the main mantras of liberalism down through the years has always been the inexplicable idea that somehow a chaotic mix of races, cultures, and nationalities in one big tossed salad provides “strength.” This idea is utter rubbish, as the quickest glance through any history book will prove. This may be one reason why liberals are doing everything they can to re-write the history books.

Even today in Obama’s Amurrica, Whites are still voting with their feet and fleeing the mudflow. We have to make sure that most of them flee Northwest. Despite the most massive propaganda campaign in history and despite a few glaring public examples, the Jews and liberals simply have not been able to sell diversity to the majority of the White American public. Now we hear the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is talking about buying up foreclosed homes and making the federal government the country’s largest landlord, using their ownership of millions of empty homes which will become rental units in order to “impose diversity in housing” (their words.)

The sub rosa agenda here is not just to force blacks and beaners into White neighborhoods but to break up red-state voting blocs and assist in the destruction of the Republican Party, another prominent item on the dictatorship’s agenda. It will be interesting to see how far they can get with that. The fact that White Americans have learned not to express their dislike of diversity for fear of legal and economic retaliation does not mean that they do not despise it. Given the first opportunity and sufficient money, Whites still flee diversity like a thing unclean, stampeding into the suburbs.

Then when the reeking mudflow follows, Whites who can afford it move on to the “latté towns” out in the hinterlands, the liberal élitist communities like Napa and Boulder and Burlington, Vermont and Chapel Hill, North Carolina—organic enclaves of Birkenstocks, bicycles, and granola with low-key, highly efficient police forces and the smallest non-White population necessary to provide nannies and gardeners and garbage men, said non-Whites being kept as discreetly in their place as if they were living in Soweto under apartheid.

White couples will work two and three jobs in order to send their children to exclusive lily-white private schools. Whites are fleeing to gated communities which are in fact fortified villages almost like medieval castles or ancient hill forts, ringed with restrictive covenants designed to keep blacks and browns and yellows out (without, of course, openly admitting that’s the idea.) Despite enforced association for the past sixty years in schools and in the workplace, actual integration of the races out here in the real world is still almost non-existent. Bear in mind, under the liberal social engineering scenario of the 1950s and 1960s, the entire generation of Americans born in the 1990s were supposed to be brown-skinned.

But actual miscegenation is not the major threat to the White man’s continued existence. That threat consists of two things: the way in which we are ageing, and in feminist White women’s refusal to bear children, which means we are not replacing ourselves. The problem lies not so much in our women producing brown babies—only a statistically insignificant number are doing so despite six decades of brainwashing—but in the fact that they are producing almost no new babies at all.

What we have to do now is to make a serious, adult effort to try and figure out how much time we have left before events spiral out of control to the point where liberal democracy is actually undermined, i.e. they lose their blue-shirted, black-body-armored, and silk-suited muscle men. The police, the FBI, the spooks, the military, the army of prison guards—in other words, the muscle men who keep the dictator in power for money—these are absolutely necessary for the survival of the regime.

The muscle men are the key. When their direct deposits stop hitting their banks on the first and fifteenth of every month, or when the money won’t buy anything, then that is when the dictatorship will be vulnerable. So long as the muscle men are still getting their paychecks, and the money will still buy stuff, direct action for change will not be impossible, but it will be very difficult.  Direct action for change pre-Balloon-Going-Up will require a level of organization and character transformation which White people don’t seem to be capable of now.

When the muscle men are no longer getting paid, or they are getting paid in worthless government scrip, or when the economy becomes so bad and the supply infrastructure becomes so broken that the pumps at the gas station and the shelves at the Wal-Mart and Safeway are empty, and the muscle men have to turn free-lance to feed their families and to feed themselves—this will be the true benchmark of when The Balloon has Gone Up. 

This isn’t to say that when the first direct deposit fails the Balloon will have Gone Up. There must be repeated missed paychecks or a systemic monetary failure making those paychecks worthless. It must reach the point where the muscle men begin abandoning their posts, leaving the wealthy élite unguarded in their mansions, the judges alone in their chambers, and the bureaucrats alone in their cubicles. The muscle men will probably go foraging or marauding, like Soviet soldiers in Eastern Europe of the late 1980s, and they will  no longer be around and available  physically to protect those who are responsible for all this horror—or indeed, inclined to protect these people if they are, since they are no longer receiving their hire, or are getting it in worthless scrip that buys nothing.

When we see that those responsible for the horror are all alone in their plush offices or cubicles, and have no steroid-pumped primates they can call on for protection from the consequences of their behavior, or at least only a small number of remaining muscle men who can be dealt with on the ground without massive backup from the régime flooding the area—then that is the window of opportunity for change.

In 1983 the FBI threw an army of 800 agents into the Northwest to track down the dozen or so men of the Order. When that 800-man backup army is no longer available, that’s our moment. When the mayor of Seattle or the governor of Oregon can no longer pick up the phone and call D.C, for the 82nd Airborne, then our time will have come, if we are ready for it.

Hopefully the chaotic economic and social conditions which Obama and the Democrats will bring on as part of their attempt to transform America into a Marxist one-party state, will also help many White males throw off the past 60 years of Judaeo-liberal social engineering and make them capable of affecting direct change.

You will ask, “So, Harold—how likely is it that the Balloon really is going to Go Up any time within the next few years?”

Seriously? With many disclaimers and caveats, right now I’d give it about 70-30 in favor of a continuing shaky “stability” for the next five years. After that all bets are off. It depends on when and how the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” finally catches up with the régime and destroys the money supply. The deterioration will get worse as the Democrats attempt to impose a Surveillance State under one-party rule. Depending on the events of 2016, which right now can’t be predicted with any certainty, I’d say that by 2023 this country will be pretty much unrecognizable, one way or the other, and that White people will be suffering like animals under a tyranny where the velvet glove has been replaced by the iron heel.

I normally don’t make timeline predictions, but to be quite honest, I would be very surprised if there was not some kind of really serious upheaval within the next ten years. What that might be I can’t guess, but always be on the lookout for the window of opportunity for direct change, the signal that the Balloon has indeed Gone Up—the muscle men are no longer getting paid.

The Revolutionary Tripod 

Yes, time to go over this again, because it’s important. You guys really need to wrap your minds around this, or get your arms around it, or whatever the current expression is.

How, exactly, does direct change come about in any society? Three conditions must be fulfilled, a tripod of revolutionary paradigms. All three are required. Failing any one of the legs of this tripod, there will be no change. Liberal social engineers have been attempting for well over a generation now to use the many instruments of state power to implement ideologically-motivated programs which are based on flawed
assumptions regarding human nature, and which have no foundation in human reality.

The liberal democratic state therefore requires more and more effort and expense and manpower to be concentrated on enforcing bizarre and anti-social behavior patterns on people which people do not wish to engage in, thus creating the first of the three revolutionary preconditions:

1. The tacit withdrawal of the consent of the governed. 

More simply put, a majority of the people of the country or society in question must want a new order to be established, along with a new distribution of wealth and power—or at least, they must not be so vested in the system as to be averse to such a change, to the point where they will not actively resist it, even if they do not actively assist. Apathy is a form of withdrawal of consent, and once this is understood, it becomes apparent that we are very close to achieving this in America, however far we may have lagged behind on the other two necessary revolutionary preconditions. The second leg of the tripod is:

2. A credible alternative in the form of a fighting revolutionary party.

The majority of White people of the Northwest  must not just desire a change of rulers and an end to Political Correctness, they must want us specifically to rule them and bring about that kind of change. Or else, the majority of the people must not oppose us and be willing to sit still for the creation of the Northwest Republic. 

Our failure here regarding local support is almost total, of course, since pretty much everybody is just sitting around waiting for Harold to pull the magic beans out of his pocket and produce a finished product, without risk or inconvenience. Furthermore, most of you are sitting around in Pittsburgh or Tennessee or Tulsa and you have made not the slightest effort to migrate yet, so when the Balloon finally does Go Up no one is going to be where the hell they should be even if somehow you could be persuaded to act. But if we ever do decide to devote serious effort toward building a revolutionary party, as evinced by you people packing the moving vans and getting your asses up here where you’re supposed to be, we’ll be amazed how quickly we can catch up. Back In The Day I have seen a four-or-five-man team of genuinely active and committed people work miracles in a community.

That’s what always gets to me about the nearly complete failure of our people to participate—it would take so comparatively little to create a bona fide, for-real revolutionary party. No long brown columns marching down the street—we will never have that in this country, American Whites simply aren’t engineered that way—but we could have a semi-covert Party at least as good as Lenin’s Bolsheviks, and organized on similar lines, if I could ever get anybody interested in actually doing any of this instead of just tuning in to Radio Free Northwest for their weekly racial entertainment ration. We could do it just with the people we have on our present contact list, if everyone would give of themselves in some meaningful proportion to their abilities and resources. Once we ever get rolling with the initial investment of time, money, and effort, with boots on the ground and not clicks on the mouse pad, we will be self-sustaining and unstoppable, because the majority of White Americans do in fact detest the world we live in and want to change it. Yes, they do, and they really would help us if somehow they could be made aware of the fact that we are here.

Now for the all-important third leg of the revolutionary tripod:

3. The existing state must lose its credible monopoly of armed force.

We have spent the past 60 years generating nothing but an endless torrent of words, and words without concomitant deeds change nothing. Without the Minute Men at Lexington and Concord, all the pretty speeches of our Founding Fathers like Washington and Jefferson and Franklin would be forgotten now. You now have an opportunity to show that you really mean “all this” through a simple, perfectly legal, and ultimately beneficial act—Northwest Migration. The power structure can’t stop you from coming Northwest, but they don’t need to. You’re doing an excellent job of stopping yourselves and strangling your own futures.

A party which “fights” only with words or through the state-established electoral process is not revolutionary, and will never bring about change. The entire purpose of democracy and its established institutions is to prevent change, not to bring it about, and to ensure that the people who created the system to begin with remain in power, i.e. in our case the Anglo-Zionist, super-rich ruling élite of Jews, homos, and WASP-ish international bankers. They are the so-called One Percent that the skuzzy Occupy Wall Street ground talks about, and actually that’s not a bad description of our lords and masters so long as the vital Jewish element is retained.

It is absolutely necessary for a revolutionary party to have a credible armed wing to enforce its will without debate, and to challenge the state physically for the political and economic control of society, with a view to eliminating that control and replacing it with our own. That’s how it works, people, for those who are serious about wanting to change the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, Harold, Chris Matthews of MSNBC of all people courageously mentioned AIPAC and the neocon Zionists in his segment regarding the potential WW3 scenario involving Syria. It now appears as though political syncretism is genuinely making in-roads into the mainstream U.S. public. Third Position politics now has a solid foundation, and this is definitely something for us to build upon.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

I have two kids. Working on the baby thing.... Moving out that way.

Whites just have to stop paying into the system that is out to bankrupt them and pay themselves first. We have to get over class warfare and help each other out. We should just have kids.

We look out for ourselves, número UNO. Forget America

White Mom in VA

2:30 AM  

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