Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - September 5th, 2013

HAC talks about formal Party organization (or lack thereof), Gretchen reviews a book on Irish Nationalist Kathleen Clarke, Olivia discusses the 14 Principles, and we feature the medieval musical group Sequentia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm don't speak english very well, I'm from Sweden, and want to tell you something disgusting that is happen here, some days ago I visited a elementaty school in Malmö, and found a filthy pamplhet that had been given to children, it said "why do sweden need to welcome african inmigrants" the reasons were preposterous they ranged from "africans have skills that swedes have lost for living sorrounded by technology and modern things", "africans know a lot about natural medicine and can help us to develope new medicines", "africans have great knowledge of arts that would enhace our education" and lots of other stupidities, I almost puke when I read it.. I can't believe they are brainwashing our kids in such despicable way! I'm infuriated they are ruining what once was one of the whitest countries on earth.

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