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Letter From Bill White - September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013

Hello, Harold,

I received the Thoughtcrime blog post from September 14. Thank you.

This week, I have been dealing with a series of events I can only call “Send In The Clowns.” The surrealism of the events of my life have reached a new artistic high, as my case has taken on Dada-istic overtones. The utter irrationality of the modern world has been continually peeking through, as I find myself saying things like “What do you mean the fact that the government’s witness is a part of a gang of psychotic serial killer clowns is not relevant to her character?”

Essentially, Harold, I got conned by a psychopath. This is my fault. I have a long history of being conned by psychopathic women. But given what is known, I find the fact that there are still people who are accusing me of crimes involving “truly terrible threats” quite bizarre.

The entire case against me has been based on the allegations of [name redacted, lest we terrorize, since all you guys reading this are “inherently criminal and violent” as per a Jewish judge earlier in this case.]

I have known this woman since 2004. When I was in prison, she apparently became involved in a very serious street gang known as the Insane Clown Posse. Just about the time of my arrest, for instance, [name redacted] was found spray-painting symbols, lyrics, and and slogans of the Insane Clown Posse on a wall while, in the words of the arresting officer, “dressed as a psychotic clown”. And this is just what I’ve released publicly. The Insane Clown Posse has been involved in murder, robbery, extortion, threats and animal cruelty—and so has [name redacted]

What I find is that, placing myself next to [name redacted], and looking at some of the threats now released by the régime, when given the option of taking my word as a so-called White supremacist whose “crimes” amount to making intemperate political statements, and who has no history of cruelty or violence, and that of a self-described psychopathic serial-killing clown, the people who rule us claim that they find me less credible.

The fact that [name redacted] was arrested five years ago for painting slogans strikingly similar to the threats I am alleged to have e-mailed, and which the dictatorship’s own technical expert has already told the prosecution I could not and did not e-mail, doesn’t seem to make much impact.

When Obama looks at America and says “would I rather have someone who has been designated a White supremacist, who is non-violent and who was once a businessman with a family before we destroyed him, walking around? Or would I would have rather have a psychopathic serial-killing clown with a long history of violence, theft, unemployment, homelessness and alcoholism walking around—I’ll take the clown!” LOL

Of course, the jury may not agree. They may find the clown to be worse than I am. LOL

As of this morning, the régime has not responded to my motion to dismiss the indictment. There was supposed to be a meeting with the dictator’s servants today and these motions and I was supposed to get a report, but that didn’t happen. So hopefully, I’ll hear this weekend.

I’ve been sick and feverish for most of the week, but I am getting medical care. Sort of. Guess they don’t want me to be in too bad a shape when they have to trot me out in public for the trial.

Be well,

P.S. You asked about the AN mailing list. The Aryan Nations’ “something”—membership forms or mailing list or something—was stolen about a decade ago from Idaho. I can’t remember details. As I recall that’s where a certain Great White Leader got his start. After he was saved from being beaten by some skinheads, he bonded with an older, sexually ambivalent activist and a certain group got its start. I won’t give any names LOL. You probably already know.

[Actually, no, I don’t. Contrary to popular belief, I really don’t spend all my time wallowing in Movement mud and gossip. Can anyone enlighten me?

Bill White’s trial for allegedly sending an angry e-mail to his wife over money is still scheduled to start on October 1, so far as I am aware. He may or may not be allowed to call witnesses in his defense, depending on whether or not the judge decides that doing so might violate the new legal doctrine of "presumption of prosecutorial good faith," which forbids defendants from questioning the motives as to why a particular case was brought or trying to find out who made the decision to do so, when, and under what circumstances. 

Yeah, I know. Not many people have heard of that one. I hadn't myself until recently, although it appears to have been part of the judge's decision not to allow Edgar Steele to call defense witnesses during his trial. Anyway, it is now forbidden for anyone to impugn what is laughingly called the "integrity" of the men and women in expensive suits who savage  their victims' flesh like rotting zombies in courtrooms, and who are paid obscene salaries of taxpayer money to do so.

I will wait another couple of days to see if they postpone Bill's trial—the régime’s courts are great at last-minute postponements after witnesses have been assembled and the defense is ready to go, sending everybody in the defense home and making them come back again and again to fluster and disorganize them. I will write up my comments on this horrific situation then, unless they send somebody to shut me up before then. Which I am deeply ashamed to say is now possible in this toilet we live in. – HAC]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a very good reason why
"the people who rule us claim that they find me (Bill)
less credible" than some psychopathic witch.
Answer: those who rule are psychopaths. They all belong to
the same coven.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony Fascista said...

Insane Clown Posse is a heavy Metal band, sort of like KISS on crack. They are Marxist in orientation as witness their song Piggy Pie about killing police, wealthy people, and flooding the area with Juggalos (A reference to their fans) but if you listen to the song it is obvious it has references to Hispanic immigrants.(see you tube for samples)

6:28 PM  

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