Friday, September 20, 2013

Letter From Bill White - September 12th, 2013

Dear Harold:

I received the “Dear White Americans” pamphlet today. It looks good and it reads well.

Things are extremely good here. First, within 30 minutes, the computer expert the court appointed confirmed that I couldn’t possibly have sent the e-mails, so I will be standing trial for something the régime’s own tech guy has already stated I could not have done. Like Alice, the jury must believe six impossible things before breakfast.

Second, my car has been recovered. The government’s witness turned me in, in part, to steal my car. I had let her use it, but she felt the best way to get some cash now was to turn me in so I couldn’t deal with the fact that she robbed me.

Well, there was an incident yesterday in Roanoke and one of [name redacted’s] accomplices was relieved of the keys. She gave him the car about the time the stickers ran out and told him to hide it a few weeks ago, when she learned I was looking for it. So far, on the issue of the car alone, [redacted] has lied to the FBI, the DMV, the Grand Jury, my investigator, and the City of Roanoke Police. And now, it’s over. So no surprise that [redacted] is choosing not to respond to court subpoenas. If she wises up, she’ll realize she can take the Fifth Amendment and get out of all this, but my money is on her skipping town before trial. The feds are saying they want to pursue her if she does. Second best would be her showing up quite drunk, which is what the U.S. Attorney’s office said they expect due to her Grand Jury testimony.

[Name deleted, lest we terrorize] has also moved to dismiss the indictment for not claiming on extortion. (? Not totally sure what he refers to here.) Basically, extortion is like robbery. You can’t steal your own money from something, just like I’m towing my own car, not repo-ing it. My guess is that the judge is going to send the case to trial and try to let the régime try to prove to me my wife’s debt to me was not “just”. 

(The Roanoke case involves an irate e-mail Bill sent his ex-wife over money, which the woman apparently claims “caused her to feel apprehensive and in fear of her life” because her ex-husband was a “known neo-Nazi” with an “inherently criminal and violent audience,” or some taffy-pulled variation on that. A forged e-mail whom a government computer expert has already determined Bill did not send and could not have sent, but he’s going to trial anyway. Oh, beautiful for spacious skies…– HAC) 

But that’s a losing issue for them. [Rude comments on Bill’s ex-wife redacted as he once asked me not to publish them.]

I just wonder when women decided en masse that moronic perjury was a way to get what they want. But I guess women have always been treacherous, passive-aggressive loons; that’s what they’re famous for. 

Everything is looking up for me, though, and I’m just hoping to win big enough to not only beat this but cause the régime to drop their idiot Florida investigation as well.

Be well, Harold,



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Blogger Justthisguy said...

As I have been wont to say from time to time, the two most typically female crimes are Malicious Prosecution and Perjury. It's about the Feelings, you see.

Interesting that in the Northwest Republic, women are encouraged to take traditional roles, and most of them choose to do so. They can afford to do that because they have real men looking out for them.

There are always outliers, of course. That too is addressed in your books.

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