Sunday, September 29, 2013

HAC's Gift Of Prophecy Strikes Again

Looks like I still got it, as per my blog post of Friday, September 27th (see below). 

I have heard from another source that the Bill White trial, which was scheduled to begin in Roanoke, Virginia on October 1st, has been postponed. No word yet on when it will happen.

This is an old prosecutor's trick, using an, er, "amenable" judge (now, did I say "a judge who is in the tank?") to postpone the trial at the last minute, preferably with as little information as possible, so that the defense will have all their ducks lined up in a row, be ready to go, and then have to send their witnesses home, stand down, so forth and so on. 

The Jew Schlosser did this in Greensboro four or five times. They did it to Edgar Steele, which is why one of his key witnesses was on vacation in Bali when the judge suddenly called a snap trial on a couple of days' notice. (Not that it mattered, since Steele wasn't allowed to call any expert defense witness testimony by the same judge in any case.)

My guess is they're playing chicken with Bill, taking one or two more runs at him trying to coerce and intimidate him into pleading guilty to a crime which the government's own tech guy has informed them he did not and could not have committed.

They're going to try to break him again, probably through threatening endless indictment after indictment after indictment for square-dancing in a roundhouse or any moronic thing they can come up with, unless he pleads guilty to "just one more wee little charge," and then it will be over. So they say.

Then they break their word, indict him again in Florida for sending bad mojo brain waves in the Trayvon Martin case, get him in front of a jury full of vengeful Florida niggers down there, and Bob's your uncle! Third "felony" conviction, third strike, and they can keep Bill in prison until he dies, which seems to be the game plan.

Or maybe they'll just declare him an "enemy combatant" and send him to a secret foreign prison where he can be tortured some more. Who the hell is going to stop them?

Stay tuned for the latest in the ongoing soap opera of Prisoner of Sleaze: The Bill White Story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's clearly innocent


8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me that from May 2013
not all your entries are archived.

6:29 AM  

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