Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bill White To Be Charged In Florida

[The deranged persecution of dissident writer Bill White by the dictator's servants  continues apace. - HAC] 

September 3, 2013

Hello Harold:

I was going to hold off a bit on letters to you, so as not to be overwhelming, but I received a most remarkable pleading today, and I felt I should share it with you.

You were right--the government has no intention of letting me go. They filed a pleading in the Southern district of Florida claiming that they are seeking an eighth criminal action against me. [This is presumably for "plotting to assassinate the Trayvon Martin trial judge" while sitting in a federal prison cell. - HAC]

If anyone wondered why I fled the country, this is it. I am never going to be able to live in the United States without constant danger of arrest or murder by the Marxist government. At some point, they are going to give up indicting me or any pretense of law and just shoot me or beat me to death and strangle me like Kenneth Michael Trentadue . And when and if that happens, there will have been no motive but hate--hatred of me because I am good and because they, America, and the Jews who control it, are evil.

The case here in Virginia is all but won. The government has informed us that they are considering withdrawing [name redacted] as a witness. Several problems have been raised. One is her alcoholism. Two is that she has been previously convicted of lying to investigators while acting as a cooperating witness. Three is the numerous bald-faced lies she told in this case, several of which the government is admitting. And, four, are her current legal problems, which are getting worse. Without [redacted] the government’s case is over.

As far as we can tell, the government has no idea either what my defense is or what really happened in this case. They spent absolutely no resources investigating, and just assumed that they would crack my computer and find evidence.

So, here is the government, with a total void of evidence and, suddenly, I’m being accused of crimes that I not only had nothing to do with, but which I cannot even plausibly be associated with. I’ve seen the evidence. There’s nothing there-- nothing but the government pointing their fingers, getting red in the face, and screaming “He did it! I know he did it!”

But I take this all a day at a time. I can’t wait to see the indictment. Will Charles Manson, Queen Elizabeth, Ayatollah Khamanei  and George Zimmerman be my co-defendants? I’m just hoping they have a decent FDC in Orlando. At least I’ll be able to get some books.

There is a hearing here September fifth. The government is absolutely trying to prevent any computer evidence from being presented. I mean, this is just a case about email. So who needs a computer expert? Actually, the government’s computer expert has exonerated me, so they have yanked him, too, and they are trying to prevent me from having one, either. We’ll see how it goes.

Other than that and the chain indictments, the same tactic they used to hold me from 2008-2011, nothing much is happening.

I have written a short, 10,000 word pamphlet I’m calling The Philosophy of National Socialism. It’s a primer on the subject- sort of a Hitlerian Communist Manifesto or Little Red Book. I’d like to have it published print it and give away 10,000 of them, or 100,000, or a million. If you know anyone looking to type such a thing, let me know. You could certainly post it. I’d also like your opinion--what you like, where you think I’m wrong. I was thinking of seeing if I could find some folk to write forwards. Anyways, it takes several days to copy. If you do type it up, let me know, I’ll send one to you if you’re interested, and we can go from there.

I can’t say that I’m upset about any of these developments. I’m just exasperated at this petty harassment. But, I’ve been doing what I can to compel these indictments and flush them out, trying to hurry things along so I can get on home and see my little girl again. I’ll tell you--if people, both in my personal life and in the Movement were just a little less nuts and little more honest, none of this would have happened. But, one after another- [numerous names redacted less Bill and I both be accused of “fighting feuds”] and, now even my bloggers are fighting each other. I get a new report every day, but, as I understand it, both bloggers were administering the Bill White Trial Blog. There was a misunderstanding. Instead of working it out, arguing and paranoia ensued. Now, one cannot delete the other as a co-administrator and is convinced this is a “hack.”

I wish people could calm down and realize I’m being murdered, all White people are in danger, and our common danger means we should stop fighting each other and fight the enemy.

Frankly, I wish that you and Alex did the same. And, I mean that well. But, I am happy to now have two blogs supporting me, and I appreciate both bloggers equally. The new blog address is http://billwhiteblog.wordpress.com 

And, I’ll add this--I am advising everyone around me to be careful what they say to anyone asking about me, and to not save unnecessary originals of my letters. The government has no case against me. They have decided to sacrifice their case in Virginia to a case in Florida, which has probably always been the plan, but, they are looking for someone who “knows something” because they have no evidence against me whatsoever. Typically, people who have falsely claimed to “know something” about me have ended up indicted. People the government wrongly suspects have been harassed. And, lying is common for informants.

So, I would recommend people act like people who are being targeted by the government and show discretion in what they say. Free speech is gone in this country. Political dissent is now a crime. The Communists are now arresting people; soon, they are going to be murdering them. The old “tactic” of sitting alone and throwing chairs at the world is now suicide.

So, everyone, please stop committing suicide. Assume anything you say to another person will be used to inform a lie and don’t say it. Look at me. I only ever say things that the government knows or should know, or which can be proven by documents.

So, that’s all I can say. Be well, Harold.



William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

[The Obama regime doesn't want you to hear what Bill White has to say. Why not drop him a line and find out what that is?]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Bill White... I'm afraid that one day soon he's going to be found dead in his cell... A "suicide" like they recently did to that sicko who had the sex slave women. At least the sicko deserved it.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No mystery about why he's there. White was dumb enough to run the cover of the last ANSWP magazine on the internet before he published it, and so the Powah Niggaz gripped him and now they'll probably kill him for it. Hell of a thing to have to die for the cover of a magazine that wasn't even published.

2:02 PM  

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