Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ach Du Lieber!

Dear HAC:

The latest regarding Horst Mahler:

The German dissident who exercised his freedom of speech to question the official version of the Holocaust, and for which he received an unprecedented twelve years' prison sentence in 2009, has since March of this year been held in absolute incommunicado, that is in total isolation; and all this on account of his latest book, The End Of Jewish Wandering

The prison authorities charge that Horst Mahler wrote the script on a prison computer, and that persons unknown smuggled the script out of the jail.

Here is the official report into the incident, as produced by the authorities at the Cottbus court, Germany:

"It is suspected that the accused, Horst Mahler, used a computer owned by the prison, and used it to write the script of the book, The End Of The Wandering; Thoughts Regarding Gilad Atzmon And The Jews. [Gilad Atzmon has just published a book entitled, The Wandering Who?].

"And it is further suspected that the script, in electronic data form, was then passed to an unknown person and smuggled out of the prison. The work is – as was intended by the accused – now available to be read on various web-sites of the Internet; for example: www.scribd.com and www.anti-antifablk.weekly.com .

"In his book the accused, Mahler, disparages Jewry and the Jewish faith as devilish. It is alleged that Jahweh is Satan and in his repulsiveness is the direct contrary to God and to all living creatures. The accused further alleges that the Jews strive to extinguish all living things, and are hostile to all other peoples, and therefore rightly despised and hated world-wide by all peoples. The means that the Jews have chosen in their attempt at world-hegemony are: exploitative capitalism and criminal High finance, together with the incitement of various wars, and in particular the two world wars. 

"It is further alleged by Mahler that German National Socialism was a fight for German freedom, with Adolf Hitler as the leading fighter for Germany's freedom, who had merely misunderstood that Jewishness cannot be physically extinguished, but, consequent on the Jewish way of thinking successfully infiltrating the spirit of its victims, it can only defeated by exposing the Jewish conspiracy against the world and their alleged lies. 

"It is further alleged by Mahler that the Holocaust (described by him as the “Holocaust-church” and the “Holocaust-religion”) is but a Jewish invention for the retention of Jewish power. 

"Finally Mahler calls upon the Germans to participate in a crusade to fight against Jewry."

Such is the statement issued by the German authorities against Horst Mahler, justifying their imposition of special terms of incarceration.

Finally it can be stated here that Horst Mahler answers all these allegations against him, and does so principally by quoting from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

-Richard Edmonds


Anonymous Barney said...

Those links don't work

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol! So he spent weeks, maybe months, tapping away on a prison computer this "blasphemous" work, never being noticed or asked what he was doing then, in solitary confinement, smuggled it out of the prison (maybe on a flash drive shoved up someone's backside?)

Sounds more like he has more than a few fans at this prison and the joos may want to ask the age old question "qui custodies custodiet" who guards the guards? I suppose the joos can lock up the prison employees too! Lol

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, link to scribd works if you add "b" to "scrid". Then search for Horst Mahler. Worked for me.

5:40 PM  

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