Friday, August 23, 2013

Letter(s) From Bill White, Heavily Interpolated

[Lest I be accused of “literary interpolations,” let me state that these are combined letters from Bill, that his spelling and grammar and sentence construction has been lightly edited,  and that certain sections have been redacted because I am leery of reprinting anything that will cause Goat Dancing morons to shriek and howl that I somehow “messed up Bill’s case.” – HAC]

Hello, Harold:

I just received the August issue of Northwest Observer. Thank you for sending it and thank you for publishing my letter/letters. I received your packet of letters today, including your posting of my August 5 letter. Separately, I received a packet from one of your supporters. Thank you for the reading material. Several of your readers enjoyed the recent article in Northwest Observer, so not everyone finds me boring. I’ve been receiving a lot of good stuff, too. As it turns out, many of your readers are former associates of mine.

Having cleaned my plate of writing and legal this weekend, my mind has turned again to working [with] people. First, for your September Northwest Observer, if you like, I have sent you an article I have been floating in response to Alexander Dugin’s and John Maguire’s latest broadside on Eurasianism. Frankly, my personal publishers are flooded with material, so I thought this may be helpful to you.

Second, can you send your August 2013 Northwest Observer to two friends of mine:

[Names and addresses redacted for obvious reasons, if that’s not too literary an interpolation.]

Third, [lengthy section dealing with possible Movement business redacted at Bill’s request, which I wish in a way he would let me publish, since it shows how cheerful he is in the face of his adversity. The poor bastard really thinks he’s going to be acquitted on October 1, not factoring in the negroid jury aspect of things and the fact that he is Roanoke’s official “Neo-Natsy” and all the nig-nogs on the jury will know who he is.]

Here are some updates:

*I am out of the broom closet. I am still in solitary, but it is a much larger solitary cell with a window. So things are marginally improved.

*I agree with you that sending an e-mail, no matter what the content, should not carry twenty years in prison. However, my defense is that I did not send the e-mails in question. This point is important. It is painfully obvious from the IP records, which the government has not reviewed, that I did not send the e-mails.

*The Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting this case, [name redacted due to precedents established by this very case] and the U.S. Attorney, [name redacted, same reason] are fighting over this case. Last week Mr. [redacted] offered to drop all charges against me if I would plead to a lesser offense.  

[In other words, they want Bill let the government off the hook and officially admit that SOMETHING happened, and the régime isn’t full of horse dung. Sorry, is that an “interpolation?” – HAC]

This week, that deal was revoked. So trial seems to be inevitable.

*The government has two fatal problems with their case. What they are, I can’t tell you, but I am confident of a not guilty verdict at this point.

*As for my wife [redacted]

*I’ve included a recent letter to the editor I sent to the Roanoke Times. It won’t be printed—but it will, hopefully, tweak them. Turns out they have been denouncing me regularly to the FBI, blaming me for NIMbuster attacks on their message board, like I read their website or paper when I have a choice. LOL.

I also saw the letter on the Church of Jesus Christ Christian and other acts of harassment. Setting people up has become routine for the dictatorship. The dictator’s servants commit the crime then have the informer who committed it blame it on you. They did it to the IKA, they did it to Ed Steele, and they’ve it to, so far once successfully and once without success.

I hope all is well here. Things are still well here, or as well as one can expect under the circumstances. I certainly knew what the feds were up to and what their intentions are, but they haven’t killed me yet. Mostly I’m just waiting for the last scraps of evidence to be collected, so I can return to prison. LOL.

The address for donations is:

Bill White Legal Defense Fund
Poisoned Pen Press
P. O. Box 2770
Stafford, VA 22555

[If I may interpolate, no word yet on the bird-brained accusation that Bill is a Persian spy, and nothing on the absurd plan to charge him with plotting to kill the Trayvon Martin trial judge. – HAC]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got a point about the jury full of niggers. That's probably why the DA decided to go to trial. He knows he doesn't really need to make a case, all he needs to do is point and say "That's Bill White! GET HIM!"

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Following recent internet dramatics, the new Bill White blog is over at the above address.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, this is americafarm. Somebody has hacked into the Bill White Trial Update and removed posts. I think they have hacked my home PC too. I closed the blog and want it to stay the way it is. But i have no control.

12:19 PM  

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