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Letter From Bill White 8-22-2013

August 22, 2013

Hello, Harold:

A associate recently sent me Michael Hoffman’s excellent Revisionist History newsletter, whose May and June 2013 issue contained an article by Peter Ludlow called War On Reality which describes many of the things I have seen the federal government do in its investigations of myself and other White activists.

First, the focus of my current case is fake documents—fake electronic documents that were circulated by someone who had at least some access to my accounts in some cases, and who at least had the ability to fake e-mail headers in others. This is now the third time that I have been accused or charged with acts committed by someone else, and I expect more such charges will follow. In each case I have been fortunate enough to have a good idea who the person was, though in the second instance I was convicted because my attorney did not present my defense on that count.

Further, I have had many false documents presented to me in my legal persecutions. Most never made it to trial. In one case, someone posted a blog called “Soldier of ANSWP”, claiming to be [name redacted] and stating that I had ordered him to kidnap Elie Wiesel. Though the blog was posted while [redacted] was in prison and he denied having anything to do with it, the FBI hounded [redacted] for many years over this until he fled the country. In fact, at my 2008 Roanoke Grand Jury, [redacted] denied authoring the blog so strenuously that an FBI agent [name redacted under precedents established by this very case] read the document [redacted] had just denied, and said he believed it to be authentic—without mentioning [redacted’s] denials.

Then there was a phony audiotape which was posted on a spoof website—one of the many reasons I believe Edgar Steele’s claims of being framed.

And there was also the government’s admission, in a sidebar at my 2009 Roanoke trial, that they paid informants to edit the Wikipedia page about me.

Given these falsifications, I read with interest Ludlow’s recent statements on the use of false documents by private security firms. Ludlow highlights two types of false operations:

In the first, false documents are leaked to an organization like Wikileaks or U.S. Chamber Watch. The intent is to persuade Wikileaks or whoever to publish the false documents and thus discredit itself. When I used to publish Overthrow, I would get these attacks occasionally. My philosophy then was publish everything and let the public exposure sort it out. Frankly, that attitude was wrong.

However, what we in the White movement see much more commonly is the inverse—false news published to defame the target, not the speaker. The claim that you were an informant in Greensboro in 1979 is an example of this—I’ve researched the story and it is not supported by facts.

[Literary interpolation from HAC: for some reason I have never understood, the most common of all Goat Dance mantras is that I am a “federal informant.” 

Who, exactly, did I “inform” on? When? Where? No one ever seems to know. 

Not ONCE during the past 40 years has anyone produced one jot, one iota, one tittle of proof of this accusation, and yet more than any other silliness (including my alleged Voldemort-like black magical powers), it refuses to die. – HAC]

Similar claims about me and just about every White activist have been circulated, often by people who are not used to subterfuge and cannot believe that someone would make such things up. Unfortunately, these lies as often originate from within the Movement as from without. Not to violate my pledge not to speak ill of White activists, but before he was arrested for paedophilia in 2008, Kevin Alfred Strom ran a team of White “activists” who did nothing but launch slander campaigns.

[Bill is referring to the infamous National Alliance “cyber-cell” ramrodded by Strom, which was active as early as 1998 for sure, and which was responsible for literally thousands of Usenet posts abusing and vilifying me—including accusing me of child-molesting, ironically in view of the fact that it was Strom himself who ended up doing time as a short-eyes. – HAC]

Matthew Ramsey, aka Jim Ramm, has long used the tactic of not just much cruder slanders, but of slapping Anti-Racist Action labels on fliers targeting White activists and mailing them as if he were the ARA. (No idea if Ramsey is still around. Strom still pops up on occasion.)

Another tactic I thought was very clever was the “fake insider persona” tactic, where two individuals would infiltrate the group and one would expose the other to bolster credibility. This is how Tony Evola got his job with Matt Hale—he “rescued” Hale from a “JDL attack.” In Ludlow’s context, this is a message board technique like using two sock puppets to enter a single group, exposing one as, say, Harold Covington and thus proving that the other isn’t you. Bet you never thought of that, huh?

[That’s another one. For some reason these Goat Dancing maroons are always accusing one another on the internet of being me, as well as accusing total strangers of being me, often expelling totally innocent and bemused strangers from their boards with bell, book, and candle on the grounds that they are really Howwible Hawold. I think it’s a hoot. – HAC]

Lastly, apparently the U.S. Air Force is developing a “persona management” system like Tor, but tuned to operate multiple Facebook or say, newspaper comment accounts, making it appear that multiple users are commenting together, when really one person is doing so—the ultimate IP-disguised sock puppet system.

All of this in furtherance of the great illusion which is America and modernism. It’s a lot like TV in Mexico—the image is of a prosperous, successful, Europeanized (physically and literally) culture, while the reality is squat brown people living in squalor.
Hope you share this tidbit with your readers and let them know what to look out for,



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