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Bill White On Federal Informants

[This article was written during the time several years ago when Bill was released on the grounds that his internet comments were covered by the First Amendment, before a Jewish judge ruled that the First Amendment does not apply to William A. White on account of his "inherently violent and criminal audience," meaning all you guys reading this blog right now, and White was dragged back to prison, this time apparently for life. This may have been one of the articles that prompted that decision on the part of the dictatorship; the main purpose of Bill's re-imprisonment, insofar as there seems to be any other than pure personal vindictiveness and malice, is to try to force him to shut up. - HAC]



How Federal Informants Work

 There was once a time when a group of people could get together, shout "informant" in unison, and slander the reputation of a political activist. With the emergence of the internet, and the easy availability of government records, it has become possible for any person to quickly determine whether someone has rendered substantial assistance to the government. Here, I will explain how federal informants work and how one can access information on them. I also urge people to stop treating this subject so lightly - rehabilitating actual dangerous informants, while using the term "informant" as a smear.

Snitch Culture

The US Department of Justice employs about 10,000 FBI field agents. FBI regulations require each agent to employ at least 4 confidential informants, and suggest 10 as an appropriate mean. This means that approximately 100,000 Americans work as informants for the FBI. When America's other 32 law enforcement agencies are considered, between 600,000 and 12 million Americans -- perhaps one out of every 200 adults -- works full time for the federal government reporting on other Americans.

Informants are paid approximately $400/week for their services. Thus, this profession tends to attract those for whom $1730 a month -- $20,800 a year -- is a substantial incentive. People who are mentally ill or otherwise living on disability and welfare benefits, or people laboring at the lower echelons of drug organizations, tend to be particular recruitment targets, as are those who are otherwise unemployed. Informants also receive a bonus for convicting others -- generally, they receive $100 for every year of sentence a victim receives -- 20 years is a $2000 bonus, for instance.

The method of the informant is usually the instigation of inchoate crimes. The federal government may convict any two people who agree to commit a crime, one of whom has taken an act in furtherance, of "conspiracy." There are few restrictions. The government must show a propensity towards the crime -- being previously convicted of drug dealing is enough to allow an informant to target someone with a drug conspiracy; speaking out angrily is enough to justify trying to involve someone in an act of terrorism. The only rule is that the informant may not be one of the two required people.

In cases where the government cannot put two people together, they often try to invite a solicitation. This is how Matt Hale was framed. The government will infiltrate someone into an organization they claim to believe is committing crimes, and try to involve them as "security" or as a "soldier." This person will let the group leader know he is available to commit a crime, and will wait to be solicited. In the case of the Blind Sheik -- and Matt Hale -- the informant may say he is going to commit a crime, and ask for the leader's blessing.

The government targets these inchoate crimes because they are easier to prosecute than actual crimes. The FBI, for instance, has manuals -- playbooks -- of how crimes are to be put together. For instance, in an interstate murder-for-hire, the informant is instructed to tell the target that their codeword will be "to paint the house." This is one way we know the alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador is a fraud. A few years ago, several White Revolution members were drawn into a plot to rob drug dealers -- stealing and selling fake drugs by robbing a stash house is another standard federal script.

Below the level of investigating crimes, federal informants also monitor political and media organizations and shape public discourse. Many newspaper reporters are on the federal payroll, or have a less formal relationship with federal law enforcement. This channel prevents negative coverage of federal cases and allows journalistic information to be funneled to US Attorneys. Within organizations, deeper-cover informants identify targets and help shape discourse -- promoting other informants to leadership positions and doing federal dirty work.

Some examples:

- MP is a mentally ill man in Indiana. He became involved in an anti-immigrant organizing group. He has written that he meets monthly at McDonalds with Indiana State Police and the FBI to discuss the white movement. He is not paid -- though he would be if he was smart enough to ask. He's an informant.

In the future, if the government decides he is suitable for a "leadership" role, others will be told to go on white message boards and support him. He may be asked from time to time to speak well, or speak badly, of other white activists. MP may not even realize he is being manipulated -- but he is being used.

- HT ran a radio show on FM radio in New York, and on the internet. On his radio show, he would call for violence against blacks, Mexicans, and federal officials. When a listener would respond, HT would turn them over to the feds -- often for further investigation. His show was a "honeypot."

- Violent skinhead groups were a concern to the dictator's secret police. One day, a group called VSC was formed. This group declared "war" on all other skinheads. Then, they declared they were "not racist." They would attack other white organizations, beat, stab, or set on fire white activists, and claimed nothing could happen in Indiana without their permission. Every once in a while, a few of their worst members would be arrested and sent to prison.

This group is a "false front." It was organized by federal informants as a honeypot for violent thugs, but its violence was used by the feds to suppress and control non-violent white organizations. Thus, in addition to social control, physical violence is used to control and suppress political dissent.

- MR joined the Imperial Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He used a fake name, calling himself JR, because he knew no one would check. One day, he was asked to distribute literature by the Klan boss at a county fair. While there, he incited two Klansmen he was with to attack a Filipino. The incident was widely reported as a hatecrime, and the two Klansmen were convicted, while the Klan was bankrupted. The media and the feds made claims about a hatecrime and MR, who manufactured the crime, moved on to another organization.

- BH was a deep cover federal informant. He did office work for DD, a prominent white politician, for years. Then he joined a major "Nazi" group. He agitated against the legitimate members, and worked his way to chief security. His major role was reviewing membership applications. He was only revealed when the FBI fired him.

These examples show FBI priorities -- monitoring groups for future targets, establishing media to shape political opinion, establishing groups to use violence to suppress political dissent, inciting hatecrimes for political purposes, and placing members in leadership positions to guide and monitor organizations. This is what is known as institutional or state-sponsored terrorism, and it is a large part of what the FBI does nowadays and virtually all of what the Department of Homeland Security does.

Also note what the FBI did not do -- and never does. They did not establish any legitimate businesses or organizations or attempt to involve anyone in legal activities. They did not foster charity or attempt to build anything to help other people. And, they never made an effort to legitimately influence the political process through elections.

The FBI always tries to disrupt or control legitimate political and business activity. Their informants are usually -- but not always -- ignorant people without marketable skills. People with professional skills and family ties rarely take the risk of involvement in spying on others -- they are too focused on their own advancement.

My experience is that FBI agents always portray a Jewish caricature of the movements they infiltrate as well. They may play the skinhead thug; rarely will they play the New Right intellectual. This has been changing lately -- the FBI has made efforts to recruit smart people -- but without much success. The average informant believes in nothing; people with beliefs are harder to flip.

Prison Snitches

So far, we have talked about informants in the civilian world. Now, we examine informants in the federal justice system.

The federal justice system is structured to reward informants and guilty pleas. A person pleading guilty in the federal system has their sentence reduced by about 8%. If they "accept responsibility," perhaps by cooperating, their sentence is reduced by one-third. If they receive what is called a SKI reduction for "substantial assistance," their sentence is reduced 50%. They may also receive a "safety valve," voiding a mandatory minimum.

The easiest way to see if a federal inmate provided pre-trial cooperation is to look at their sentence. If their sentence is not within sentencing guidelines -- all federal sentences are controlled by federal sentencing guidelines -- find out why. If they received or asked for a SKI reduction, they cooperated.

After sentencing, an inmate may continue to cooperate. An inmate who provides substantial cooperation after sentencing receives a Rule 35. A Rule 35 is a post-conviction sentence reduction for cooperation.

To determine if someone received these things, use PACER, is the US federal court website. All documents filed in federal court are available here. They may be under seal -- but the type of document will be described. So, you may not be able to read the Rule 35 -- but you can see if it was filed. Further, unsealed pleadings often reference sealed pleadings, or discuss the background of a case.

You can be 100% assured that if a person cooperates on a federal case, you can pull their PACER file and discover evidence of their cooperation. Hearing transcripts are public documents, as are pleadings -- anyone can look these things up.

The Danger of Federal Informants

The federal government of the United States arrests and tortures people for political reasons. To justify its policies, it needs a steady stream of terrorism and hatecrimes. Because there is very little real terrorism and few actual hatecrimes, federal law enforcement manufactures both. 

The people it targets are often vulnerable and ignorant -- they are angry people too stupid, sometimes, to understand they are breaking the law, or too disabled, often, by addiction or mental illness to say no. The FBI does not hesitate to coke someone up, drive them to the US Capitol, hand them a bomb, and tell them to shout al-Qaeda, and then use this to justify everything from anti-Islamic repression to aggression overseas. 

Similarly, they didn't hesitate to give McVeigh and Nichols detonators and then use Oklahoma City to justify gun control and acts against "domestic extremism." The FBI's security actions are a real threat to legitimate and legal political activism.

Because this is a serious issue, treating it like a funny gossiping game is inappropriate. Real federal informants are never rehabilitated -- the feds will continue to approach them 20 or 30 years after the fact. Fake allegations of informing trivialize a serious issue. The federal government is the party who most wants informants rehabilitated and honest activists smeared. Game-players play into federal goals.

Because this is a serious issue, serious evidence should be required. Because our societal institutions are dishonest, all evidence must be treated skeptically. However not all government documents are false, nor are all media reports.

Evidence begins with an individual's own statements. Individuals cooperating with the FBI usually know to keep their cooperation secret -- but some don't. MP has openly discussed his regular meetings with law enforcement. In my case, an individual, VB, openly went on message boards discussing information he provided on me to the federal government.

When others discuss meetings with the FBI, it should cause some concern. Not everyone visited by the FBI is guilty of cooperating -- but the best way to approach an FBI visit is to say "I'm represented by counsel," to give the name of an attorney you know, and refuse to speak without that counsel present. Any other response is unwise.

[The Five Words: "I have nothing to say." - HAC]

The real danger, though, comes from paid informants pushing the FBI agenda. It is hard to tell these types apart from honest weirdos sometimes. Certain behaviors, though, are suspicious. One is making allegations about others without specifics or evidence. When evidence is presented, truth can be discerned -- when an individual will not make a specific, disprovable allegation, and is not open to reason, they are suspicious.

For instance, I sat in on the infamous KS trial. I watched a nine year-old girl and her mother testify KS was hiding in the bushes outside the girl's school, and saw the receipt for the pink angora sweater KS sent her -- and I've seen Stanley Kubrick's Lolita and I know what the sweater means. I saw the photos of Lamb and Lynx Gaede Photoshopped onto lesbian porn. I know KS is a pedophile.

Those are specific allegations -- I give details of what I know, how I know, and why I believe as I do. Someone else could get the court record and disprove it. No one does, because it's true.

Compare that to all the world's other allegations. I've learned over the years not to say something unless I have reason to believe it's true -- and to withdraw it and apologize if I'm wrong. 

For instance, I have been reasonably told Jared Taylor's wife Evelyn Rich is not Jewish, and received a good explanation of how the ADL misused a paper she wrote. I have apologized for this allegation. I still dislike Taylor's politics -- but I withdraw my ad hominem as incorrect.

Evidence continues with first-person accounts. First person accounts may be wrong. They are often not objective. They should be investigated and substantiated. For instance, I disliked KS before his arrest for child porn. My first-hand account should be corroborated. Other white activists should have attended his trial. However, there are media accounts and there are court records. There is also KS's guilty plea.

First-person accounts should be considered a jumping-off point for further investigation. We should ask for details and investigate why someone believes something -- then gather evidence. 

The FBI opened a "Terrorism Enterprise Investigation" into me in 2007 because a police detective in 1996 said I had been involved in an arson. An FBI investigation into the arson concluded there was "no evidence." The agent who used the report took the allegation without the investigation report to justify "getting me" within FBI rules. White activists often do the same thing -- take one allegation without investigation, and assert it as true.

In most cases, there are documents and records to justify or deny an allegation. I have made myself a promise never to again accuse someone of anything without reasonable proof. This is why I seek documents and witnesses. I didn't accuse HT of involvement in my case until he was alleged to have said at his trial he accused me of plotting to assassinate Obama with a truck bomb. I then obtained his trial transcript, and read the evidence presented. Later, a report on his statements was released to my trial counsel in Chicago. Similarly, I attended KS' trial to find the truth.

In contrast, at one point, an effort was made to persuade me DJ and PA were informants. At first, I wrongfully believed this. Later, I read the FBI reports and determined they were not informants. I heard PA testify at trial. I have publicly apologized to DJ. There was an allegation, I jumped to conclusions without proof, and I retracted and apologized.

There are many people I dislike in the White movement. HS is one example. HS once argued KS was okay because a sexual interest in pre-teen girls was normal. I disagree. HS often makes a point of calling me names on message boards, or making false allegations. I suspect HS is a pedophile -- and so I often mention his professed interest in little girls. I do not call HS a Jew or an informant. He denies he made these statements; I direct people to the archives and I block him. This is an appropriate way to deal with this kind of bizarre behavior.

So, allegations without evidence have to stop -- as do efforts to deny or obfuscate evidence. Certain characters decade after decade seek to "return" to the movement by tearing down those who know the truth about them. All one can do is repeat the truth and move on.

The "So What" Factor

There is also the question of -- if an allegation is true, so what?

Informants are dangerous because they often lie to manufacture crimes, and the FBI's internal files are like an internet message board where the accused can not only not respond, but can be jailed and tortured based on rumor.

However, there is the "so what" factor. One example:

GJ is a homosexual. He is also a very intelligent guy who has produced a lot of good white material and who "gets" Savitri Devi and Tradition. He has also launched a successful and needed publishing operation. Should he be driven out of the white movement?

My thought on this was no, until GJ stole money and the membership list of CMS and then blackmailed them into not complaining. He then moved on to try to scam money from a friend of mine, and, I discovered, he had scammed others. This made me think he was not acceptable for the White movement.

My point is this: homosexuality is a sign of a mental disorder. Homosexuals, like other mentally ill people, are often less honest than other people. Thus, should homosexuality be seen as a warning sign for theft? Should we exclude homosexuals altogether, even when they are discreet about it, as GJ is?

Usually, this is not a question. White nationalism attracts a large number of homosexual men and extreme S&M fetishists. Usually, these characters are very extreme and very forthright. Many uniformed "National Socialist" marches are, for many, a species of gay pride parade. People who cannot keep extreme sexual perversions -- homosexuality, urine and feces obsessions, extreme brutality -- quiet should not be in White organizations. People who are keeping them quiet should not be in public roles.

In contrast:

AP ran a prominent white record company. His project was successful and contributing to the white movement, but he was a little swarthy. One day, a Jewish homosexual group exposed the fact that his birth certificate said he was half-mestizo. The White movement ran the guy out. This was wrong. We should have said "so what?"

[I disagree with this. We can't have muds in the Movement, but this is Bill's article. - HAC]

We know that 22,000 genes -- 2% of our DNA -- is primarily responsible for our physical development. There are an average 2200 points of difference between whites and blacks. There are an average 900 points of difference between whites and yellows or browns. If AP was half-mestizo, merely being mestizo means at least half-white and half American indigenous. He would have had about 225 points of difference with an average white- less than someone who was one-eighth black. He is approaching the normal range of variation between white ethnicities and individuals.

Given the contribution, did the drawback overwhelm it?

[I say yes. We have to be ABOUT something, and that includes certain standards, but now is not the time and place for this discussion. - HAC]

True National Socialists are attracted to NS because they seek goodness in a corrupt world. Many become too enthused and become too obsessed with moral purity. I've been in this category. When one strives for virtue, it is easy to reject flawed mankind. However, our excessive surface "purity" and our movement's inner corruption has paralyzed white activism.

Thus, in addition to demanding evidence, the White movement needs to start asking "so what?" DD is a womanizer -- but an amazing organizer, writer, and speaker. So, we ask ourselves -- does the womanizing matter? RP is a coward -- he publicly disavows us -- but holds public office and furthers our goals. Should he be shunned for that?

These are difficult questions -- but they belong in a broader discussion of baseless allegations. In addition to demanding evidence -- we have to also ask, if true, do these allegations matter? Are they within an acceptable range of human error and fallibility, given what needs to be done.


I reduced names here to initials to avoid attacking anyone. Perhaps a publisher will want to use fake names. The names, in this context, do not matter.

I am no longer involved in white political activity. [He is now, courtesy of the dictator's secret police. If they'd just left Bill alone he probably would have wandered off completely into mysticism and introspection by now. - HAC] If the White movement wants to destroy itself -- insofar as further destruction is possible -- that is its business. But, I believe in the vision of Adolf Hitler -- in a beautiful, orderly world that promotes life and human happiness -- and I am saddened to see the same-old same-old predominate as the world dies.

What should be a beautiful celebration of love has been polluted and turned into a celebration of degeneracy and hate. The FBI directs White activism into criminal activity and Jewish groups direct white power parodies into white ranks. Many of the most cynical have abandoned NS ideals to support the "new right wing" -- Zionism -- and many others seem to be talking just to earn their government check.

I urge people to set fantasy aside and to focus on evidence, on reality, and on what can be demonstrated. There are many resources available to us to sustain the gossip and rumor-backed communities of 20 years ago. These efforts, often sponsored by people trying to harm white people, ultimately lead nowhere.a

Notice in particular this statement:

The method of the informant is usually the instigation of inchoate crimes. The federal government may convict any two people who agree to commit a crime, one of whom has taken an act in furtherance, of conspiracy. There are few restrictions. The government must show a propensity towards the crime -- being previously convicted of drug dealing is enough to allow an informant to target someone with a drug conspiracy; speaking out angrily is enough to justify trying to involve someone in an act of terrorism.

Next time you see a meeting of extreme political types, whether on the left or right, think of this.

The guy who is loudly bloviating about "action!" and "revolution!" is probably an informant.

The guy he's making fun of, who advocates starting up a business to ingratiate the movement with the surrounding community, is probably the real deal.

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Radio Free Northwest - August 29th, 2013

Olivia on tolerance, Lord Lucan on secession, Andy on religion, and some old codger named Harold wanders in and out.

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Letter From Bill White 8-22-2013

August 22, 2013

Hello, Harold:

A associate recently sent me Michael Hoffman’s excellent Revisionist History newsletter, whose May and June 2013 issue contained an article by Peter Ludlow called War On Reality which describes many of the things I have seen the federal government do in its investigations of myself and other White activists.

First, the focus of my current case is fake documents—fake electronic documents that were circulated by someone who had at least some access to my accounts in some cases, and who at least had the ability to fake e-mail headers in others. This is now the third time that I have been accused or charged with acts committed by someone else, and I expect more such charges will follow. In each case I have been fortunate enough to have a good idea who the person was, though in the second instance I was convicted because my attorney did not present my defense on that count.

Further, I have had many false documents presented to me in my legal persecutions. Most never made it to trial. In one case, someone posted a blog called “Soldier of ANSWP”, claiming to be [name redacted] and stating that I had ordered him to kidnap Elie Wiesel. Though the blog was posted while [redacted] was in prison and he denied having anything to do with it, the FBI hounded [redacted] for many years over this until he fled the country. In fact, at my 2008 Roanoke Grand Jury, [redacted] denied authoring the blog so strenuously that an FBI agent [name redacted under precedents established by this very case] read the document [redacted] had just denied, and said he believed it to be authentic—without mentioning [redacted’s] denials.

Then there was a phony audiotape which was posted on a spoof website—one of the many reasons I believe Edgar Steele’s claims of being framed.

And there was also the government’s admission, in a sidebar at my 2009 Roanoke trial, that they paid informants to edit the Wikipedia page about me.

Given these falsifications, I read with interest Ludlow’s recent statements on the use of false documents by private security firms. Ludlow highlights two types of false operations:

In the first, false documents are leaked to an organization like Wikileaks or U.S. Chamber Watch. The intent is to persuade Wikileaks or whoever to publish the false documents and thus discredit itself. When I used to publish Overthrow, I would get these attacks occasionally. My philosophy then was publish everything and let the public exposure sort it out. Frankly, that attitude was wrong.

However, what we in the White movement see much more commonly is the inverse—false news published to defame the target, not the speaker. The claim that you were an informant in Greensboro in 1979 is an example of this—I’ve researched the story and it is not supported by facts.

[Literary interpolation from HAC: for some reason I have never understood, the most common of all Goat Dance mantras is that I am a “federal informant.” 

Who, exactly, did I “inform” on? When? Where? No one ever seems to know. 

Not ONCE during the past 40 years has anyone produced one jot, one iota, one tittle of proof of this accusation, and yet more than any other silliness (including my alleged Voldemort-like black magical powers), it refuses to die. – HAC]

Similar claims about me and just about every White activist have been circulated, often by people who are not used to subterfuge and cannot believe that someone would make such things up. Unfortunately, these lies as often originate from within the Movement as from without. Not to violate my pledge not to speak ill of White activists, but before he was arrested for paedophilia in 2008, Kevin Alfred Strom ran a team of White “activists” who did nothing but launch slander campaigns.

[Bill is referring to the infamous National Alliance “cyber-cell” ramrodded by Strom, which was active as early as 1998 for sure, and which was responsible for literally thousands of Usenet posts abusing and vilifying me—including accusing me of child-molesting, ironically in view of the fact that it was Strom himself who ended up doing time as a short-eyes. – HAC]

Matthew Ramsey, aka Jim Ramm, has long used the tactic of not just much cruder slanders, but of slapping Anti-Racist Action labels on fliers targeting White activists and mailing them as if he were the ARA. (No idea if Ramsey is still around. Strom still pops up on occasion.)

Another tactic I thought was very clever was the “fake insider persona” tactic, where two individuals would infiltrate the group and one would expose the other to bolster credibility. This is how Tony Evola got his job with Matt Hale—he “rescued” Hale from a “JDL attack.” In Ludlow’s context, this is a message board technique like using two sock puppets to enter a single group, exposing one as, say, Harold Covington and thus proving that the other isn’t you. Bet you never thought of that, huh?

[That’s another one. For some reason these Goat Dancing maroons are always accusing one another on the internet of being me, as well as accusing total strangers of being me, often expelling totally innocent and bemused strangers from their boards with bell, book, and candle on the grounds that they are really Howwible Hawold. I think it’s a hoot. – HAC]

Lastly, apparently the U.S. Air Force is developing a “persona management” system like Tor, but tuned to operate multiple Facebook or say, newspaper comment accounts, making it appear that multiple users are commenting together, when really one person is doing so—the ultimate IP-disguised sock puppet system.

All of this in furtherance of the great illusion which is America and modernism. It’s a lot like TV in Mexico—the image is of a prosperous, successful, Europeanized (physically and literally) culture, while the reality is squat brown people living in squalor.
Hope you share this tidbit with your readers and let them know what to look out for,


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Roman Orgy (1st Century A.D.)


Roman Orgy
The Satyricon of Petronius (First century A.D.) 

[No one disputes that homosexuality has been around as long as people have been, although most of the famous figures from the past that the homos claim were gay or lesbo were in fact no such thing, and would have been horrified and enraged at the allegation. Another historical misnomer is that homosexuality was accepted as normal in ancient Greece and Rome. A large part of this misconception stems from the unfortunate fact that possibly the oldest surviving work of extended prose fiction, almost long enough to be called a novel, features a bugger boy. This is the Satyricon of Petronius, who was later executed on the orders of the Emperor Nero, when he wasn’t fiddling while Rome burned. – HAC]

Satyricon is a Latin work of fiction in a mixture of prose and poetry. It is believed to have been written by Gaius Petronius the Arbiter. As with the Metamorphoses of Apuleius, classical scholars often describe it as a "Roman novel", without necessarily implying continuity with the modern literary form.

The surviving portions of the text detail the misadventures of the narrator, Encolpius, and his lover, a handsome sixteen-year-old boy named Giton. Throughout the novel, Encolpius has a hard time keeping his lover faithful to him as he is constantly being enticed away by others. (Homos seem to have been notoriously promiscuous even then.) Satyricon is also extremely important evidence for the reconstruction of what everyday life must have been like for the lower classes during the early Roman Empire.

Despite repeated denunciations from the Church for its obscenity and immorality, the text was copied throughout the Middle Ages, probably by faggot monks who were buggering their novices and who, like all homosexuals, jumped at a chance to perpetuate their little subculture and portray it as “normal.” In 1664 the first critical edition of Satyricon, which included Trimalchio’s party, was put to print, through the efforts of Pierre Petit. Satyricon has been translated into several languages and is now considered a classic of Western literature. 

To be fair, this is understandable, because it is in fact one of the few surviving narratives of ordinary life in ancient Rome, as opposed to the boring memoirs of people like Julius Caesar and the political slander and scandal-mongering of writers like Suetonius and Tacitus.

Because of the status of the extant original texts of Satyricon, i.e. missing and probably beyond recovery unless someone finds one sealed up in a jar in a Roman cave somewhere, the true intent of Petronius' novel is unknown. It may not be a pro-homosexual novel at all; it may be satire with a moral component, with no purpose but revenge for Nero's dismissal of Seneca. (Long story. Two thousand year-old politics.)

The work is narrated by its central figure, Encolpius, a former gladiator. The surviving sections of the novel begin with Encolpius traveling with a companion and former lover named Ascyltos, who has joined Encolpius on numerous escapades. Encolpius' slave, a boy named Giton, is apparently at Encolpius' lodging when the story begins. (Giton is constantly referred to as "brother" throughout the novel, thereby indicating that he is a catamite, although there are plenty more indications.)

In the first passage preserved, Encolpius is in a Greek town in Campania, perhaps Puteoli, where he is standing outside a school, railing against the Asiatic style and false taste in literature, which he blames on the prevailing system of declamatory education. His adversary in this debate is Agamemnon, a sophist, who shifts the blame from the teachers to the parents. Encolpius discovers that his companion Ascyltos has left and breaks away from Agamemnon when a group of students arrive. Encolpius locates Ascyltos  and then Giton, who claims that Ascyltos made a sexual attempt on him. After some conflict, the three go to the market, where they are involved in a dispute over stolen property. Returning to their lodgings, they are confronted by Quartilla, a devotee of Priapus, who condemns their attempts to pry into the cult's secrets. The companions are seized by Quartilla and her maids, who overpower and sexually torture them, then provide them with dinner and engage them in further sexual activity. An orgy ensues and the sequence ends with Encolpius and Quartilla exchanging kisses while they spy through a keyhole at Giton having sex with a virgin girl (there is a lot of bisexuality in the book); and finally sleeping together.

* * *
I won’t go on with the convoluted plot, but as you can see, it sounds like a Roman version of a cheap porno movie where the hero and/or heroine is lured into all kinds of absurd sexual situations. It is known that the Romans had a primitive media, including a regular government newspaper called the Gazette which was circulated in hand-copied form and also read out in the Forum and elsewhere by public criers, (including advertisements for the equivalent of Honest Lucius’s Used Chariots, come on down to the Circus Maximus for the best deals in town!) and a thriving publishing industry. Roman publishers use dozens or hundreds of scribes to copy out popular scrolls. They even had an equivalent of print-per-order like I use for my Northwest novels.

Satyricon is actually fairly interesting reading if, like me, you can take it into stride and context and understand that it is not, in fact, a propaganda piece for homosexuality as such. It is simply a lurid potboiler from a time of ancient sleaze, and like most pulp fiction, it is exaggerated and should not be taken as an exact and accurate portrayal of everyday Roman life any more than a Mickey Spillane novel is typical of the 1950s or a Batman movie is typical of the 2000s.

The fact is that despite their orgiastic reputation, the ancient Romans were actually pretty sexually strait-laced in many ways, homo and hetero as well. The Emperor Augustus exiled both his daughter and his granddaughter to small islands for adultery, and one of the incidents that lost Nero the loyalty of his Praetorian guard and led to his overthrow and forced suicide was his public “gay marriage” to his chariot-driver, a beefy character named Sporus. When he realized all was lost, Nero had one of his friends kill him with a sword, but not before he had already executed the author of Satyricon. Talk about your bad reviews!

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From The Turner Diaries

[Before there were the Northwest novels, there was William Pierce's The Turner Diaries.]
"What is really precious to the average American is not his freedom or his honor or the future of his race, but his pay check. He complained when the System began busing his kids to Black schools 20 years ago, but he was allowed to keep his station wagon and his fiberglass speedboat, so he didn’t fight.
“And he complains today when the blacks rape his women at will and the system makes him show an identity pass to buy groceries or pick up his laundry, but he still has a full belly most of the time, so he won’t fight.”
“He hasn’t an idea in his head that wasn’t put there by his TV set. He desperately wants to be well-adjusted and to do and think and say exactly what is expected of him. He has become, in short, just what the system has been trying to make of him these past 50 years or so: a mass man; a member of the great, brainwashed proletariat; a herd animal; a true democrat.
“That, unfortunately, is our average White American. We can wish that it weren’t so, but it is. The plain, horrible truth is that we have been trying to evoke a heroic spirit of idealism which just isn’t there any more. It has been washed right out of 99 percent of our people by the flood of Jewish-materialist propaganda in which they have been submerged practically all their lives.”
-Page 107

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jewish Women

[I first published this in 2005. I was amazed at the reaction I got to it, in the form of more comments than any other article I've ever posted. Since then I re-post it about every 18 months or so, and I still get swamped with comments--an astounding number of them from Jewish men who AGREE with me. I normally don't approve comments from hebes, but I make an exception in this case. I haven't put this up for a while, so let's give it another spin, shall we? - HAC]

A friend and I were nattering on line about Jews in Hollywood, and he mentioned that the Jewess Lauren Bacall was actually quite a fox in her Casablanca days, but in later life she was a genuinely horrible-looking old yenta. This set off my standard rave about Jewish women as evidenced by their Hollywood exemplars, and it strikes me I haven't ever blogged that one.

Fact is, Jewish women really just aren't that sexually attractive as a whole, and this probably has something to do with the general neurosis that appears both among them and Jewish men. You'll notice that in great "classics" of Joosh literchur like Portnoy's Complaint, as well as in real life, it's always the Gentile woman that Sammy Glick and Portnoy and his counterparts lust after. JAPs have a grim reputation along that line as ugly, greedy, arrogant, self-absorbed, crazy as loons, and sexually frigid.

Okay, I'll grant you, some Jewesses are pretty cute when they're in their teens, especially the Hollywood variety who have the benefit of the most skilled makeup artists, trainers, plastic surgeons, and cosmetologists in the world. But when they hit about age 21 they start to get porky, misproportioned, saggy-titted and camel-faced really quick.

Good example #1, Alicia Silverstone. I think her face must have been plastic-surgeried as to the nose, since that's still pretty pert, but I'll swear she's already had her first face lift and it still hasn't completely done in the jowls and chubby cheeks. Despite liposucting a whole barrel of lard off her thighs and gut, she's still thick in the middle. In that Aerosmith video she did at 15 she was an incredible edible, but even by the time of Clueless she was starting to get noticeably heavy hips. No wonder her career is in the toilet, given Hollywood's obsession with thinness. Supposedly she won't do nude scenes as a matter of principle. Well, maybe. But more likely, she can't find anyone who's interested. Producers don't want their male audiences yelling "Put it back on! Put it all back on!"

I hear Alicia, as well as some others I won't name, are on something unofficially called the "Buchenwald Diet" (invented by a Jew doctor, of course) of 900 calories a day. Jesus, imagine being a millionaire many times over and having to live on a Buchenwald diet? Even movie stars have their crosses to bear, it would seem.

Good example #2: Mila Kunis. Ukrainian Jew, born in Kiev in 1983. Her first couple of seasons of That 70s Show (she more or less stole the part by lying about her age; she was 14 when she tried out) I will grant you, she was cute as a cut-button in a black-haired gypsy kind of way.

It didn't last. I saw her last night doing an interview about Family Guy (she does the voice of Meg.) Either she did it without makeup, or else someone on the set really screwed up, because she looked like a hag. She's 22 now and her face is really going Golda Meir, lips thickening, first crow's feet appearing, cheeks starting to sag, hair lank and rough-looking, and her skin is really dark--you can tell she's got a lot of Tatar in her. She's small-boned and short enough so she won't have the blowsy, tit-sagging Jewess look as she gets older, but the small hard brown Jewess look, if you get my drift, the one that reminds you that Jews are an Asiatic people.  

[2013 update: check out a picture of Mila without her makeup, if you can find one online. She looks like the Wicked Witch of the West.]

Final example, lest this turn into a Hollywood gossip column: Natalie Portman. Israeli. At age 13 in The Professional she was a charming, impish little waif. She's 24 now. [Bear in mind, this was written in 2005] I caught her in the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith flick a week or so ago, and she's headed straight for Yenta City. Face rounding, cheeks and lips swelling, nose flaring, typical Jewish camel-face heading her way like an oncoming train. She better start making appointments with some of those Beverly Hills plastic surgeons pretty soon or she won't be able to get any parts besides Yiddishe mamas.

Speaking of which, you want to see the result of a Jewess trying to stay White-looking and marketable thereby? Jane Seymour, nee Wilhelmina Frankenberg. She damned sure ain't no Bond Girl no more. She's had so much facial surgery and strategic botox the skin is stretched across her cheeks and the side of her skull tight as a drum, to where it looks about to split and her nose looks almost like it will start to melt like a candle, like Michael Jackson's. She finally "agreed" to do a topless scene in The Wedding Crashers and supposedly had to have a support system surgically installed to get her sagging Yiddishe rack up off her waist.

Hmm...maybe I could make it as a Hollywood gossip columnist...

Seriously, though, in the sheer beauty department, none of these JAPs can hold a candle to a Jennifer Aniston, a Meg Ryan, a Drew Barrymore or even Lindsay Lohan. Okay, granted, morality-wise, Hollywood corrupts the whole lot of them, and I'm certainly not claiming your average Gentile movie  actress is someone you'd want to bring home to mother. But look at your big Jew producers and directors and studio heads--and who they choose to marry for their trophy wives when they can afford it, as they can. Maybe Jewish men know something about Jewish women we don't.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Letter(s) From Bill White, Heavily Interpolated

[Lest I be accused of “literary interpolations,” let me state that these are combined letters from Bill, that his spelling and grammar and sentence construction has been lightly edited,  and that certain sections have been redacted because I am leery of reprinting anything that will cause Goat Dancing morons to shriek and howl that I somehow “messed up Bill’s case.” – HAC]

Hello, Harold:

I just received the August issue of Northwest Observer. Thank you for sending it and thank you for publishing my letter/letters. I received your packet of letters today, including your posting of my August 5 letter. Separately, I received a packet from one of your supporters. Thank you for the reading material. Several of your readers enjoyed the recent article in Northwest Observer, so not everyone finds me boring. I’ve been receiving a lot of good stuff, too. As it turns out, many of your readers are former associates of mine.

Having cleaned my plate of writing and legal this weekend, my mind has turned again to working [with] people. First, for your September Northwest Observer, if you like, I have sent you an article I have been floating in response to Alexander Dugin’s and John Maguire’s latest broadside on Eurasianism. Frankly, my personal publishers are flooded with material, so I thought this may be helpful to you.

Second, can you send your August 2013 Northwest Observer to two friends of mine:

[Names and addresses redacted for obvious reasons, if that’s not too literary an interpolation.]

Third, [lengthy section dealing with possible Movement business redacted at Bill’s request, which I wish in a way he would let me publish, since it shows how cheerful he is in the face of his adversity. The poor bastard really thinks he’s going to be acquitted on October 1, not factoring in the negroid jury aspect of things and the fact that he is Roanoke’s official “Neo-Natsy” and all the nig-nogs on the jury will know who he is.]

Here are some updates:

*I am out of the broom closet. I am still in solitary, but it is a much larger solitary cell with a window. So things are marginally improved.

*I agree with you that sending an e-mail, no matter what the content, should not carry twenty years in prison. However, my defense is that I did not send the e-mails in question. This point is important. It is painfully obvious from the IP records, which the government has not reviewed, that I did not send the e-mails.

*The Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting this case, [name redacted due to precedents established by this very case] and the U.S. Attorney, [name redacted, same reason] are fighting over this case. Last week Mr. [redacted] offered to drop all charges against me if I would plead to a lesser offense.  

[In other words, they want Bill let the government off the hook and officially admit that SOMETHING happened, and the régime isn’t full of horse dung. Sorry, is that an “interpolation?” – HAC]

This week, that deal was revoked. So trial seems to be inevitable.

*The government has two fatal problems with their case. What they are, I can’t tell you, but I am confident of a not guilty verdict at this point.

*As for my wife [redacted]

*I’ve included a recent letter to the editor I sent to the Roanoke Times. It won’t be printed—but it will, hopefully, tweak them. Turns out they have been denouncing me regularly to the FBI, blaming me for NIMbuster attacks on their message board, like I read their website or paper when I have a choice. LOL.

I also saw the letter on the Church of Jesus Christ Christian and other acts of harassment. Setting people up has become routine for the dictatorship. The dictator’s servants commit the crime then have the informer who committed it blame it on you. They did it to the IKA, they did it to Ed Steele, and they’ve it to, so far once successfully and once without success.

I hope all is well here. Things are still well here, or as well as one can expect under the circumstances. I certainly knew what the feds were up to and what their intentions are, but they haven’t killed me yet. Mostly I’m just waiting for the last scraps of evidence to be collected, so I can return to prison. LOL.

The address for donations is:

Bill White Legal Defense Fund
Poisoned Pen Press
P. O. Box 2770
Stafford, VA 22555

[If I may interpolate, no word yet on the bird-brained accusation that Bill is a Persian spy, and nothing on the absurd plan to charge him with plotting to kill the Trayvon Martin trial judge. – HAC]

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bill White On Alexander Dugin's Eurasianism

[The author is being held in solitary confinement in Roanoke, Virginia while the dictator's servants seek to discover some way to use the law to make him shut up.]
Eurasianism and American White Nationalism
by William A. White

Alexander Dugin, with the help of Arktos’ John Morgan, has recently published an essay, On White Nationalism and Other Potential Allies in the Global Revolution. The essay is almost entirely on point, and is mostly an excellent and impressive statement of Traditional principles. 

However, Dugin errs when it comes to discussing race and the Jewish question, and displays a misunderstanding of both the Traditionalist worldview and the realities of race. As an inhabitant of nearly all-white Russia, his lack of experience with the negro and lack of understanding of the Jewish role in America politics likely contributed to those errors.

Dugin is an advocate of what he calls Eurasianism. Eurasianism seeks a multi-polar international order based on the organic ethno-cultural unities among the European and Asian peoples, in opposition to the multiculturalist, one-world internationalism of the American and British systems—what Dugin calls Atlanticism. There are variants within Eurasianism, and in the West, Eurasianism has tended to attract the idiosyncratic types who glory in creating variants just to show they are in opposition to everyone. For our purposes, though, we shall typify Eurasianism with its best expression.

Practically, Eurasianism promotes the nationalism of Russia, China, Iran and India, and a host of other states, against American imperialism and the American push for a one world democratic order. However, while attacking the idea of an ultra-liberal New World Order. Eurasianism often embraces the ideologies of that order, particularly anti-racism and opposition to anti-Semitism, as well as Holocaust affirmation and opposition to Adolf Hitler. This contradiction often reflects the fear of the Jews and of the laws they have caused to be passed in many states as it does real conviction, but the embrace of these international list doctrines also creates fatal internal contradictions in the Eurasianist worldview.

Historically, Eurasianism draws from diverse philosophical tendencies. Most prominent is left-wing National Socialism—the wing of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party which, in the 1920s and 1930s, sought an alliance between the Reich and Soviet Russia as a check to American-British imperialism. Eurasianism also draws from an idealized, and mostly hypothesized, Stalinist national communism. This historically erroneous worldview posits that Stalin was a great ruler of the Russian people, whose “socialism in one country” was not Communist in the bad, Jewish sense, but a nationalist reaction to Trotskyite internationalism. 

Lastly, Eurasianism draws from the Radical Traditionalist worldview of Rene Guenon and Julius Evola, without the nationalist Socialist interpretations of Savitri Devi. In doing so, Evola’s actual ties to National Socialism are generally ignored or misrepresented, and his writings are purged of anti-Semitic and racial statements—a falsifying revisionism similar to that applied to Stalin.

Yet, at its best, Eurasianism’s ideology of a multi-polar and nationalist Europe and Asia most likely describes the world system that will dominate the 21st Century. At its worst, historical figures—like Anglo-American agent Otto Strasser and his Black Hand movement—are tortured into new interpretations which support this Twenty-first and not Twentieth Century philosophy.

Dugin’s Views

Alexander Dugin is easily the most important Eurasianist thinker, though he publishes primarily in Russian and has not been easily accessible to English- language speakers. Dugin’s essay On White Nationalism was assembled by John Morgan, and is a concise exposition of Dugin’s philosophy. Dugin’s thesis is succinctly laid out in the second and third paragraphs which state:

Those from either the Right or Left who refuse American hegemony, ultra-liberalism, strategic Atlanticism, the domination of oligarchic and Cosmopolitan financial elites, individualistic anthropology and the ideology of human rights, as well as typically Western racism in all spheres… and who are ready to cooperate with Eurasian forces in defending multi-polarity, socio-economic pluralism, and a dialogue among civilizations, we consider too be allies and friends.

“Those on the Right who support the United States, White racism against the Third World, who are anti-socialist and pro-liberal, and who are willing to collaborate with the Atlanticists; as well as those on the Left who attack Tradition, the organic values of religion and the family, and who promote other types of social deviations- both of these are in the camp of the foe.”

This is, essentially, the populist philosophy of my friend Willis Carto and the American Free Press, as well as the philosophy of modern National Socialism, with two exceptions: One, it contains an overly broad denunciation of so-called White racism” and Two, it fails to name or even admit the roles of Judaism and Zionism- and the Zionist Entity in Palestine- in creating and promulgating American hegemony, ultra-liberalism, financial elites, human rights, and the rest.

As Dugin continues, it becomes clear this error comes from a misunderstanding of Traditional philosophy and the realities of race:

“ I consider the White nationalists allies when they refuse modernity, the global oligarchy, and liberal-capitalism…when White nationalists reaffirm Tradition and the ancient culture of the European peoples, they are right. But, when they defend the United States, Atlanticism, liberal or modernity; or, when they consider the White race, the one which produced modernity in its essential features, as being the highest and other races as inferior, I disagree completely.”

And this is the root of Dugin’s hostility, the belief that the White race and not the Jews, has been the producer of modernity. This error leads to Dugin’s misapplication of Tradition to the modern world and his statement that:

“I do not believe in any hierarchy among peoples, because there is not and cannot be any common, universal measure by which to measure and compare the various forms of ethnic societies and their value systems.”And also that “The idea of the nation is a bourgeois concept concocted as a part of modernity in order to destroy traditional societies, which are empires.” From its humble beginning, Dugin’s error balloons, consuming an entire section of his worldview.

The Cultural Soul

In On White Nationalism, Dugin cites a criticism of his Fourth Political Theory—the successor to Gadafi’s Third Political Theory- made by Michael O’Meara, a proponent of Francis Parker Yockey’s  Imperium. Yockey’s theories, though, derivative of Oswald Spengler’s, and it is in Spengler’s theory of the culture organism with a culture-soul that we find what Dugin’s theories lack.

Spengler states, in the Decline of the West, that individual human beings exist primarily as part of larger organic wholes. Social stratification- caste- is like the division of functions between organs in the body, and human beings are like cells within those organs, each properly dedicated to a specific task. Cumulatively, the culture-organism is transcendent and possessed of a higher living nature—a soul.

This notion of the organic unity of man is Aryan and Indo-European in origin, and is similar in its positing of human archetypes to Platonic idealism, in which individual beings are representations of idealized forms which emanate from the One creator. The Greek daemon, the Roman victory, the Egyptian ba, and the Nordic fylgja and valkyrie all reflect this view of transcendence- as they are the ideas with which the individual seeks unity.

The Radical Tradition of Guenon or Evola presupposes the existence of a collective culture-soul. Evola, in his Notes on the Third Reich, reiterates his observation from Revolt Against the Modern World on the importance of the idea of suum cuique- each thing in its place- to Tradition. The guiding principle of Tradition is Order- Order among man and between them- and the process of breaking men from this natural social order Evola calls individuation in his Men Among Ruins.  

To support multi-polarity and Traditional counter-revolution, one must support organic social entities with an ethno-cultural basis. Modernity- what Dugin opposes—is the effort to organize men without regard to these essential unities. In America, this Traditional potential is only found in white racial nationalism. Once one accepts the organic ethno-cultural state as the building block of international order, one has to accept that these states will limit immigration and expel excessive alien elements which penetrate them. 

The organism’s integrity requires ethnic and cultural unity, and alien elements, though they can be absorbed and digested in small quantities, cannot be integrated into the organism en masse. Like poisonous food, the organism can either vomit them or die.

Further, in the United States and other social-democratic nations, the purpose of the always Jewish-sponsored immigration policies is to destroy the unity of the White ethno-cultural organism and to cause it to die. The goal is to create multi-ethic, meaning  non-ethic,” states in areas where Jewish parasitism is dominant, so as to create an undifferentiated mass which the Jews can exploit and enslave. The Jews are a disease of the social organism, and the immigrants are a secondary infection. Dugin criticizes the organic state for fighting a cultural infection- and he is wrong in doing so.

Dugin similarly contradicts himself when he speaks in support of empire- as a globalist, leveling empire is precisely what Dugin opposes. An empire is a super-national organism, and it either brings its component parts together into a single nation, or it dies. Dugin’s understanding of nationalism only in terms of the bourgeois nationalism of the French Revolution is too narrow. He knows well that this is not the nationalism of National Socialism or the better elements of White Nationalism. Dugin’s multi-polar world is an order established between independent organic states—and not a détente between global empires seeking to consume each other.

Such a multi-polar world does require, though, what Dugin says he does not believe in a hierarchy among peoples. Such a hierarchy exists within a Traditional empire, and would have to exist in a multi-polar world as well. Order, in fact, requires hierarchy; chaos is the principle driving men to words equality, individuation, and modernism. As Savitri Devi notes in her Lightning and the Sun, Pharaoh Akhenaton prayed to praise God for having created the peoples and divided them, assigning each its place. Respect for this division of the Earth’s peoples is what Dugin demands—and it requires racial hierarchy and a standard for judgment. Without some standard for judging peoples and cultures, who is to say that Judaeo-American hegemony is wrong?

In fact, the ability to use Tradition as the basis for a culture and civilization- and the cultural works and technics an organic unity produces- is the measure by which human civilizations are judged. The peoples of Europe and Asia—the M and N haplogroups—have this ability; the K and L haplogroups—the Jewish and Negro peoples—do not. Thus, European and Asian peoples are superior. Negroes are inferior, and the Jews are their own measure of evil. Among the Eurasian peoples, the Aryan strata- neither the whole white race nor a part from it- were the spark of all Traditional cultures, and thus, should stand at the pinnacle of the global order.

The Interests of White Americans

Dugin sums up the application of Eurasianism to White America in one sentence: “We need to save America from its own dictatorship, which is as bad for the American people as it is all other peoples.”

Many white Americans agree. And, in so far as Dugin means the white American people by “the American people,” he is correct. But, America is not the white American people—it is a multi-cultural empire dominated by Zionists and Jews. And, the reason American dictatorship is bad for the American people is that it is foreign, both in race and culture, to the White American people.

Jews have been able to establish dictatorship in America because of America’s origins in rootlessness. Unlike say, the Boer in South Africa, American whites did not have a common ethic origin and unlike Europeans or Asians, Americans roots do not go back more than three to four hundred years. The Normans may have conquered the Anglo-Saxons who conquered the Romans in Britain, but each was assimilated, on their common racial basis, into a single ethno-cultural whole. Americans whites conquered and exterminated the Asiatic Indians, then built their nation on the principles of rootless Masonry. The American (as opposed to white) nationalist point of reference is the Constitution- not a culture- and, thus, it has been co-opted by the Jews into the modern Trotskyist and Zionist, form of neo-conservatism. 

What America lacks and needs is a healthy, Traditionalist white identity; what needs to be done is the dismantling of the unhealthy, Masonic, democratic, Judaeo-Christian and Zionist white identity the Jews have marketed to America. Thus, on the intellectual plane, there is the work Dugin is doing, deconstructing anti-socialist, pro-liberal, anti-Muslim and anti-nationalist ideologies. And, on the practical plane, there is the work of making America one of the multi-polar Traditional states Dugin advocates.

The latter goal requires a massive demographic shift, if America is to be brought into such an order whole. The attitudes necessary to effect such a shift, and to bring America into a new world community, are precisely the anti-immigrant and racist worldviews Dugin opposes. 38 million blacks, a similar number of legal and illegal mestizos. 18 million Asians and 6 million Jews live in the United States, along with 210 million whites. 

Perhaps 20 million whites truly believe in the multiculturalist system.  Thus, 120 million people need to leave America for it to be eligible to participate as a Traditional nation in a Traditional world order. Perhaps Dugin feels America’s non-whites are simply yearning to be free in their own nation states. But, 62 million of these problem peoples—the whole of the mestizo, Asian and Jewish populations—have nations they could go to, but chose to remain in the United States particularly because of its liberal internationalist world-view. 

And the real problem in the United States is not the mestizo and Asian populations, which ultimately, are probably assailable or expellable over time. The problem in the United States is the 38 million Negroes, who are absolutely inassimilable, and who have nowhere to go, the 6 million Jews, who are willfully parasitical, and the 20 million or so whites who buy into the internationalist lies. These populations will have to be forcefully eliminated—or in the case of the whites-converted.

This problem, of an alien anti-Traditional population within American culture organism which almost as large as Russia will almost certainly be solved by violence, and, particularly, by the violent expulsion and extermination of this population from, at first, a portion of the country armed by whites. The question is when does desperation of circumstances drive enough whites to take up arms and fight? The proper position of Dugin’s movement in such circumstances is one of support for whites’ interests and white racism, because this racism is the response of a healthy organism to an invader, and is a necessary and inevitable stage in the breakup of the American Empire. When an ethno-cultural organism exists, it can then be brought into Tradition- but that organism is going to have to be birthed, violently, from a badly diseased and afflicted mother.


Alexander Dugin and his Eurasianism are admirable. Dugin’s concept of a future multi-polar order is prescient. But, Dugin’s denunciations of racism, anti-Semitism, and the like are rooted in errors—both in understanding Tradition, and, in understanding the nature of America and its global order.

One has to wonder how much the same motives which drove American Conservatives to abandon race and embrace neo or New Conservatism are driving Dugin’s Eurasianists to introduce anti-racism to the New Right. American Conservatives, of course, were mostly motivated by fear of the post- World War II Jewish power. And, when one sees those New-Rightists who refuse to defy the Jewish media stereotypes of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialism, and who even adopt them, one wonders what forces are really at work.

Eurasianism, though, could be transformational for America- if it can accept the reality of the American situation. America is breaking because of the impossibility of maintaining a multi-racial, inorganic state. The result will be war, and war is fueled by race and by hatred- when it is anything but a mercenary enterprise. Thus, Dugin and Eurasianists both have to accept, and shoulder courage, the violent racism which is coming- because such racism is the foundation for the movement the American Right must make away from Constitutionalism, Judaeo-Christianity, and democracy- towards a Traditional social form.

This may be different than the racism Dugin does oppose. Anti-Islamicism and racist dislike of the Third World are the result of Zionist and Jewish influence. It is the projection outward, in an unhealthy way, of healthy racial feelings which need to be directed inwards, at America’s real racial problems.

But, in the end, all anti-racism is essentially a leveling philosophy, part of the march towards chaos that is the guiding principle of the globalism Dugin and all White Nationalists oppose.