Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First White Nationalist Cartoon

An event of great significance has occurred—the first White Nationalist cartoon! (At least the first one I have seen; there may be some other precursors I missed.)

Okay, granted, it’s crude, but it’s funny. A new-born baby isn’t much use, but it can grow into an effective adult. The significance here is the fact that it has now been done. We have breached one more barrier in the battle to communicate with our own people, an important barrier in view of how badly the power structure has dumbed us down.

Achtung to all White racial computer geeks: get this software and start learning it!

Many thanks to the White Rabbit for this pioneering new development.


P. S. One quick hint to all cartoon-makers: in your credits, spell-check! It’s “starring,” not “staring.”

Monday, April 29, 2013

Freedom's Sons - The Complete Novel

Hi, guys. Just a reminder that a printed galley copy of the complete novel Freedom's Sons is available at 


A galley copy is basically a photostat of the 8-1/2  X 11 manuscript. I will try to get an actual book per se published and available sometime this summer, but I given our lack of that National Organizer I keep moaning about, I am simply swamped with all the "people stuff"--a sign that the Northwest Migration is in fact growing in interest and appeal.

A copy is also available in .pdf format, which I will send free to anyone who e-mails me at nwnet@earthlink.net Yes, I know that's terrible business, but I didn't write my books to make money, which is probably why I have so little of it.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

NF Recruiting Video

Kind of a ‘help wanted" video one of our guys did from one of my RFN podcasts.

Yeah. it's a bit tongue in cheek, but hopefully I'm not yet a total pompous ass who can't laugh at myself, and I admit, this is pretty cute.

Of course, we all know at least one of the people "applying" for this "job vacancy" will inevitably be an FBI or ADL or SPLC mole, or some kind of undercover spook. They better pay him well; I wasn't kidding about the dressing out of Wal-Mart and dancing along the edge of the homeless shelter part.

Friday, April 26, 2013

HAC Deanna Spingola Interview


This is an interview with RBN radio host Deanna Spingola, not for broadcast but for her private web site. Deanna and Mr. Covington talk about National Socialism and its adaptibility to the American scene, and there is a long discussion on the 2006 Draft Constitution of  the Northwest American Republic, which is good, because the Constitution of the NAR is something that doesn't get discussed enough.

This is a short piece, a little over 40 minutes, and would be good to burn onto a CD as a brief introduction to the NF for newbies.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - April 25th, 2013


HAC raps and rambles, rapping on the Boston bombings and rambling on a long, Grandpa Simpson-like anecdote from his misspent youth. Gretchen reviews a book on Dharma and there's some more stuff about conspiratorial method in there as well.

State Legislator Thinks Boston Bombing Done By Regime

DOVER — New Hampshire State Rep. Stella Tremblay is calling for answers about whether the American government was involved in detonating explosives at the Boston Marathon last week, killing three people and wounding more than 170 others.

In an interview with Foster's Daily Democrat Tuesday, Tremblay said she can't rule out the possibility the government was involved in carrying out the bombings.

Tremblay's remarks came a few hours after she was criticized by the New Hampshire Democratic Party for a comment she posted on Facebook several days earlier, in which Tremblay wrote that the marathon attack on April 15 was carried out by “Black Ops.”

In a comment posted on Facebook on April 19 at 10:24 a.m, Tremblay wrote that Monday's attack occurred “Top Down, Bottom UP.”

“The Boston Marathon was a Black Ops 'terrorist' attack,” Tremblay wrote in a message to conservative commentator Glenn Beck. “One suspect killed, the other one will be too before they even have a chance to speak. Drones and now 'terrorist' attacks by our own Government. Sad day, but a 'wake up' to all of us. First there was a 'suspect' then there wasnt.”

Tremblay also posted a link to a video hosted on YouTube, titled “PROOF! Boston Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack.”

Contacted on Tuesday, Tremblay said she questions the interpretation of the bombings that has been offered by police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Authorities have identified two brothers who were living in Cambridge, Mass., as the suspects in the bombings. One of the men, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed during a shootout with police in Watertown, Mass., early Friday morning. His brother, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, escaped on foot and was apprehended later that evening, hiding out in a boat in a homeowner's backyard.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arraigned Monday on a federal charge of conspiracy to detonate a weapon of mass destruction.

Even before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured, Tremblay said she began to question the story being advanced by government officials. Pictures of the marathon posted online show men wearing black backpacks at the scene, Tremblay said, leading her to question whether the men were government operatives who had a hand in last week's carnage.

“I was with, it was one of my constituents that sent me an email, and it went to a site where a, I think it was a major retired marine was speaking, and then he said, 'Please go to Infowars,' and they had pictures of, what is it, black ops? With black backpacks. They show them at the scene, so they knew something was going on, because there wouldn't have been that many of them,” Tremblay said.

The Auburn state representative also outlined some of the other activity that she deems suspicious in the wake of the bombings. For example, Tremblay said, CNN correspondent John King and others in the media reported early after the bombings that a suspect was in custody, but no suspect materialized. Around the same time, she said, a Saudi Arabian man who was at the bombing site received burn wounds. Tremblay says the man was questioned for nine hours, and the FBI created an “event file” about him. Then, she said, when authorities went to search his apartment, Secretary of State John Kerry met with the Saudi Arabian ambassador behind closed doors.

“There's just too many things going on that, to me, doesn't make any sense,” Tremblay said.

Tremblay's assertions were met with skepticism by members of the state Democratic party, who sought quickly to tie Tremblay to other high profile Republicans from New Hampshire.

"How long will it take Republican U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, Senate Republican Leader Jeb Bradley, and House Republican Leader Gene Chandler to condemn Representative Tremblay's vile and chilling comments?” NHDP Communications Director Harrell Kirstein said in a prepared statement. “Tremblay's post is further proof of what can only be called an epidemic of disgusting and shockingly inappropriate behavior by members of the New Hampshire Republican Party.”

In response, House Minority Leader Gene Chandler wrote that Tremblay's comments are "highly offensive, egregious, and irrational."

"They are severely troubling and unbecoming of any public office holder or citizen of our great nation. I am ashamed that Rep. Tremblay saw fit to disseminate radical conspiracy theories online. She in no way represents the views of the caucus, the Republican party or the Granite State.”

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee characterized Tremblay's remarks as "bizarre."

"It is hard to believe that just days after the cowardly acts of terror took place in our backyard that Representative Tremblay would thoroughly discredit herself with her bizarre, embarrassing and unfounded comments," the statement reads. "New Hampshire Republicans strongly reject her outlandish views and believe that anybody who holds such bizarre beliefs should not be taken seriously."

Tremblay emphasized that her views don't fall down party lines. Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike should demand “honest answers,” she said.

“Why are you leaving it to some dumb representative to ask questions, when the reporters should be doing their job?” she asked. “Are you that blind that you're not willing to ask questions of your government?”

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Step Forward To The Future

My thanks to a group of young men in Oregon who carried out a certain Northwest independence activity over the weekend. I don't want to get into details because I don't want to set the secret police on these guys' trail--they do not appear to have been identified and catalogued yet, so it is not up to me to out them--and also because we will want to do this again.

But it's beginning, people. Finally. Eleven years after my own Homecoming, at long last, it's starting to happen. Far too slowly, and frankly if we can't find some way to kick-start things, then it's going to be too little, too late. But it is entirely possible that the dictatorship itself will make come colossal fuck-up that will give us that kick-start. We may not be able to win our freedom, but the dictatorship may lose it.

Thanks, guys. Someday you will get the recognition you deserve.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Jared Taylor Flees From The Jewish Question

[Published with permission.] 

Dear HAC:
When I filmed Jared Taylor (leader & founder of American Renaissance), late last Thursday I asked him if would be okay to film his speech, he said "Yes, of course." Now I find this email in my mail box, this morning, marked "URGENT REQUEST FROM JARED TAYLOR‏"


* * * * * *

"Hello Chris,

Jared has asked me if you could leave out the Q and A session on your You Tube posting, (or alternatively leave out the interchange between him and Webster). He'd be very grateful if you could do that in confidence.

Best Wishes

Martin Webster's question dealt explicitly with the Jewish nature of the demographic and cultural phenomena of White decline. While I don't approve of Webster's sodomitic lifestyle or of his views regarding homosexuality, he was the only one there who publicly asked a question explicitly dealing with the Jewish aspects of multiculturalism & political correctness in general. I repeatedly tried to ask such a question myself, but was continuously passed over by the host-presenter Adrian Davies even though I was clearly in the front row filming it all.

Martin Webster's question starts at 0:51:50  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNQuicZTwxI

Also the host-presenter Adrian Davies demanded that we censor the part where Jared Taylor makes a small tangential reference to the Northwest Front in Idaho.

So far I haven't censored any of it, but since you are on record as stating that people like Martin Webster should be totally removed from the political process for their depraved lifestyles, I was just wondering what you have to say about it. 

[It’s not Martin Webster’s brain I have a problem with, which is first-class. It’s what he does with other parts of his anatomy which in my personal opinion—a minority one these days—puts him beyond the pale. – HAC]

According to your value system how ought one respond when one is put under pressure by a White Civil Rights activist (who is also an arch Jew appeaser), to censor an anti-Jewish homosexual on the subject of The Jewish Question? 

* * * * * * 

Jez: "Can you cut the Martin Webster question and answer bit from the speech on You Tube as a special favour to Jared Taylor?  I know it’s going to cause more work for you, but he's concerned its going to cause him untold problems and we do want him to come again! 

Chris: "What sort of "untold problems?"  What it appears he is asking me to do is to retrospectively self-censor my own work in order to avoid incurring potentially hostile Jewish intransigence. That requires a good reason. You need to ask him what the exact reason is before I can even consider going ahead with this type of odd and irregular request. 

Jez: "Better to cut the MW Q and A bit, otherwise he'll probably just tell YouTube to take the whole speech off, and that would be a shame. Don't shoot the messenger.  :-)" 

Jez: "Chris, just please do what Jared wants. 

Adrian: "While I am a little surprised by the request, it ought in my view to be honoured: I have to say that I personally dislike being filmed, period, as our American cousins say. I prefer to speak under Chatham House rules. If that is not acceptable, I tend to be more guarded in what I say than is desirable for the fullest possible exchange of views. Evidently, Jared feels even more strongly than I do and his wishes as the guest speaker ought in my opinion to be carried into effect, even if it annoys Martin, which would be regrettable. 

Jez: "Just [delete] the entire Q and A session and be done with it. If you don't, then you've let me and the rest of the guys down.  The speaker's wishes are paramount.  That's all there is to it. 

Chris: "Dear Jez, Adrian & Jared:

I regret to inform you all that I will not be censoring my video as requested for the following stated reasons. 

1. Having already spent many days painstakingly attempting to successfully edit and upload the video on your behalf and in light of the rather vague and unsubstantial reasons given for doing so, I am afraid that I just don’t have either the time or the inclination to re-edit and re-upload the video all over again.

However, both you and the rest of the general public have my full permission to copy and to re-edit the material in question free of charge should you wish to produce and promote an edited copy yourselves on your own websites, YouTube accounts and blog pages etc.

 2. I explicitly asked both Jared Taylor and Adrian Davies for permission to film the speech prior to the speech itself. Not only did I receive this permission but no condition of any kind was ever laid down to the effect of prohibiting me from shooting and uploading the parts under objection until now.

Indeed there was no condition except for the condition of having to refrain from actively filming audience members, a condition which I duly complied with. Adrian Davies was not filmed as an audience member. He was filmed as the host-presenter facing/addressing the audience and at no time was I ever stopped from filming, despite being situated in the front row directly facing both Adrian Davies and Jared Taylor throughout the entire length of the proceedings. I do not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the apparent failure to stipulate adequately clear conditions for filming prior to the event.

I know that I have in the past been prepared to retrospectively censor at least one recorded speech which at the time I was granted unconditional permission to film by the speaker which the speaker then later abruptly rescinded via email, but this really just takes the biscuit. Jared Taylor is meant to be a professional political activist not a theatre director. 

3. As far as I am concerned nothing in the video is illegal in either the United Kingdom or the United States. 

4. I don’t think that the answer which Jared Taylor gave in response to Martin Webster’s question in any way contradicted any of his previously stated public positions with regards to Jews, Jewry, Judaism and/or the role of Jews in the creation and/or permutation of Marxism, neo-Conservatism, neo-Liberalism and subsequent political ideologies and doctrines. I have requested more information about Jared Taylor’s reasoning for wanting me to censor my video through Jez, but it now appears that this request has been flatly denied. 

5. I am not prepared to compromise my moral and political integrity or to tarnish my personal reputation within the White Nationalist community by engaging in to what appears to be a baseless appeasement through self-censorship program for the unearned protection of other people's publishing assets from organized Jewish pressure. I'm sorry but this just isn’t how I personally do journalism. A politician who voluntarily founds and then leads a White civil rights movement in cultural Marxist America should be prepared to be placed under a certain amount of political and financial pressure, regardless of the personal consequences either to himself or to his income.

Please understand that to do what you're asking of me would not only constitute as a gross moral repugnancy on my part, but would also threaten my integrity as a journalist, as a writer and as a political dissident. With the extreme exception of some extraordinary situation, I could never in my own right state of mind comply with such an unusual, unprecedented, apparently spurious, controversial and possibly illicit request to self-censor. For the reasons given above I will not comply with Jared Taylor’s request to censor my own footage.

All of the footage I have thus far uploaded to YouTube from these meetings is my own intellectual property and any false copyright claims WILL BE counter claimed.


How To Use RFN As A Podcast

Mr. Covington,
Some time ago, one of the comments on RFN asked for instructions on how to get RFN onto a person's iPod.  This process is actually generic to any particular podcast software such as iTunes or Zune (or anything else anyone has going).  Unfortunately, the podcast feed isn't easy to find and there's no "iTunes" button anywhere on the website to trigger a user's browser to have the podcast software on their computer subscribe to the podcast.  After a bit of searching, our feed is located at http://northwestfront.org/category/podcast/feed/ and that should be enough to get most people going.  They'll need to follow whatever procedure their particular software requires, but it's a copy-paste job from there on out.

For those not in the know:

A Podcast is a series of sequential audio files which are detailed in an XML-formatted file accessible on the internet.  This file is presumably updated every time a new episode is released.  Computer programs can download and read this file to determine things like the name of the Podcast as well as the title and description of each episode.  The term "Podcast" comes from the early widespread use of Apple's iPod and the associated software suite iTunes.  Podcast software is intended to actively monitor the contents of the feed so that new episodes are downloaded without prompting the user about them.  Most podcast software will automatically places these audio files on an associated device (also automatically).  The idea is that the audio file is broadcasted to your iPod (or whatever device you use), hence the name.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Adolf Hitler (1889 - )

He was born into humble circumstances, the son of an obscure civil servant in a remote corner of a crumbling empire, yet his name resounds throughout the world to this day.

He was rejected by the universities of his time for formal enrollment in art and in architecture, and yet he erected mighty buildings and monuments, and today a simple postcard that he drew in ink or charcoal fetches staggering sums at auction.

He never achieved more than a public school education, yet he wrote a book which has outsold every other book in history except for the Bible.

He fought as a front line soldier through all four years of the greatest war in history up to that time, never rising above the rank of corporal, but he won both of his country's highest decorations for bravery under fire and rose to command the mightiest armies on earth.

Almost unique in the history of his century, he was not a lawyer or an aristocrat or a man of inherited wealth and privilege, but a man who once earned his daily bread with the labor of his hands, and yet he conquered politics and rose to the leadership of the most brilliant and creative nation on earth.

So that his people might travel across the land he loved quickly and cheaply, he created a simple and sturdy automobile still in use today, and a network of highways that still spans Germany.

His game and forestry laws are still in force, and are praised by ecologists as a model of environmental protection.

His economic program received the sincerest form of flattery from the loathsome Roosevelt, who stole it and copied it into the context of the American Depression as his own.

Every man who ever met him personally, even those who became his bitterest enemies, spoke of him forever afterwards with awe and admiration. His courtesy and his gallantry toward women were legendary. With his power and his prestige he could have had any woman he wanted, but the woman he chose as his life's partner, and who eventually died by his side, was a simple and humble daughter of the people.

He did not drink. He did not smoke. He was a lifelong lover of animals and children and was happiest in the company of toddlers rather than statesmen and soldiers, and no one ever overheard him use a profane word or tell a smutty joke.

He lifted his people up from the mud of defeat and despair and alien domination, and he died trying to do the same for all of us. To this day, his memory is kept green by the Aryan peoples of Germany and the world, even though it means prison, and in some countries death, to honor him or his legacy within the sight or hearing of the tyrant. He has been slandered, vilified, lied about, cursed, distorted, and damned every day since his death by the most powerful and evil tyranny mankind has ever known, and yet his name and his Symbol cannot be suppressed by force or by propaganda.

As we begin this new Millennium, his book is read and his name is on more lips than ever before and his image and his strength fills the hearts of a whole new generation of young Aryan men and women. He is invincible and immortal, and Victory shall one day be his.

He holds out his hand to us all. He offers us his strength and his wisdom, at a time when we so badly need both. Let us keep him always in our hearts and our minds and our souls, until the day comes when once more we may speak his name aloud and raise on high the sacred Banner for which he and so many millions more lived and died.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Buggery In Parliament

I’ve finally run into trouble with Google regarding this Thoughtcrime blog—over a post that’s almost eight years old, dealing with the Jewish faggot, British M.P. Greville Janner, of all things.

It took them eight years to notice that in one long-ago post, I referred to Janner’s implication in a scandal back in the 1980s wherein British state youth homes were being used as a stable to procure catamites for Janner and other wealthy paedophiles. The scandal was swept under the rug, as it usually is when genuinely wealthy and powerful Jews and liberals are caught procuring and sodomizing young White boys, which seems to be one of our Lords and Masters' favorite recreations.

I guess the now geriatric Janner or someone in the massively powerful British Zionist community must be using one of these reputation-cleanup companies to erase any mention of Janner's priapic exploits online. Maybe something has happened which threatens to revive the case, one of the little boys who has grown to manhood has now stepped forward, something like that.  

Weird, in any case.


* * * * * *


Google has been notified that content in your blog contains allegedly infringing content that may violate the rights of others and the laws of their country. The infringing content that has been made unavailable can be found at the end of this message. For more information about this removal and how it affects your blog, please visit [redacted].

The notice that we received, with any personally identifying information removed, will be posted online by a service called Chilling Effects at http://www.chillingeffects.org. You can search for the notice associated with the removal of your content by going to the Chilling Effects search page at http://www.chillingeffects.org/search.cgi, and entering in the URL of the blog post that was removed. If you have legal questions about this notification, you should consult your legal advisor.

The Google Team


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - April 18th, 2013

HAC speaks on the Texas lawyer-whackings and the Boston Baked Bombs, and then about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Gretchen reviews a biography of British Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley, and we hear a message from Cyndi Steele.

Bill White Thrown In Solitary In Oklahoma

Dissident writer Bill White has finally left Chicago. He was supposed to go to Roanoke City Jail in Virginia for trial on yet another internet speech charge, but it turns out that all the U.S. Attorney and the FBI did was get a grand jury full of niggers to indict White.

No actual papers have yet been filed with the courts in Virgina, and it is not known at this time whether or not the dictatorship intends to proceed with the charges at all. At Bill's request I will not comment on the specifics about the new Virginia case, except to point out that it takes the abuse of the judicial process by the dictator's servants to an entirely new level of absurdity.

The charge was apparently filed purely as a "detaining" maneuver to make sure that if the Chicago judge sentenced White to time served (for a "crime" for which he was already acquitted on appeal on First Amendment grounds) then the secret police would have an excuse not to release him. In other words, the entire purpose of the Virginia case seems to be to prevent White's release. 

Instead of going to Roanoke for trial, since there apparently are no plans for one at this stage, just the charge itself to make sure he's not released--White was shipped to a transit camp in Oklahoma, and then put into solitary confinement. His "crime" was to speak to American Free Press reporter David Garaghy (sp?) on the phone and record a short segment for a Carto podcast. He was dragged out of his cell hours later and locked up in an isolation cell, and no one has heard from him since except one of the 3 people per week he is allowed to correspond with.

What the hell is it that these people are so afraid this man will say? What does White know that he doesn't know he knows? This savage pursuit of White is starting to look more and more vindictive, personal, and paranoid. Somebody in authority has a bug up his black ass about Bill White. Who?

I hesitate to publish White's Oklahoma address because we have no idea how long he's going to be there or where they will send him next in an effort to get him away from his friends and supporters. But here goes:

Willliam A. White #13888-084
FTC Oklahoma City
Federal Transfer Center
P.O. Box 898801
Oklahoma City, OK 73189

If you drop Bill a card or a letter of a generic "hang in there, buddy!" nature into the mail today, he might get it before the dictator's servants disappear him again.

Update April 18th: Bill was taken from his cell and moved again hours after the above was published. According to the BOP web site his new address will be:

William A. White #13888-084
P.O. BOX 300

Hell, he may end up in Gitmo at the rate they're going.


Nine OId Swine

Q. What's the difference between the Supreme Court and the Ku Klux Klan?

A. The Supreme Court wear black robes and scare White people.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Disappearing Muslim

The unnamed "Saudi national" who was arrested after the bombings in Boston seems to be getting airbrushed out of the picture. Sounds like the Boston cops just scooped up some poor old Apu from the Quickie Mart who was in the area. He may or may not have been involved. If I was a Muslim and a large explosion went off near me I'd probably start running, too. 

The state-controlled media are trying to pin the bombings on the Tea Party or tax protestors or of course wicked and evil "White Supreemists." Fat liberal slob Michael Moore claims it was the NRA, although you'd think that pro-gun protestors would use guns.

Anyway, the secret police now have all the excuse they need to go cruising around the countryside knocking on doors and trying to get people to talk to them and develop people as informers.  


Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Baked Bomb

I am awaiting with bated breath the announcement from a combined DOJ/SPLC press conference that the Boston bombings are the work of unnamed “White Supreemists”. 

You know, like those Texas DA rubouts that now turn out to have been committed by one of their own kind, a corrupt judge, and so have accordingly vanished like Houdini off the media radar? Nature abhors a vaccuum, and one wicked and evil "White Supreemist" plot must be replaced by another.

Seriously, if anyone picks up any hard info on this, forward it to me at nwnet@earthlink.net okay? Does anyone really doubt these evil sons of bitches who rule us will try to pin this one on us if they can? 

Maybe they'll fabricate a “Northeast Volunteer Army” or some such nonsense.


American Dumb-Asses


Okay, guys: explain to me again how we cannot possibly ever hope to take on and defeat a nation of people this effing stupid?

I mean, my God, 80-pound Vietnamese gooks, barefoot brown Iraqis, and goat-herding Afghan hillbillies with towels on their heads have defeated the mighty United States of America. Check this out, and you will see why. 

So explain to me once more how a small, dedicated and fearless minority, intelligently led, couldn't whup these bird-brained morons' asses?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Other Northwest-Related Resources

Hi, guys:

There are other Northwest-related internet sites and resources you may find interesting, beyond our three main sites:

I've always liked Yahoo groups; they're incredibly user-friendly and when they catch on and attain some membership, they can reach a lot of people. I was really sad to see them be replaced by Facebook and Twitter. This is a group for discussing Northwest Migration and Northwest issues. Moderated to keep the GUBU out.

An internet bulletin board. Our version of Stormfront and VNN, only without the lunacy. Smaller, to be sure, but growing all the time, and moderated to keep the GUBU out (see below.)

A site for discussion of my Northwest independence novels. Check out some of the older posts, like the suggested casts members for movies of my books.

Moderated to keep GUBU in. This used to be an actual blog. Now it's my cyber-nuthouse. I have always wanted to see if it is possible to kind of corral all the Space Madness and the GUBU Goat Dancing nuttiness onto one site and keep it away from the rest of the internet as much as possible. I'm using this site as a kind of rubber room, where anyone who wants to can pound his head on the padded walls and howl, including me. Only Willard and Frazier Glenn Miller are banned outright; anyone else can yammer away all they like in the comments section, so long as they don't threaten anybody by name.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Now THIS Makes Sense

It appears that the Texas lawyer rubouts may have been carried out at the behest of a corrupt judge who was prosecuted and removed from his position by the two Kaufman County District Attorneys who were whacked.

He probably used what's called the Dixie Mafia. In Texas law enforcement slang these loose-knit gangsters are called "Characters." Some years ago a couple of Texas Characters whacked a judge and his wife in their home in Biloxi, Mississippi at the behest of the corrupt local mayor, and the actor Woody Harrelson's father, Woody Harrelson Senior, is a Character who is now doing life in prison for clipping a federal judge at the behest of a drug cartel, so we know that on occasion these people will in fact reach out and give the Power Suits a little tickle under the chin, if the price is right.

Yeah, this makes sense. So much for the Great White Uprising on behalf of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Whether they bust this judge or not, I suspect this whole case is now about to vanish off the radar.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

Forcible Disarming Begins

[Remember: liberal democratic dictatorships always start with test cases to probe and see what they can get away with and what precedents they can set. - HAC] 

My name is David A Schmecker. I'd like to get my story known to as many people as possible.

I live in Connecticut and I'm 50 years old and I'm an honorably discharged disabled Navy veteran.. I don't have a psychiatric past or a criminal record.

On February 5th, 2013, my VA hospital primary care doctor called my home and heard a message on my answering machine which he said sounded “peculiar”. I have yet to receive any explanation as to just what the hell that means. The VA contacted the local police to perform something called a “wellness check.”

The police came to my home and without a warrant or any justification whatsoever, hauled me away for a psychiatric evaluation to a local hospital. I was never formally arrested and no crime was committed, nor at any point did I utter any threats to myself or others.

While I was in the psychiatric hospital they confiscated my guns and pistol permit. I was released two days later from the evaluation on my on recognizance, which basically constitutes an admission that I am sane and I never should have been there in the first place.

I have since attempted to use the courts and attorneys to fight the revocation of my pistol permit. Then on top of everything else, the bills from the short stay at the hospital and EMS bills they sent me, plus what I have had to pay the attorney, adds up to a large amount of money so I can no longer afford to pursue the case.

I'm just a nobody, so there is obviously a campaign being orchestrated to disarm law-abiding citizens, and the Veterans Administration has found a loophole in the system to do it. Because I'm a nobody, they feel empowered to do this to me, and so far they have gotten away with it. I must be the tip of the iceberg of this campaign, and they are testing the waters to see what they can get away with and with whom.

They have messed with my life and my rights. If I wasn't hurt I could just walk away from the VA, but I utilize their benefit for all of my healthcare needs. I am very concerned about where this country is headed.

-David A. Schmecker 

Remember: If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn't be happening.  


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - April 11th, 2013

HAC talks about the Texas lawyer-whackings and the Conspiratorial Method, Gretchen expounds on Aryan mummies in Asia, Andy goes all positive on our ass, and we hear some racial rock music.

The Northwest Mantra: Periodic Reminder

"If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn't be happening."

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

More Wisdom Of The Ancients

"It is rather surprising, is it not, that whichever way you turn to trace the harmful streams of influence that flow through society, you come upon a group of Jews? In sports corruption—a group of Jews. In exploitative finance—a group of Jews. In theatrical degeneracy—a group of Jews. In liquor propaganda—a group of Jews. In control of national war policies—a group of Jews. Absolutely dominating the wireless communications of the world—a group of Jews. The menace of the movies—a group of Jews. In control of the press through business and financial pressure—a group of Jews. War profiteers, 80 per cent of them—Jews. The miasma of so-called popular music, which combines weak-mindedness with every suggestion of lewdness—Jews. And organizers of active opposition to Christian laws and customs—again Jews.
"It is time to show that the cry of 'bigot' is raised mostly by bigots. There is a religious prejudice in this country, there is, indeed, a religious persecution, there is a forcible shoving aside of the religious liberties of a majority of the people, and this prejudice and persecution and use of force is Jewish and nothing but Jewish.
"If it is anti-Semitism to say that Communism in the United States is Jewish, so be it; but to the unprejudiced mind it will look very much like Americanism. Communism all over the world, not in Russia only, is Jewish."
-Henry Ford, Sr. 

Monday, April 08, 2013

To Parade Or Not To Parade

by Robert E. Miles

[A classic from the mid-1980s]

We have seen what some in the right-wing call a parade. It is this latter variety, which concerns me. 

Few of these even qualify as a parade. They are closer to a picket line or a mini-demonstration than anything else. 

Before going any further, understand that I have marched in three or four of these racialist parades in my lifetime. No more than four. I regretted doing so for they were, to me, totally counterproductive. 

But I marched with my associates, as invited to do, despite my dislike for exposing the weakness of our movement to the world. So, don't get me wrong. I marched along with many others despite the results of such events. But I am afraid that the term parade is misused when applied to recent Klan, skinhead, nationalist or whatever you want to label them, exhibitionist displays of weakness.

To begin with, the Ku Klux Klan hasn't been able to mount a sizable force for any parade in the last twenty years. Even the White Patriot's Party, led by the arch-snitch Miller, in North Carolina, could not mass more than 600 marchers. And we have counted heads from films, which our own cameramen produced. The Ku Klux Klan was never a parading organization in its life. You can come up with the parade in Washington, DC. In the 1920's and with many others in that era ... but these were exceptions to the rule. 

That era, the 2nd Klan era, was when this country was White, Protestant and quite patriotic. Klan parades then reflected the mood, beliefs and temper of the majority of American citizens. There is no such climate in the ZOGland of America of today. There is no rising tide of support for any display of White Racial Pride in this basketball heaven of congoids andishes. 

The only parading the original KKK did when it was initially active was in military force. That usually was by the light of the moon, not for the delight of the jewish TV camera crews. It is long past time for the present Klan to return to the light of the moon and to forgo its egocentric trips that delight the Jews and congoids on prime time.

When we see the KKK of today parade, we see two thousand armed police, national guards and federal whatnots encompassing the fifty or so (if we are lucky enough to have that many) Klansmen marching down the street. Hordes of animal crackers come out of their cages to spit, shake fists and signs and otherwise hoot at the KKK marchers

 Actually if I were an alien watching the event, I would assume the KKK was being marched off to prison between ranks of soldiers to the delight of the mobs watching. It is not a sign of strength to be able to march while your foes delight in exposing your numbers and weakness. 

It is a sign of contempt by them for you. ZOG loves to be able to take you out of your dens and walk you like a dog so that the hooters and true haters can have a field day seeing you in such light. All they will finally need. Will be to lead you by chains through the streets to the new coliseums where the lions will await you. 

If you want to gain pity from the world, then walk like Christians into the games. The martyr mantle does not sit well atop a white robe and hood! If you want to play the hapless, helpless and meek barefoot supplicant role, fine. 

But don't try to talk about how tough you are, how brave you are or how wise you are! Pity doesn't bring respect. Strength comes from being feared. And when your foe has to protect you from the unwashed crowds you are not feared at all!

Let the next parade be one of daring, strength and guts ... if parade you must. Deny the TV cameras their delights. Notify the police and officials that you need no protection. Indeed, if they dare to protect you, bring them into court for interfering with your right to march. 

But, then, be real Klansmen. Actually prepare and train to be daytime marchers. Drill and practice. Recruit numbers who like to parade and march. Recruit those who understand what your organization is really all about ... It is about being a White, Racial, "mummers" marching group. 

Recruit a band or two to play while you march. Train marshals of your own to keep the ranks in order. Drill your members by by squads, columns and files. Make them a sight to watch! Train them to be a fighting machine as well as a "let's pretend" army. And no matter how many turn out to disturb your march, take them on! Head on! With trained, disciplined and law obeying ranks of marchers. Don't put the monkey on the back of the police and army anymore. 

If you cannot produce, shut up until you can. Don't get on the streets until you have something to show. No more of this being shielded by the forces of ZOG anymore!

As for me, I believe that the Ku Klux Klan is a vital tool, weapon and instrument of psychological warfare for the protection and perpetuation of our Race. Its original role was correct. It was invisible. It was silent unless it had something to say. It was never seen, but it was ever present. It sent its members into all kinds of organizations with out such organizations ever knowing that it was the host body for such elements. Through its unseen but disciplined soldiers, massive membership organizations could be directed, courses altered, and objectives effected to the benefit of the White Race. 

Even in ZOG itself, the KKK could be effective. It could be like a virus, which debilitates and destroys the host itself. It doesn't take large numbers for a virus to cripple and paralyze an animal. Only a small amount of toxin in the blood, and tiny serpent has gained a victory over the huge tiger. And I have never watched serpents on parade in the jungle! 

Until we have the numbers, parades are counter productive. Unseen but effective work will be crowned with victory parades. That will be time enough. That will be when our strength is visible. But to play the role of the weakling, while boasting about your numbers, is a transparent veil, which even the peasant on the street sees through. 

God spare us anymore from these TV oriented marches! Enough of walking like dogs at the end of leashes held by the grinning and armed police and guardsmen from the ghettos and drill halls of the foe! Until you have actual numbers trained to march, until you have enough training of your own marshals, until you have your own marching bands ... Stay in the shadows and do the work which you have the actual numbers to do.