Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Northwest Mantra

Some of you may have heard the "mantra" as it's called, i.e. "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White." 

Concedo, that's  good slogan, and it's certainly true as far as it goes. But the problem is that it's a Movement slogan. It implies a certain basic pre-knowledge of racial reality and the true nature and agenda of so-called "anti-racists" which most normal White people (or "low information voters" as Rush Limbaugh calls them) simply don't possess, because they have never been allowed to learn these things.We're dealing with Amurricans here, and we should never forget how low we have to shoot in order to get a hit. 

Anything we give them by way of PR must be extremely simple, one-dimensional, and expressed in as few words as possible. It must not contain any foreign symbols or words or anything which we need stop and explain. When you have to stop and explain something to American White people, you've lost them. They need to be able to ingest it immediately, and it needs to be something that can slip past the socially-engineered filters and rejection mechanisms that the Jews have installed in our minds.

For first Party contact with normal people, a leaflet is better than a novel, and a slogan is better than a leaflet. The smaller and simpler it is, the easier Americans can get their arms around it. White Americans have been taught to feel rather than to think, and we must not try to force them to think, because it hurts their head (literally.) 

Yesterday at a meeting we had a kind of brain-storming session and came up with something I think will really work well for us. (Yeah, I know, it's odd to think of "liberal" blue Seattle being the birthplace of a White racial resurgence, but hey, where else does resistance flourish if not in the presence of the enemy?)

Okay, comrades, dig it: from now in the slogan we need to start confronting normal White people with, in every way we can, is:

"If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn't be happening."  

That's all. No need to detail what "this" is. Every man and woman who hears that slogan will be able to fill in their own blanks, because every White man and woman and adolescent who was raised in this politically correct toilet has their own personal horror story to tell.

Normal, non-Movement White people, especially those now resident in the Homeland itself, need to have this pounded through their heads and embedded deeply in their skulls full of mush, however it can be done--internet, business cards, leaflets, creative street art, verbally, by e-mail, by phone, by text, by carrier pigeon, however it can be done. 

That's what we start with: "If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn't be happening." 

We begin the process of turning the fish soup back into an aquarium with this one simple mantra. Once that becomes imprinted in someone's cranial ooze, we start working to reconstitute the ooze back into a brain again that is capable of thinking rather than just feeling.

"If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn't be happening." 

Funky, maaaaaan.....

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quick Addendum To Article Below

This is second-hand but reliable. 

Bill White has apparently been informed that he is being moved on Monday from Chicago back to the Loretto camp in Pennsylvania.There have been no actual hearings or motions or other court paperwork filed in his Roanoke, Virginia case; the dictator's men seem at this point to have simply charged him as an excuse to continue holding him in prison if the judge in Chicago had let him off with only time served. 

It is not known at this point whether or not the regime intends to proceed with the Roanoke case at all, or simply keep it in reserve as a "detainer" when the time comes in order to prevent his release, now officially scheduled for November of 2015.  

Bill will most likely be moved back to Loretto via two transit camps, and so it will take him at least a month to arrive. Once he achieves some kind of stable address I will post it here. It goes without saying that he is deeply grateful to those of you who have written to him.

Friday, March 29, 2013

My "Bill White Kick"

Okay, I need to explain what I’m doing with this Bill White kick I appear to be on.

First off, it is no secret that Back In The Day, Mr. White and I were not exactly simpatico on a number of issues. But that was then and this is now. Love him or hate him, Bill White has now paid his Dues with a capital D. He has more than paid them, through years of torture and imprisonment for nothing but words. What has been done to Bill White is something which isn’t supposed to happen in America, but which happens on an increasing level every year, as the Slow Coming Dark of the one-party liberal Democratic dictatorship descends on this country.

Anyone who studies Bill White’s case for five minutes is struck by the fact that he is very clearly being bullied, tormented, oppressed and denied his basic human rights for nothing but words on the internet; not even the prosecutors at their most enraged have ever claimed that White committed one single actual act of crime or violence. 

The motivation for his bizarre and manic persecution by the régime appears to be nothing more or less than pure personal malice on the part of some faceless person or group of people hiding behind the anonymity of the cubicles and locked doors of Washington, D.C. 

Most likely this intense personal hatred of Bill White, which at times seems to border on insanity, originates in the negroid section of the Democratic Party apparatus and probably has to do with the cover of a magazine White intended to publish in October of 2008 during the run up to the general election, a magazine which was never actually printed but the cover of which White was foolish enough to display on several web sites. 

I personally suspect that our monkoid Attorney General Eric Holder is in the mix somewhere, if not Barry himself. He may not have the time or inclination to investigate the violation of White people’s civil rights, but he clearly doesn’t mind committing a few.

The hell of it is that White appears to have been “scared straight” by his horrific experiences at the hands of the dictatorship and its prisons, and he has evidently given up all contemporary political or racial involvement and has retreated into the mists of the idealized past, a reaction I have seen before among those who have been brutalized by the dictatorship. Americans as a whole are not strong people. Frankly, we break pretty easily, and retreating into mysticism and the past while we abandon hope of compelling change in the present is a form of breaking. I am not saying this to criticize Bill; I have not suffered what he has suffered and I have no right to judge.

The System clearly wants to break White, and in that sense they have. He is clearly harmless now, but that is not enough. Bill White must not only be rendered harmless, he must be humiliated and degraded and above all he must be rendered silent. He must surrender all control of his own narrative to the evil, yellow dogs with rotting teeth who have rent his flesh for the past five years. He must consume a huge steaming bowl of Barack Hussein Obama’s feces, grin while he does it, and then he must do a little tap-dance as he is allowed to shuffle off stage.

This he refuses to do. Bill’s capitulation is only partial; he has agreed not to say things which the dictator might find personally displeasing or discomforting, but he refuses to keep silent about our people and our past, and that’s not good enough for the dogs in the expensive suits. Bill White must cease to exist, in that he must never again remind the world that he ever existed. He will not, and so they have once more dragged him into the mangling machine for a more thorough working-over. 

The material you are about to read you may find boring, incomprehensible, and irrelevant to anything in your world. Of course you do. You are, after all, a 21st century American. Suffice it to say that you are reading something which Barack Obama and his servants have forbidden you to read, a manuscript virtually smuggled out of a prison cell and written by a man whose voice the dictatorship clearly fears, else they would not be messing him around something stupid like they are doing. 

It is an excerpt from White’s fourth book, entitled Serpent’s Blood, and it fills a scholarly need because it is a rare look at the history of our people from a racial and occult viewpoint.

Serpent's Blood - Chapter 2

by William A. White

From its inception, there has been a struggle within the Catholic Church between those who wish to uphold the words of Christ and those who wish to perpetuate the pagan mystery cults which Catholicism absorbed.  This struggle continued throughout the Middle Ages, with the Church dominated by an Empire often truer to the doctrines of Christ than the Church itself.  The abandonment of the link with the German empire—a process that spanned two hundred years from the collapse of the Carolingian empire to the time of the Gregorian reforms—led to a renewed Church militant that reintroduced pagan elements, derived from Dionysian ritual, that conflicted with a number of equally powerful occult European tendencies which would end in the Reformation and the collapse of the universal Church as a central ideal of the European people.

Carolingians to Capetians

The rise of Islam and the collapse of the old Byzantine power in the West caused the Church to seek a new protector, and it did so in the person of Charlemagne and his empire. Before the usurpation of the French throne from the Merovingians in 751 AD by Pepin the Short, the competing kingdoms of the Franks had little to offer the Papacy; there was no dominant power with which the Church could align to counterbalance the influence of the Byzantines in Italy.  But with Charlemagne's conquests in Saxony, Bavaria and Lombardy, among others, an opportunity for a counter-weight was created that Leo III, near-blinded and nearly tongueless from an encounter with Byzantine justice, seized upon, anointing Charlemagne Emperor in the West and uniting Germanic Christendom for the next 16 years.

While Charlemagne has been just, legislating against usury and the excesses of the Jews, his son, Louis I the Pious, was less so, inviting the Jews back to court and freely turning his fiscal policy over to a cartel of Hebrew coiners and tax factors. But it was not the Jews who were primarily responsible for the disintegration of the Carolingian Empire.  As they had learned at Rome, in Byzantium and in the Caliphate, a global order could be more profitable than global disorder—as long as the Jews ended sitting near the head of it.

Two causes destroyed the Carolingians.  The first was the continuation of the Merovingian notion of the kingship as property to be divided among the sons of the kings.  Louis' death prompted a four fold division of the Empire into the West, middle and East Franks and Italy.  This left open the question of who would hold the Imperial Crown, provoking war among the brothers, and their descendents, just as it had among the Merovingians. The difference, though, was that none of the successor states were strong enough to conquer the others, unlike as occurred under the descendents of Clovis. 

Lotharingia, modern Lorraine, along with the Low Countries and the Rhineland, was divided between the West Franks, France and the East Franks, Germany.  But, the kings of those nations, Charles II the Bald of France and Louis II the German of Germany, could not defeat each other, despite a war that continued late into the 9th century. The other cause of the failure of the Carolingians was the fracturing of their nations by foreign invasion.  In Germany, the Carolingian Dukes of Saxony, Bavaria, Swabia, Franconia, Thuringia, Carinthia, and the Lorraine were made marcher lords and left to defend their lands against the Slavs and Magyars, while Louis II and Charles II the Fat sought the throne in the West, became functionally independent, deposing the Carolingians for good in 911 AD. 

But, in France and German Friesland, it was the Vikings who ended Charlemagne’s line. The Vikings began attacking France as early as 812 AD, when Charlemagne still reigned, but their attacks intensified after his death.  Armed with a berserker rage that some speculated may have been augmented with the ergot fungus, an early form of LSD, the Vikings proceeded along the ample coastline of France and down its wide and deep rivers, killing and enslaving all in the name of Odin. France lost its southern territories—Aquitania, Toulouse and the Spanish March—with the division that followed Louis I’s death.  Shortly afterward, the Celtic people of Brittany under Nomeno, their Count, seized Nantes and Rennes, beginning an independent existence as what would become a duchy in the next century under Conan I.  As the Vikings raided what would become Normandy, Charles II incorporated the territory just south of Brittany and Normandy into the Duchy of Anjou, naming Robert the Strong its first Duke in 866 AD.  Baldwin I Strong-Arm, Charles’ brother-in-law, was named Count of Flanders in 876 AD.  The Viking Gerulf was named Count of West Frisia—later Holland—in 885 AD by Charles III the Fat of Germany, and was charged with protecting the Low Countries from his own people.  This pattern continued with the appointment of Rollo as Duke of Normandy in 911 AD by Charles III the Simple of France.  Essentially, these appointments made the coast of Northern France a Nordic march, and soon, the Nordic marcher lords would demand control of the French throne.

Just as the German duchies brought down Charles the Fat in Germany, the French duchies soon began a contest with Charles the Simple of France.  Despite having Charlemagne's blood in their veins, neither Charles had the vigor of their 6'4” blond warrior grandfather or great-grandfather.  Charles III was brought down by an uprising in 888 AD, and his descendents never fully regained control, the empire passing to Conrad I, Duke of Franconia in 905 AD.  Charles III had gained his throne by displacing Eudes, a son of Robert the Strong who had been “elected” to the kingship on the death of Louis II’s son Carloman in 889, and Charles was displaced in turn by the usurper Robert I, another son of Robert the Strong, and by King Rudolph, Robert I’s son-in-law, in a struggle that began in 923 and ended with Charles' death in 929.  Robert I’s other son, Hugh the Great, Count of Paris, allowed the kingship to return to the descendents of Charles III, and the Carolingians struggled on, largely impotent on the throne, until the deaths of Louis IV Outremer, Luther and Louis V Le Fauneant exhausted the legitimate line and allowed Hugh’s son, Hugh I Capet, to seize the throne in 996 AD.

[Yes, I know, it’s boring to modern day Americans who have the attention span of house flies. Believe it or not, all this stuff is pretty important, because it was during these Dark Ages, as they came to be called, that our race picked up a lot of our rambunctious habits that later brought the whole world to our feet. Think “Game of Thrones” without the dwarves and dragons and sword-babes in armored bikinis.—HAC]

The rise of the Robertians and the Capets has been supported by the other Nordic Dukes, particularly William I Longsword and Richard I of Normandy, precisely because of Capet's relative weakness.  Though the Robertians and last Carolingians had restored much of Southern France to the crown, Burgundy—including Provence and modern Franche-Comte—has been made an autonomous kingdom in 933 AD, and the kingdom of Aquitania, which had been destroyed by the Vikings, was restored as a Duchy independent as the others in 950. 

Further, Anjou had passed to a separate branch of the Robertians, and Blois, a county at the east end of Anjou, near Paris, had broken free in 940 and was rapidly encircling the Isle de France—Paris and its environs—making the land claims leading to the absorption of Champagne in the next century.  At the time he was made King, Hugh I governed only Paris, Orleans, Beauvais, Soissons and Compiégne. The weak king at the center of France left that country divided three ways, into the Norman north, with their allies at Flanders and Anjou;  into the royal domains;  and into the largely heretical south, comprising Toulouse, Provence, and the Aquitaine.

The Bad Popes

[Okay, this gets more interesting, because there’s a lot of sleaze of the kind Americans love.]  

While the Papacy had remained in the Byzantine sphere, its temporal power limited to Rome, its interests in the North and west of Europe had been primarily spiritual and had focused on the conversion of the Germanic people.  But, when the conquests of Islam weakened the Byzantines, the now free Papacy saw an opportunity in the conquests of Charlemagne to embrace—and, through anointment, control—a new protector.

Charlemagne lived as Holy Roman Emperor only 16 years, however, and his sons and grandsons were a disappointment to Rome.  Louis I held all of the Empire but Italy together—but also invited Jews, slavers and usurers to his court.  He lived until 849 AD, and the warfare that erupted between his sons left Rome undefended to fend for itself.  In 846 AD, the Arabs, who had seized Sicily, sacked the Holy City.  As France, Lorraine and Germany fought for dominance, Popes like Nicholas I and John VIII urged a united Christendom under Papal guidance.  John VIII was assassinated, though—poisoned and beaten to death with a hammer by a rebel faction of the Church—and his death marked the ascension of the faction that would be called the Marozians—the Bad Popes—a group of devil worshipping madmen and slutty women who would publicly revive the Bacchus rites which Catholicism had early subsumed.

After the murder of John VIII, the Dukes of Spoleto, Guido, from 881 to 894, then Lambert, from 892 to 898, declared themselves Emperor, challenging Charles the Fat and then his cousin, Arnulf of Bavaria, and promoting a series of candidates to the Papacy. When the wars with Islam made the Dukes of Spoleto too weak to protect their candidates, Germany’s Charles the Fat, busy with a war to usurp the throne of France after the death of Louis III, was helpless to intervene, as the occult faction which had slain John VIII aligned itself with the line of kings descended from Charlemagne’s son, Pippin of Italy, and then loosely, with the Capets of France, to raise their demonic candidates to the Papacy.

The last of the good popes was Formosus, the “good looking”, an elderly man who died in 896. His successor, Boniface VI, was the first Pope of the Marozian ascension, an immoral monk who had twice been defrocked for assorted unnatural acts before his elevation. His short reign was followed by that of the mad pope, Stephen VI(I), who, shortly after his elevation, exhumed the body of Formosus for the necromantic “Cadaver Synod,” in which he accused Formosus’ exhumed corpse of heresy, excommunicated it, mutilated it, and threw it in a rive, where it was saved and re-interred by monks.  [See, didn’t I promise you sleaze?] Shortly afterwards, the Latin Basilica at the Vatican collapsed—taken as a sign from God that incited an angry mob to depose Stephen. 

The faction of the “Good Popes” then tried to regain the Papacy—nominating Romanus, who was assassinated after four months, followed by Theodore II, who survived only 20 days—just long enough to revoke the decree of the Cadaver Synod. On Theodore's death in 897, two candidates were elected simultaneously to replace him.  Sergius III, a Cluniac monk from the “bad” faction, and John IX, a “good” Pope.  A brief civil conflict erupted between their supporters from Rome, and Sergius was driven out of the city to exile in the Court of the Duke of Tuscany.  John IX continued the policies of Theodore II, taking the extra step of declaring that trials could not be conducted of the dead, but he survived less than two years, and his faction survived less than five, through the subsequent reigns of Benedict IV, 900-903, and Leo V.

What became the Marozian faction allied with the nobility of Northern Italy, Southern France, and the remnants of the Byzantines.  Their power bases were in the old Etruscan lands of the Duke of Tuscany and in the former Byzantine capital of Ravenna, as well as within the Vatican, where the Papal treasurer, Theophylact, was able to use the chaos created to declare himself Duke (later “Senator”) of Rome.

Theophylact’s wife was Theodora, and his daughter was Marozia, from whence these Bad Popes take their name.  These three, their family, and their lovers, dominated Rome until the middle of the 11th century.  When Leo V was deposed after a month in office by Pope Christopher—a rebel Cardinal who kidnapped and imprisoned Leo—the Marozians acted.  Sergius II returned from Tuscany with an army and captured both competitors—and then strangled them, seizing the Holy Office.

Upon Theodore’s death in 897, two candidates were elected simultaneously to replace him.  These were Sergius III, a Cluniac monk from the “Bad” faction, and John IX, a “Good” Pope.  A brief civil conflict erupted in Rome, and Sergius was driven out of the city to the Court of the Duke of Tuscany.  John IX continued the politics of Theodore II, taking the extra step of declaring that trials could not be conducted of the dead, but he survived less than two years, and his faction survived less than give, through only the reigns of Benedict IV, 903-903, and Leo V.

The Marozians, the Bad Popes, were allied with the nobility of Northern Italy, Southern France, and the remnants of the Byzantine empire.  Their power bases were in the traditionally Jewish-dominated courts of Southern France, the old Etruscan lands that were now the Duchy of Tuscany, and the Byzantine regional capital of Ravenna, as well as within the Vatican, where the Papal treasurer, Theophylact, was able to use the chaos created to declare himself Duke (later, “Senator”) of Rome.

After the death of Louis III of Provence, whose family had been preferred as Emperor by the Good Popes, Sergius III raised Pippin of Italy's grandson Berengar I to the imperial throne, gaining control of the title, if not the territory of the Holy Roman Empire.  Making alliance with the Robertian (soon to be Capetian) faction in France, this “malignant, ferocious and unclean” Pope, an ally of Stephen the mad, cemented his alliance with Theophylact by seducing and beginning an affair with Marozia, then no more than fifteen years old, and fathering her bastard child.  On Sergius’ death, Theodora raised Anastasius III and then Lando, before handing the Papacy to Theodora's lover, John X, in 914.  John X was initially compliant with the wishes of the Marozians, crowning Berengar King of Italy in 915 and appointing their candidates to Archbishoprics in France and Italy. 

But something happened which turned John X against the Marozians.  He rebelled, naming Rudolf I of Burgundy King of Italy in 922—supporting him in a struggle to remove Berengar and then attempting to restore the Imperial Crown to the line of Provence by anointing Hugh of Provence Emperor in 926.  This culminated in an attempted uprising by John C and his brother, Peter, Count of Orte, in 928.  It failed, and Marozia—who had taken power from her mother Theodora by this time—had Peter executed in front of John X, and then had John smothered.

Marozia had been married to a man named Alberic, and he, her mother and her father all disappeared suddenly in 924.  Marozia seems to have murdered all of them.  Shortly afterwards, Marozia moved into the tomb of the Emperor Hadrian –now the Vatican castle of St Angelo—and re-opened its prison cells for business.  Declaring herself to be the Senator of Rome, she infiltrated the line of Provence, seducing, first, Guido of Tuscany in 926—who disappeared, likely into Marozia’s torture dungeon, before 932—and then his brother, the Emperor Hugo. Marozia then appointed John X’s successor, Leo VI, who disappeared after a few months, and his successor Stephen VII(I), whom she had assassinated three years later in favor of her bastard child with Sergius, who became John XI.

It was Marozia’s legitimate child with Alberic, Alberic II, who undid the bitch. As Marozia has done twelve years earlier, Alberic II rose up in 936 and murdered his mother.  Alberic had been acting as a page at some dark banquet when he spilled a cup of wine on Hugo.  Hugo struck him, and Alberic II fled the castle, shouting out to the people of the dark rites being practiced inside.  A mob formed and stormed the palace. Hugo himself escaped.  Alberic locked Marozia in a cell in Hadrian’s tomb, bricked it up, and flooded it with water. Hugo’s daughter, Alberic’s wife, also disappeared.  Alberic then declared himself Duke of Rome and took control of the Papacy.  his half brother, John XI, died of “natural” causes three years later, no older than his early 30s.  Alberic then made Popes Leo VII, Stephen VIII (IX), Marinus II (Martin III), and Agapitus II, before elevating his own bastard son, Octavian, to the Papacy as John XII.  After Alberic II’s death in 955, John XII would also take power as the Duke of Rome.

All of this had been able to occur because the two nations who had a truly legitimate claim to the Imperial throne, France and Germany, had spent the entire first half of the 10th century divided.  France had seen a struggle for the throne between the Carolingians and Robertians, while its territory had been carved into the independent duchies described above.  Germany had been at civil war from the rebellion against Charles the Fat in 888 until the reuniting of the Empire under Henry I the Fowler in the war of 919 to 925.  Even afterwards, Henry I, and, from 936, his son, Otto I the Great, were too busy battling the invasions of the Slavs and the Magyars to turn their attentions to Italy.

It wasn’t until Otto defeated the Magyars in 955, destroying their capital and seizing their treasury, that he was able to establish the peace necessary to plan for a war against Rome. The Liudolfings made it clear early on in their dynasty that they brooked no commerce with the Marozians, Henry I having refused an offer of anointment from Marozia herself, not deigning to be subject to a rule as corrupt as hers.  Otto I later laid the concept of the Reichskirche concept—a national German church—by refusing to allow the Marozians to appoint bishops over his territories, preferring instead his own candidates, to whom he granted large territories as part of his campaign to take power away from his vassals.

It was in 962 that Otto was given a casus belli that allowed him to clean out the “Satanic” Papacy and its allies in northern Italy. Fearing that Berengar was plotting to seize Rome, John XII begged Otto to intervene, and Otto agreed. First attacking Berengar, Otto seized the kingdom of Italy before proceeding south to Rome, where he deposed John XII and installed Leo VIII in John's stead.  This move began a century long struggle in which the Papacy would vacillate between Imperial and Marozians factions, until it all came to a head in 1045.

In removing John XII, Otto made a number of specific charges.  First, he claimed that John XII worshipped the devil—a practice John had learned from his father and his grandmother.  Secondly, Otto also claimed that John had revived the worship of Jupiter and Venus, really, a specification of the allegations of devil-worship. Third, Otto claimed that John had engaged in the ritual castration of cardinals who had resisted his rule. Fourth, John was said to have operated a brothel in his palace.

From these allegations, and the history of the period, a few conclusions can be drawn.  An occult current already present in the Church seems to have used the anarchy of the late Carolingian period in France and Germany to emerge and seize power.  Theophylact and even Theodora may have begun as simple power seekers, but Popes Stephen VI(I) and Sergius III were clearly initiates into the mysteries of this dark religion.  Marozia was clearly drawn into the movement at a young age through her affair with Sergius, and her mother was just as clearly drawn in as well.  The horror with which John X reacted to the Marozians indicated he learned—perhaps suddenly—the true nature of those who had elevated him and had reacted to it, perhaps too foolishly.  Leo VI and Stephen VII(I) met similar fates.  The Berengars, the Dukes of Tuscany, and the house of Provence all seem to have been corrupted by this spiritual poison, and there is no question that Alberic II practiced this dark philosophy and passed it down to John XII, who continued it within the Church and passed it on to future generations.

What was the nature of this occult current? The statement that Jupiter and Venus had been revived suggests that it was pagan—not  mere Solomonic or neo-Platonic “devil” worship.  The murder, the sex, and the links to France suggest that it was, specifically, the cult of Attis-Cybele, the faith of the Great Mother, whose absorption into Catholicism we have detailed above.  Only six hundred years had passed since men were last castrated in sacrifice at the rock of Cybele beneath St Peters’ no later than 960, John XII and Marozians seem to have returned the hill to its ancient purpose. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - March 28th, 2013 

HAC talks about the Colorado assassination of an American prison commandant, Gretchen reviews a book on Nathan Bedford Forrest, and we hear a panel discussion on Holocaust revisionsism with HAC, Seattle artist Charles Krafft, and Comrades Andy and Don.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Charles Krafft On Radio Free Northwest 

A special Radio Free Northwest interview with long-renowned Seattle artist and recently-renowned Holocaust heretic Charles Krafft.

We're Lucky Bastards

Dear HAC:

As a working class Brit who is earning just above the minimum wage here in the UK, it makes me so mad that the people of the USA are so apathetic, and you have to howl at them every show to simply move across the country for their own good to be with fellow Whites and they won't do it. 

What in God's name is wrong with these people? Have they no idea how lucky they are? All they have to do is hitch the U-haul and move, but they won't. Meanwhile people like me who want to move to the Northwest but can't due to immigration laws have to suffer in the cesspit which is Britain. 

Being so desperate to emigrate to the Northwest but knowing it can't happen makes me so bloody mad. It's so easy for them, but they don't do it but impossible for me who does. Bloody bone-idle Americans should be ashamed of themselves 


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bill White On Internet Smears

[I have to say, this Corrlinks e-mail system is great! Although it was no doubt created to make censorship and control so much easier for the dictatorship’s correctional slave labor empire, it allows something like normal, serious (albeit monitored) communication with prisoners, and by eliminating the need for typing out their letters, makes it possible for a prisoner with e-mail privileges to reach the outside world a lot faster.

Also, sudden cut-off of e-mail can let us know that something has happened to a White prisoner inside. Edgar Steele has not, to my knowledge, sent out any e-mail for at least ten months, or at least no one will admit to receiving any from him.

I’m posting this e-mail from Bill because he touches on the subject I discussed in my February 21 Radio Free Northwest podcast. I asked him about a derogatory term from Back In The Day that one of my three heckling IP addresses keeps trying to post to the comments sections of Thoughtcrime and Homeland, obviously working off an old template.  – HAC] 

Dear Harold:

The first person to ever use such a term to insult me was Erica Hardwick-Hoesch.  [Personal comment on Bill’s ex-girlfriend redacted.]  ;-D LOL.

However, the ones who really picked that up were the half-Jew Josh Hoyt and Darryl Lamont Jenkins of the One People's Project.  I have never heard any other person use such a term, and I don't believe such a term would be used by anyone who has met me -- though I have put on about ten pounds since my arrest last year.  LOL.

So, there is your answer.

One of the things that came out during my Roanoke trial in a sidebar is that the federal government pays people who, as part of their duties in the White movement, are tasked to insult me on internet forums.  As I understand it, they have certain informants -- part of the usual quota of four and average complement of ten held by each federal agent -- to whom they regularly issue directions as to who to support and who to attack on forums, message boards, and the like, causing the sudden "flocking" behavior these smear campaigns have always displayed. This came out when the feds admitted that they had had authored a Wikipedia article they tried to introduce into evidence against me. (Some of you may remember my own troubles with Wikipedia. – HAC) 

So, I would suggest that anyone using such a term is either Erica, still angry I got between her and her "boyfriend" ten years ago, or someone who knows her.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Looks Like I Called It On Colorado

An update on the incident I mentioned in the latest RFN, where the head of the Colorado prison system was gunned down on his own doorstep. 

They're now hanging it on a so-called "White supremacist" (of course!) named Evan Ebel, aged 28, who was shot and put into a vegetative state by county mounties down in Texas. They're harvesting his organs now as I write this.

Our Lords and Masters now claim that they are "looking for connections" between Ebel and the shooting of Colorado prison czar Tom Clements. The previous theory that it might have been done by a brown-skinned Muslim (i.e. a politically protected minority) has now been shoved down the Memory Hole. Nothing like a conveniently dead "White supremacist" to take the rap for pretty much whatever rap needs taking.

Okay, look, we don't yet know much, so maybe it was this guy Ebel. With a criminal record for armed robbery, he's certainly no prize. I've never heard of this alleged "White supremacist prison gang" he's supposed to be a member of. Maybe it really does exist. But I do find his sudden demise and linkage to the Colorado incident very convenient for the power structure, and when things fall out conveniently for the dictatorship my bullshit antennae start twitching.

You can listen to this week's Radio Free Northwest at 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - March 21st, 2013

HAC dishes on his O. C. Oglevy character, the Colorado shooting, and how “it” might happen, we hear from new migrants Rod and Donald, and Gretchen reviews a book on the Afrikaner people.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Dear Harold:

From what I gathered from the news stories, the White kid was the primary rapist and the girl was White. The White kid later brought in his black buddy to share in the "fun" after he had already gotten his jollies off. The real story here is of a White boy who felt more of a kinship with a black buddy than a White girl, and race was of no consideration in the decision to share the spoils with a black animal. The realization and true message of this is that many Whites have little or no racial identity left, and they more often vie for recognition from the black savages they run with than an all-White social contract. America has sunk deeper into the morass of the mud-masses. Unfortunately, this anti-White mindset is irreversible among much of today's White youth.

-Carl Geharis


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letter From Down Under


Assuming you guys have the time, much less the inclination, to hear about the migration efforts of a weird Australian keyboard comrade, I figured I'd give you an update. I've been working slowly but steadily on myself and my situation.

My uni classes have commenced as promised, and the political crap is already being shoved down my gullet in the form of a pinko, "essay" that comprises 15% of my mathematics mark. Mathematics!

Not even kidding. This is especially horrifying when the grading is contrasted with the actual mathematical component. Fifteen percent is equal to two large maths tests, while the minor fortnightly quizzes are worth a total of just 10%. The PC component of this “people and planet” unit is only superceded in importance by the final exam. They are taking the best and brightest of our civilisation, and poisoning their minds with filth. No exceptions are permitted. You cannot opt out or attend merely to learn and expand your mind. These are no longer options for us White boys and girls.

It makes me sick and kinda mad, too.

You were right, Harold. It's no longer enough to burn a pinch of incense at the altar of the foe. Now, all must dance, and smile, and celebrate the death of our people. This is wrong. My very soul rebels against it. But I must get through this. My folk require it of me. It is my duty.

I'm working on aceing this course, and aceing my classes next semester too. I'm a clever bugger when I get my rear in gear, only there's never been much motivation to do so. Sure I hit the honour roll for my HSC but that was back in 2008. A lot has changed for the worse.

This time is different. This time I am working to get a transfer to the PNW. This time there is something more than “get money fuck bitches” on the line, thank the Gods.

To be as brutally honest with you as I try to be with myself, the idea of living and working, or at least studying, in the Homeland seems a thousand years and a world away. On some level, I kinda doubt I can ever transmute it from fantasy to reality, anymore than the alchemists of old could transmute iron to gold. That's a self confidence thing though. I've never done anything before. Not really. This is just so enormous and outside the limits of my experience that at times it overwhelms me.

The solution is to expand the limits of my experience, rather than sit and feel baffled. Each day that gets a little easier. Progress is made. I'm guessing the practical urgency of such things will accelerate the process once I hit the ground.

I keep myself sane by volunteering with a local Christian charity. They help young people who've been driven onto the street, often by their inept or psychotic baby boomer parents, and whose minds have been destroyed by the prevailing ideology.

Basically, we shovel shit off maybe ten young people at a time, even as the system spews it out by the giga-litre, covering thousands more. It's like pushing a boulder up a giant parabolic treadmill, with the ever present threat of being thrown off and crushed if you move too slow or too fast. Fortunately we have a few not-so-small-V volunteers who do night patrols in camo pants and steel-toed boots. It's not the Party, but it's something, and we really do help. Several women have been spared the attentions of dusky rapists in the last few months. It's legal, too. The cops love us, because we don't use unreasonable amounts of force, are very professional, and ask nothing in return for our services.

Once again I've run into an erstwhile, comrade who is interested in the NF. The guy is a fatalistic National Socialist, unlike the other prospects I mentioned last year. He lives in New Zealand. He's expressed sentiments such as, “I wish I could go back in time and die in Berlin, during the final days of the fighting, just so I could know I did my duty.” Quite a cheery fellow as you can imagine, though he has his upbeat moments. He's a reasonably good Christian, and isn't bothered by my Wotanist inclinations anymore than I am bothered bothered by his perspective. That's a good sign.

In the time I've been talking to him, he's gone from a write-off to a rather interesting prospect. He claims to have recently acquired a job of sorts, all off-the-books of course. That's the way of things these days, unless you've got family connections like I apparently do. His self awareness is also on the rise. He's gone from the stereotypical White boy, “I can't get a job hurrdurr economy” to “you know, I used to think immigration and the economy were just my excuses, but now that I am actually looking, yes, it really is that bad out there, but I am not going to give up.”

He didn't. And now he has a job, shoveling rocks or stacking shelves something. Today he described the work to me as “awesome.” He wasn't joking. Positive reinforcement of this kind is a big deal for them White boys, as I'm sure you know.

He grew up in the typical nuclear family; nuked from within. His mother, a Strong Womyn, liberated herself from her responsibilities as a wife and mother after her wicked husband dared suggest she wait until her kids grew up before she went to university full time. That she had not one, not two, but three young children at home did not sway her from her quest for self discovery. She extricated herself from all that wicked White male oppression and patriarchally-enforced personal accountability, just like her self-help books and barren bitchy friends said she should, and is currently telling everyone who'll listen about the amazing career opportunity she has in Australia or whatever. The one that never seems to materialise, oddly enough. Seems like a demented liberal Power Womyn fantasy. There's a lot of that going around.

Divorce went as you'd expect it to. She flounced through court, more as a formality given how bad things are for modern White males, nabbed the kids, took the house, the money and the poor man's pride. Probably just fell short of finding her own Maori version of Martha Proudfoot and chocolate-ritualing her former husband into prison, a la Brigade. Small mercies come at a high price. This time, there was no Zack Hatfield, no Ekstrom or Washburn swilling name brand diet cola and fomenting vengeance. No White men who'd had enough of what ain't right. This guy's family was plunged into the waking nightmare of modernity, along with thousands of others, and nothing was done to stop it. He says that among his old high school friends, broken families are more common than whole ones now. Nice. 

Literally just last night, I got him reading the books after a long struggle with his apathy and despair. I started him on The Brigade. He has made quite the turnaround these last 24 hours, and is practically frothing at the mouth with excitement. It's hard to get video-game addicted White boys to read a 400 page novel but he is devouring it, one chapter per sitting, at a rate of knots. That it so closely parallels his own experiences really helps. As he clicks his way through the PDF he keeps cyber-bouncing up to me when I'm signed in on my phone, and telling me how this or that or the other passage means something to him personally. I am learning more about his dark past now than I have in the year I've known him. He'll be a die hard convert in a fortnight.

He frequents a White internet play board where the NF is the devil incarnate as far as the regular posters are concerned. It is anonymous, so one poster can become many with ease. I assume some do. [Idiot redacted] blog is gospel, questioning it will get you accused of being Harold, we're all FBI agents, the usual. If you argue them to a standstill, they start posting pornographic images of fat gay men with beards claiming it's Harold's Friday night out, or interracial smut they've painstakingly watermarked with the NF shield logo. Proud Aryan warriors, fighting the fight.

Point is, in spite of it all, this kid still trusts Harold and the NF. Did so prior to looking at the books, too. Why?  “Because the NWF are all there is.” His words, not mine.

It's that simple as far as he's concerned. If the NF is a federal honey pot, he's happy to regret trusting us in jail. At least he'll be, absolved of inaction and cowardice. The guy is kinda scary sometimes. There's the harmless slightly awkward white boy who wants to play zombie shoot-em-ups with me while talking about Nazis, and then there's this ... other guy, I guess, just under the surface. A guy who's actually pretty badass and gets it. That guy is crazy brave and very determined. I see a lot of myself in the kid. As well as a lot of things I'd like to be.

I am planning to do a face-to-face with him some time in July. He lives in New Zealand but has a friend in Sydney, a former liberal he converted to the NS ideology. The guy made the classic Thinking Liberal mistake—he tried to attack a friend upon learning he was racial. Given the two already understood and respected one another, the truth breached the gates of the liberal's mind like the Trojan Horse of myth. The lies didn't stand a chance.

I'm about ready to put this guy into some kind of formal contact with the Party. Again. You see, he already sent a contact submission form ages ago, but it seems to have been lost under the weight of Party correspondence. I'd ask him to send a second one in lieu of his new found enthusiasm.

But I'm hesitant. Here's why.

He sorta wants to go. Just, you know, go. He wants to show up at LAX, take a connecting flight or hitch a ride somewhere, then kinda, wander off and get lost, all the way Home to his surprise. Join Hernandez and Tyrone shifting crates as a day labourer. Sleep rough on the streets. Fend off starvation and crackheads who try to kill him and take his stuff. Help the Party by being on hand in the Seattle area, ready to do anything that's asked of him. He commented that living in a small white community in the mountains or whatever would help him find peace. But that peace was something he had to earn. Hence the whole Seattle thing. He wants duty. He thinks we're the ones to give it to him. To be more precise, he figures you [Andy] are the one to who'll give it to him. You want to make demands on people’s time? This guy'd be demanding the demands.

If I can't talk him out of this, I wouldn't dream of making it my responsibility to keep him out of T-Shirt Youth territory. If I can't stop him from doing something stupid then I will definitely do nothing at all for him. I certainly won't furnish the crazy bastard with some survival gear and a hive of bees, pardon my cockney, to make sure he doesn't perish in a snow drift or worse. That would cut into my beer and my video games. And we can't have that now can we?

I have a plan to get Home properly. This kid doesn't. That's going to drive him mad in short order, especially now that he's reading the novels. He told me last night, upon picking up The Brigade, that for the first time since he was a child, he has hope. He says it's like a transformative fire is sweeping through him. I know exactly what he means. The Northwest Imperative does that to you. With the NF, we can DO something. Even if it's just something small, like building White communities. But we can actually make a bit of a difference. That matters. A lot.

Reading The Brigade is like re-living his whole life so far, only this time, there are rugged heroes, role models, who change the ending at every turn. The vision of the NAR to come will be his in time, when he finished The Brigade and A Distant Thunder, and finally moves onto the ultimate treat, Freedom's Sons. He'll get to see what the NAR will be like one day, if we do this right. That'll clinch it for him. I know how he thinks and he's going to become a zealot as soon as he finishes the series.

He's working now and he has the idea in his head. If he gives you his name and address and intentions and then attempts anything funny, the email monitoring and your intercepted snail mail will have him nailed. The guy is reckless and desperate. I think he might actually do this, and that it might make a man out of him. Much like your father kicking your lily White ass out when you graduated from high school, Harold, this might be the best thing that ever happened to my buddy here.

Once someone of the Caucasian persuasion gets their arms around this kind of idea, there's no power in the universe that can stop them, short of death itself. Certainly not little old me. He has nothing to lose in his view. He either migrates or stays where he is and eventually drinks and games himself into an early grave. There's no third option. I'm not quite sure how you'd prefer I handle this one.

I'm not asking for you to condone illegal activity or say anything naughty or whatever. I oppose his reckless behaviour because it isn't allowed, and we mustn't break any rules. Oh no no no. I just want to know how you'd have him interact with the Party, if at all, at this point in time, or later.

Figured it was worth mentioning. Given this guy is pretty enthusiastic about the NF, I was thinking of ordering a full set of the Northwest novels from the Party and maybe giving them to him when he arrives. Reckon you could rustle up some signed copies for me? I'll give you $150 bucks for them.

Regarding my scouting trip: For pragmatic reasons I'm not going to conduct a scouting trip of my own until I actually have good cause to do so. That is not the case as things stand. It'd be a neat holiday and it'd be fun to meet you guys, but that's all I'd get out of it. I am not going to spend thousands of dollars on self indulgent play. That would be morally reprehensible for a man of my political and spiritual leanings.

When I am actually looking for either work, or a uni to which I might transfer, I'll be on the next plane out. Until then, there'd be no point. That really annoys me. I want to visit the Homeland urgently. It is a primal need. But I am not in the habit of spending huge sums of money for my own personal pleasure. That's all this would amount to.

That's about all the news I have at this time. I'll be in touch.

Hail victory kinsmen,