Sunday, February 17, 2013

Typical Letter To HAC

[Okay, it's an e-mail, not a letter, but I am getting more and more of these. There is no doubt now that the Northwest Front is starting to have an impact. Hits on the websites are up and feedback is starting to recover well from the annual "winter doldrums", and earlier than usual. Slowly but surely, the NF message is being heard out there.]


I want  to start out by saying my family greatly enjoys your broadcast, and in my own humble opinion you articulate and argue the cause of White people better than anyone else out there.   

I don't want to make this sound like a pity me sob story, but life under Obama is what it is. I'm a married 26 year old male (my wife and two year old daughter love your show as well).  First off, I'd like to mention that I broke my back in August of 2007, and though I am not paralyzed my mobility is severely limited (I normally have to walk with a cane). I've applied for disability several times only to be denied again and again, yet there are niggers who draw disability playing basketball at a park down the road as I type this missive. [They vote Democrat and you don't, so they get disability and you don't. - HAC] Still, I'm not bitter at my country's government, because I don't see the government in D.C. as my government. 

Sorry, I tend to jump around a lot.  Long story short I still manage to survive and provide for my wife and daughter if only just barely. I would love to come to the NW and help with the Party, but as I don't even have the benefit of most Americans of living paycheck to paycheck I can't be sure when that will be, and being fairly computer illiterate I can't help with anything online that's too technical. 

Something I can do, however is send you a few dollars here and there. I'm putting ten dollars in the mail on Monday morning, as I can afford it and show some little support that way. 

Anyway, as for me and mine we believe in you, and when my family and I finally make it to the Northwest, and if you have anything a cripple to do then I'm your man.

-W. J.
Florence, Alabama


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a sad email Harold, and I think after reading that.

I think ALL fit Americans/ Canadians Nationalists, with some money have no excuse.

They should get their act together, and come to the Homeland as soon as possible!

10:26 AM  

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