Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - February 21st, 2013

A special podcast from HAC.  Make sure to download this one and keep it for future reference.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, most people are going to say "HAC's as nutty as squirrel shit, just like always!" But...

The CIA and other government agencies came out in the early 1990s saying they had been using the "UFO Phenomena" since the late 1940s to cover up operations and tests and anything else they needed covering. Either building up "believers" that saw green men or having a UFO "expert" hop out when an agent needed cover or a B-52 nuclear bomb crash needed hiding and saying "I saw the aliens right here!"

It could be very possible there has been a very long term operation to keep the GUBU flowing. Remember, its not going to be these people's full time job. No one is sitting in Quantico saying "What can I post about HAC or David Lane today?" all day long and doing nothing else. Its just a part of the job description and ever now and again, whoever has got the job in their inbox will turn an eye to spreading a little more GUBU.

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