Monday, February 18, 2013

New Facebook Page

A comrade has tried once again to create a Facebook page for us, at

We seem to have fought Facebook to a draw over the past year. Those of us who want to be there are on there, just not under our own names. Some cyber-kidz not associated with us have come up with several ways of getting around the account being linked with a phone number which can then be banned. The "security checks" still occasionally pop up when one friends certain people, but there doesn't seem to be the really massive, hysterical purge of anything racial that was going on a year ago.

I noticed back when I was dealing with the same mess on Yahoo that these things tend to come and go in cycles. Some manager gets a bug up his ass about wicked evil racism and sets his admins to chasing and purging, but after a time they get bored or distracted with other work and it slacks off for six months or a year, until something revs it up again. 

Right now Zuckerberg and his hebes probably have other things to worry about than racialists using their service, what with the failed stock IPO and the bad optics on their multi-billion dollar tax break from the dictatorship.


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