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Letter from Dissident Writer Bill White

January 27th, 2013

Hello, Harold:

Well, you were almost right. The feds almost found a hole and buried me, again. However, I managed to find an exit, and have ended up in population here at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago.

When I arrived, I was immediately sent to the SHU—the same SHU is which I have suffered so much abuse in the past. It is almost my luck that the place has sunk to a new low—when I was last there, they had numerous negro inmates dancing naked, smearing feces on their windows and masturbating at passing white women, while other negroes banged out tribal rhythms and chanted obscenities from behind their metal doors. It was a cross between an African tribal village, the cape cage at the zoo, and a hip-hop concert, LOL.

Fortunately, with so many guys throwing shit, and the recent escapees (recaught) locked down under 24-hour observation, there was no time or desire to keep me tying up one of the few remaining beds. So I’ve been placed on the honor dorm here, or mostly low security inmates and those who are chilled out. Brian Maudry of [another group] is here too, as it happens, and things are as best they can get in Chicago.

Legally, things are going so well I’ve been waiting for them to go bad. The judge reportedly tore into the U.S. Attorney’s office at the pre-hearing conference, and despite a government motion that I felt was intended to delay things, the judge has set an accelerated schedule, and I should be in court and done on Monday. The judge has ordered probation to interview me, update my PSI, and then ordered all sides to have all issues briefed by Thursday. I almost feel there is not enough time. As I write, I am still waiting to see my counsel. But I think there is no question of additional time at this point.

Of course, the government has achieved their main objective: I won’t make a half-way house at this point. The transport back is a minimum of three to four weeks. Assuming I go back to Loretto, I’ll be there with like 25-30 days left. They can’t process me out that quick.

On other legal fronts, the court has accepted my §2255 motion in Virginia. If it finds that my appellate counsel was ineffective when she failed to file my en banc appeal, my convictions could be set aside or my appeals could be re-started. In Florida, the magistrate ordered most of my property returned, including my money—a few hundred bucks in pesos, lempiras, etc. The government is holding my electronics for the moment, just in case they can find some evidence to justify holding them. LOL. This is really just harassment to make me spend a few hundred bucks on a new laptop; I’m sure we’ll be back in court.

That’s the short summary of my recent life. The transport over was terrible—the strut supporting the wing of the plane transporting me broke, stranding me near Detroit for a week, and I missed two other flights, LOL. The BOP is literally falling apart—even here, in “supermax,” I found two doors so rusted out they could have been broken with a hard shove. (I don’t need the escape charge, though.) And to make my transport difficult, I was held in facilities with no phone or e-mail, where I could send three letters a week, and I’ve had all my mail and e-mail placed on a one-week delay, so it can be screened. That’s not to mention the fact that I’ve been bizarrely labeled a “sovereign citizen” guaranteeing I would be SHU’d in transit as well.

On the upside, Tradition of the Mother is out, and with matching funds, we’ve raised about $3,600 of the $30,000 necessary to pay for my Supreme Court appeal. $25.00 from each sale is going toward paying my legal fees. The book will also be going for sale at the normal price through and AFP/TBR soon. Giving it is only available right now from Poisoned Pen Press, I’ve been happy with the sales. Centuries of Revolution I’m told is also pushing the 1000-sold mark, so I’ve been very pleased with that,

I hope you are well. As it now stands, I’m thinking of touring the Northwest and northern U.S. after my release, while I’m waiting on a passport. With all my cases closed, there is little pressure on me to rush my way out of this failing state. Assuming I get things together, I hope we can get together.

Be well, Harold, and I’ll hopefully see you soon.


P. S.: As I wrote, I was just told my hearing date has been moved to February 20th. I expect, then, I may well be stuck in Chicago to the end. If you have a spare copy of the first book in your Northwest series—I don’t know if The Brigade, A Mighty Fortress, or Hill of the Ravens comes first—I would love to read it. My address here is:

William A. White #13888-084
Metropolitian Correctional Center
71 West Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL. 60605


Anonymous Louis Lanier said...

I really appreciate your doing this for B.W., Harold. You've shown you can let bygones be bygones, something no one else in the Movement seems capable of doing.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can Bill White receive mail, books and magazines in this Chicago jail? Can he see visitors?

Supporters near Chicago

11:13 AM  

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