Tuesday, February 12, 2013


[Contrary to what you may hear, when I make a mistake I acknowledge it. - HAC]
Just a minor point – he is Matt Tait, formerly of the BNP and he was at a London Forum Meeting organised by Jez Turner.
The meeting also featured a very long, but interesting speech from Bishop Williamson; this was  about the existence of God, not the "holocaust", which in turn prompted an extremely loud outburst at the end from Martin Webster.
I have a recording of most of the meeting - it’s intelligible, but very poor quality, as was recorded on a Blackberry from about 40 feet away. I will bring a digital recorder with a directional microphone next time, as at least some of the speeches should be posted.
[I posted yesterday's article at the behest of one of our English fans. I deleted the original e-mail, but either he said "Mike Thwait" or I am becoming even more senile and dyslexic than I thought. In any case, I apologize to both my readers and Mr. Tait for the error. - HAC]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will forgive you "this time" harold!!!!!!

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