Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bill White Indicted Again

Dissident writer Bill White has been indicted yet again for "issuing threats on the internet," this time at the behest of the ex-wife who stole all his property and money the first time around when he was in prison, and who evidently wants him to remain there while she continues stripping the man to the bone of every last cent he has, or had. 

The Department of Justice has been happy to oblige. White has been in prison since July, but apparently they pulled one or more of those old e-mails they've got archived at their West Virginia data center, went to the woman and told her it was a "threat" and if her ex-husband got out of jail he would come and kill her, and  practically got down on their knees and begged her to file charges. It took them almost seven months, but apparently the prospect of White's release in April before she completely financially cannibalized her formerly wealthy spouse  and had to give him visitation rights with his daughter was the clincher.

(Federal authorities seem to have developed a habit recently of getting involved in people's divorce and child custody cases and using them as pressure points to compel submission and compliance with their bizarre demands.)

White's case is one of pure government malice; he pissed off somebody in the dictatorship with a planned magazine cover from 2008, a magazine that wasn't even published, but the proposed cover of which he was foolish enough to splatter all over the internet.

His previous convictions were thrown out by a judge on Constitutional grounds after White spent two and a half years in prison, where he was tortured. The nigger Eric Holder appealed the acquittals, and found some loophole to get White re-sentenced to many more years on the one minor count which was not dismissed completely. That re-sentencing is scheduled for February 20th.

The judge is the same one who threw out the first convictions, and he seems to have become a bit irritated by the the relentless and clearly personal and malicious pursuit and persecution of White, not only over their appealing his decision to reverse the Mickey Mouse initial convictions, but now their latest prison stint over an admittedly silly but basically harmless parole violation. The dictatorship is apparently not too confident that this judge will toe the line and lock White up again for them, hence the months of pressure on his ex-wife to collaborate in getting her husband more time in prison so she can enjoy his money and the dictator's servants can enjoy their revenge.

No one, not even his most rabid persecutor in the Justice Department or the FBI, has ever claimed that Bill White has ever actually harmed anyone or seriously contemplated it. Basically, it now seems to have boiled down to pure primitive rage against a White male who will not do as he is told, stay off the internet, and who will not be quiet.  

The United States government is absolutely determined to make sure that this man spends many years in prison for the crime of refusing to shut up when he was told to do so during the 2008 election and because when he came out the first time he hit the keyboard running and has produced a number of articles and books, mostly on esoteric subjects, but still, he's not supposed to be writing any books or articles at all.  He's supposed to have crawled under the porch shaking and sobbing for mercy by now. White was supposed to break, God dammit! He didn't, and it's driving the lawyers and the secret police into a homicidal rage.

I won't re-run Bill's Chicago address, because they keep moving him around. Since his arrest last summer he has been moved at least a dozen times, by ground and by air, at what must be a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, in order to keep him one step ahead of his mail and keep him away from anyone who might visit him in prison (all this for a parole violation.) 

I will keep you updated and let you folks know once it looks like he may have settled for a while, probably back in the Roanoke, Virginia jail while they await his next round of trials, no doubt on a very long court date. I've had several letters from Bill and he deeply appreciates hearing from all of you. At least so far they haven't kept him totally incommunicado like they have Edgar Steele.


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BASTARDS !!!!!!!

The "Homeland" is becoming a necessity rather than an optional lifestyle for racially concious whites.

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