Thursday, February 28, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - February 28th, 2013

HAC responds to a British comrade living in his mother's basement; Gretchen reviews a book on the Norse Eddas; Andy from Seattle raps on migration and character, and then its back to Harold who dishes some more on the Northwest Volunteers.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Obama Releasing Violent Beaners

As part of the so-called "sequester," the dictator has begun releasing criminal illegal aliens from custody into the population. 

How many White Americans these brown beasts will murder, rape, rob, and degrade is anybody's guess, but since 30,000 of them are scheduled for release over the next few days, the number of White victims is likely to be substantial, especially little girls, in view of Mexicans' known sexual proclivities.

This is the same dictator who wants to confiscate your firearms, lest you defend yourselves against his "new Democrats."

Any possibility we might consider doing something about this? 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HAC and Charles Martel

Monday, February 25, 2013

That Six Million Figure

For those of you who are into obscure scholarly Holocaust research, this demonstrates pretty clearly that the Six Million Dead Jews figure actually pre-dates World War Two. Not that anybody cares or is paying attention, but I frankly think this one is going to disappear once the hebes notice it, so you’d better catch it quick. I don’t know who this is; it might be that weirdo Jew Brother Nathaniel. Someone once said the worst anti-Semites are the Jewish anti-Semites.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The White Resistance Manifesto

[In April of 2007, Jake Laskey of Eugene, Oregon was sentenced to an appalling twelve years in federal prison for the horrendous crime of throwing a rock through a window. The window happened to be in a synagogue; had it been anyone else's window, Laskey would have been charged with misdemeanor vandalism or criminal mischief at most.  

One is reminded of Victor Hugo's Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, who served 19 years in the galleys for stealing a loaf of bread. I can think of no more chilling and crystal clear proof of the fact that in our wonderful world of political correctness, as George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

Jake Laskey's life was destroyed because he dared to upset a politically protected minority who enjoy superior rights and preferential treatment under the law, as well as  fawning subservience from the judicial system. Since then, among other tortures and acts of institutional terrorism, Laskey has been deprived of all legal rights and access to his daughter, for no other reason than his political convictions. This is a textbook case of what is not supposed to happen in America.

While he was in prison awaiting trial, Laskey wrote a document called The White Resistance Manifesto. In reading this I am reminded not of Jean Valjean, but of the Russian Sergei Nechayev (1847-1882) who wrote one of the most famous of all declarations of rebellion, The Revolutionary Catechism, which I have published both here and in the Northwest Observer

Both manifestos are a bit inchoate and shrill at times, coming as they do from the heart of men tormented almost to madness by the suffocating and horrific injustice that has been inflicted on them, rather than from the rational and ordered intellect. But they are a clarion call of warning to the people who maintain this marinating toilet of a society as to exactly what kind of men they are breeding in the depths of their prisons and in the daily despair of life in Obama's Amurrica.

There is a rage building and building in this land that is buried deep, compressed like molten lava beneath the iron heel of the courts, the police, the FBI, the tax collectors and bureaucrats and Barbie Doll media personalities and the shouted obscenities that pass for pop culture. It is building in the prisons where White men are now sent for a politically incorrect word or a thought or a poem. It is building in the homes of the unemployed where families await their foreclosure notices, and under the bridges and in the Obamavilles where those families go after receiving them. It is building in the hospitals and nursing homes where loved ones are pushed off into a corner to die because they have no money. It is building in the hearts of men and women whose ancestors built this country and who now find themselves outnumbered, outvoted, shouted down and insulted, ignored and mocked, and kept as financial livestock to pay and pay so the ruling party can buy votes every election. It is the rage of the dishonored, the dispossessed, the disrespected and the dismissed.

It is the Fury of the Northmen that will one day explode America like a stick of dynamite in a rotten apple. - HAC]

The White Resistance Manifesto
By Jake Laskey
USP Hazelton
P. O. Box 2000
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia 26525
I am a political prisoner. I am a casualty of the endless race war that proceeds today. That racial war is being fought between the oppressed White race and an alien, degenerate, unwanted system under the control of Zionists who are destroying our land and rights. I whole-heartedly believe and stand next to my racial kin who strive for the noble right of a White Homeland, completely sovereign and independent, and the right of any White man or woman to assert this right in a White revolution.

Never will we have peace in America until the foreign, despicable, and oppressive system’s presence is removed, leaving the White race to control our own affairs and determine our own destiny as a free people. Free in mind, free in body, disparate and distinct physically, culturally, and economically.

I am a White man born of a rising generation of determination wholly rooted with the unquenchable desire for freedom in our sacred Homeland. Armed resistance against the system is justified in achieving this goal. It is better to die fighting our enemies and battling for freedom to attain our own country than to live under this evil system. Freedom is worth fighting for, for even if we perish our children will reap the benefits of our sacrifice.

“Violence” is the unlawful use of force, so I don’t accept this term “violence.” I maintain that force used against the system is legitimate and justified by the circumstances that prevail today. Force is the means to an end. Who reading this objects to our taking back power in America by ballot in one hand and an AR-15 in the other? Ultimately we know assimilation into the system means our extinction, so we must fight, we must survive, and we must prevail against ZOG. There is no reconciliation.

The objective is to make America ungovernable. When the system realizes that the cost of making America governable is prohibitive, the political will to stick it out will collapse and the system will fall in on itself. It is not those who inflict the most but those who suffer the most who will conquer, as seen throughout history of revolutions and uprisings across this world.

Paramilitary organizations formed into small active cells, units of no more than two or three members each, drawn from different White racialist groups/organizations, united for White freedom, can and will be victorious in this struggle. Structure is formed vertically, and the nature of their function defines the composition of each unit. We can learn from the re-organized Irish Republican Army cells, and today’s Al-Qaeda organizational structure as taught to them by the C.I.A.

Information is disseminated on a need to know basis only. Take for instance a bombing unit cell group, where only one member knows in advance who is the intended target. The less others know, the least likely infiltration by system agents or stopping of revolutionary actions before implementation.

Cell groups must follow a five-step program like the Order instituted in the 1980s:

1. Form the cell.

2. Establish priorities.

3. Set up the war chest (money).

4. Recruit new members.

5. Execute operations against the people who are destroying America and the White Race.

Now let’s take a look at the insurgents in Iraq. The strategy there is a long war of attrition. The system concedes it can’t defeat the insurgents, so the insurgents continue to flourish for as long as the system remains a presence and an inescapable corollary follows. Eventual war-weariness sets in which precipitates the collapse of the political will to pursue an indefinite and ultimately fruitless war. This was also learned in Ireland.

We must wage a long war of attrition against the system in America and wear down the political will by making the cost of containing the conflict prohibitive to the taxpayers. Such as with sporadic bombing campaigns to remind the public that the actions of their government make them legitimate targets of reprisal, and by hunting down and executing prominent officials. If the ruling class isn’t safe, who is?

We live in a celebrity-conscious world where assassination galvanizes world opinion and excites the media far more effectively than the random deaths of thousands of nameless souls. JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, the Order’s action against the Jew talk show host Alan Berg, etc.

Meanwhile, paramilitary cells must alternate periods of force with periods of inaction, but this interval must never last long, otherwise the public’s expectations of what level of force is acceptable might change including their reaction to further forcible activities. Execution cells break into homes at early dawn to kill targets effectively when least expecting anything, political officials coming or going to work, or on lonely roads and in fields.

The key is television. Funerals of targeted officials are covered with details of their deaths, and circumstances are made public. Thus a media feeding frenzy ensues as well as a hysterical reaction by the public, since it is their officials and celebrities being killed, right in their back yard. The officials’ death is magnified a thousand-fold by television since it conveys intimacy. Each death becomes a statement and as the death toll rises, living rooms are filled with more statistics of death and the ritual of burial.

With these actions there is a loss of civil liberties (case in point, the Patriot Act after 9/11), whole-city curfews, mass arrests, martial law by the system. Yet more paramilitary organizations ply their trade out of the conviction that America cannot or will not protect the people, and more revolutionary acts ensue. The most successful operations are those which create conditions of optimal instability, maximizing the likelihood of a public backlash against the ruling élite of America, provoking the public to challenge the system in a way inimical to their own best interests.

Cells must adopt the policy of “shoot and scoot,” targeting public officials, politicians, media spokesmen and the like, because these people live at home and make easy open targets who can be hit at any time, any place. The cells’ risk of apprehension is minimal and they will be able to conduct these well-planned execution actions repeatedly.

These public figures being assassinated or even bombing campaigns in the system’s office facilities like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, merit more time on television than the killings of civilians like the murder of John and Jane Doe. The gruesome scenes of carnage and chaos, interviews with bemused survivors, pictures of victims torn to pieces, insistent cameras catching the sheer suddenness of oblivion and the ostensible pointlessness of it all.

Like the memory of the 9/11 Twin Towers “terrorist” act of airplanes wrecking into the buildings and its falling collapse (which was impossible without the use of demolition explosives) being shown repeatedly, the Alfred P. Murrah building split in half by an alleged truck bomb. Those pictures catapult the paramilitary organization that takes credit to the forefront of America’s consciousness to an extent never matched before.

Who but military personnel knew about Al Qaeda before 9/11? The Unabomber’s lone wolf campaign over the years got Ted Kaczynski’s Manifesto on the front cover of a nationwide newspaper and featured on national news and TV. The Order as well as Timothy McVeigh brought a fictional racialist book to the spotlight called The Turner Diaries written by William Pierce of the National Alliance under the pseudonym Andrew McDonald. This book is still featured in newspapers and magazine and TV repeatedly, upping the sales and becoming well known to the public.

Al Qaeda is now known world-wide for their action and has become a household topic of interest, with copycat Muslim cells now taking leaderless action in England, Spain, and elsewhere. Ireland knows the phrase, “By ballot, by bullet” very well. Sinn Fein, the political arm by the ballot, and the I.R.A., the revolutionary arm, by the bullet. We must use the ballot as well to manipulate public opinion whenever a suitable issue presents itself to chip away at the electoral strength and politicize the hordes of people pouring out with nowhere to go and no hope for the future. By bullet, to make American ungovernable.

Although a paramilitary organization does not set out to win at the ballot box, but sets out to win its political aims. We must admit that power truly comes out of the barrel of a gun. The hard truth is that politics ultimately has a lot more to do with the dictates of power than with the interests of John Q. Public. In reality, winning the hearts and minds of the people is more the by-product than the cause of success.

The mainstay of paramilitary organizations is repression. Success is predicated on the ability to provoke more repression. When the system cracks down and suspends constitutional rights by setting up special courts, denying due process, making warrantless searches and seizures and arrests, establishing more and more detention centers, prisons, jails, concentration camps, and increasing the power of ZOG’s forces. This will all create the conditions that promote and perpetuate paramilitary organizations to wage war against the system increasing in velocity and hasten ZOG’s demise once and for all. ZOG will be annihilated and our new nation will be born.

This is the prescription for the utter and wanted death of the System’s tyranny. This is what our cells must strive for. We must spell it out as R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N, to create change, to create our White nation, to make our White ethnostate.

Repression does in fact have a few problems to note, such as the question of time. But for a paramilitary organization there is no concept of failure, since it is non-existent in its ideology. In the face of failure there is a persistence to keep fighting since the benefit is ultimately freedom. When things and situations get bad, the solution is to go underground, cease the operations, re-organize, establish priorities, and execute offensive operations again better than previously, In the face of failure, the group’s aim will never go away.

ZOG will vow to stamp out the paramilitary organization and will have to show progress toward this goal to justify social, economic, and political costs the conflict entails. But how is progress measured? What is victory for the system when a well-placed bomb or the assassination of a political figure makes the claim of progress empty?

This places ZOG in the constant position to attain that which is unattainable. There’s no defense against random bombing, while weaponry become sophisticated with remote-controlled devices fine-tuning the swift delivery of gruesome death, the task of the System becomes more difficult. More of the celebrity figures get buried. The television shows these rituals on a constant basis. More civil rights and liberties are stripped from the public which feels the blunt end of the stick only to eventually rise up themselves and fight for what’s been taken—freedom!

Terrorism in fact functions best in a complex, interdependent urban society. I was taught by the Marine Cadre while in the Navy’s Auxiliary Security Force that “Terrorism is the act or threat of violence to attain goals political, religious, or ideological in nature.” Opportunities to disrupt the normal flow of life and sow the seeds of alienation grow more abundant, as long as the active strikes continue endlessly.

Iraqi insurgents changed tactics from suicide bombers to roadside IEDs that we now see and read about in the controlled Zionist media any time a U.S. soldier is killed. The ripple effects are felt and reach more widespread than ever before. The impact is absolutely devastating and deadly and the paramilitary organization gains its political aims as ZOG falls.

The order, the Phineas Priesthood, the Aryan Republican Army, the Christian Patriots Association, and others, known as “terrorists”, were and are freedom fighters. Force is justified for our Homeland, our goal, our White nation.

Be part of the Cause today. May Wotan give us victory and National Socialism be our savior. Hail the Aryan Revolutionary Movement! White Power!

Gulag America

Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Great NS Videos

For those of you of a National Socialist bent, check out the videos below:

These contain colorized film footage, or possibly early Technicolor footage itself, of early NSDAP activities during the Kampfzeit (the Time of Struggle). This will thrill those of you who liked Triumph of the Will but would have loved to see it in full color.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - February 21st, 2013

A special podcast from HAC.  Make sure to download this one and keep it for future reference.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Multiculturalism Video

Never say that I'm unwilling to be ecumenical.

Monday, February 18, 2013

New Facebook Page

A comrade has tried once again to create a Facebook page for us, at

We seem to have fought Facebook to a draw over the past year. Those of us who want to be there are on there, just not under our own names. Some cyber-kidz not associated with us have come up with several ways of getting around the account being linked with a phone number which can then be banned. The "security checks" still occasionally pop up when one friends certain people, but there doesn't seem to be the really massive, hysterical purge of anything racial that was going on a year ago.

I noticed back when I was dealing with the same mess on Yahoo that these things tend to come and go in cycles. Some manager gets a bug up his ass about wicked evil racism and sets his admins to chasing and purging, but after a time they get bored or distracted with other work and it slacks off for six months or a year, until something revs it up again. 

Right now Zuckerberg and his hebes probably have other things to worry about than racialists using their service, what with the failed stock IPO and the bad optics on their multi-billion dollar tax break from the dictatorship.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Typical Letter To HAC

[Okay, it's an e-mail, not a letter, but I am getting more and more of these. There is no doubt now that the Northwest Front is starting to have an impact. Hits on the websites are up and feedback is starting to recover well from the annual "winter doldrums", and earlier than usual. Slowly but surely, the NF message is being heard out there.]


I want  to start out by saying my family greatly enjoys your broadcast, and in my own humble opinion you articulate and argue the cause of White people better than anyone else out there.   

I don't want to make this sound like a pity me sob story, but life under Obama is what it is. I'm a married 26 year old male (my wife and two year old daughter love your show as well).  First off, I'd like to mention that I broke my back in August of 2007, and though I am not paralyzed my mobility is severely limited (I normally have to walk with a cane). I've applied for disability several times only to be denied again and again, yet there are niggers who draw disability playing basketball at a park down the road as I type this missive. [They vote Democrat and you don't, so they get disability and you don't. - HAC] Still, I'm not bitter at my country's government, because I don't see the government in D.C. as my government. 

Sorry, I tend to jump around a lot.  Long story short I still manage to survive and provide for my wife and daughter if only just barely. I would love to come to the NW and help with the Party, but as I don't even have the benefit of most Americans of living paycheck to paycheck I can't be sure when that will be, and being fairly computer illiterate I can't help with anything online that's too technical. 

Something I can do, however is send you a few dollars here and there. I'm putting ten dollars in the mail on Monday morning, as I can afford it and show some little support that way. 

Anyway, as for me and mine we believe in you, and when my family and I finally make it to the Northwest, and if you have anything a cripple to do then I'm your man.

-W. J.
Florence, Alabama

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Okay, first off, I know you’re all probably deluged with people sending you YouTube links: “Ya gotta see this! Ya gotta look at this!” Sorry to add to the load. But this is one of the effing funniest things I have ever seen in my life, and at the same time truly frightening.

I say it’s frightening as well, because the fact is that there are White people out there under the age of about 35 who have been watching this horse dung all their lives, and had their skulls full of mush so filled up to the brim with it that they would probably not recognize it as satire, take it at face value, and believe that niggers landed on the moon in 1966.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - February 14th, 2013

HAC on the Chris Dorner episode, internet madness, and the Northwest Volunteers. Gretchen talks about Savitri Devi’s other work, and Harold gives us a selection of Valentine’s Day-appropriate musical selections.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

HAC's Valentine's Day

The following magnificent epitaph was found carved on a stone in the Swiss alps, in one of the early Gothic runic alphabets. Archaeologists and scholars are not certain exactly how old it is, but they believe it may date from around the fifth century A. D.

 Traveller, short is my say.
 Stop and read these runes.
 This somber slab covers a beautiful woman.
 Her name was Juhiza.
 She was my light and my only love.
 What I wished, she wished also.
 What I shunned, she shunned also.
 Good she was, and chaste, loyal, discreet.
 She walked nobly and spoke kindly.
 Traveller, I have finished.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HAC On The Edgar Steele Case

The dictatorship has thrown Edgar Steele away. They want us to forget about what was done to him. Not a chance. Not happening, Barry.


[Contrary to what you may hear, when I make a mistake I acknowledge it. - HAC]
Just a minor point – he is Matt Tait, formerly of the BNP and he was at a London Forum Meeting organised by Jez Turner.
The meeting also featured a very long, but interesting speech from Bishop Williamson; this was  about the existence of God, not the "holocaust", which in turn prompted an extremely loud outburst at the end from Martin Webster.
I have a recording of most of the meeting - it’s intelligible, but very poor quality, as was recorded on a Blackberry from about 40 feet away. I will bring a digital recorder with a directional microphone next time, as at least some of the speeches should be posted.
[I posted yesterday's article at the behest of one of our English fans. I deleted the original e-mail, but either he said "Mike Thwait" or I am becoming even more senile and dyslexic than I thought. In any case, I apologize to both my readers and Mr. Tait for the error. - HAC]

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mike Thwait On YouTube

From the British New Right. A guy named Mike Thwait. He has  lot of fans across the pond.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bill White Indicted Again

Dissident writer Bill White has been indicted yet again for "issuing threats on the internet," this time at the behest of the ex-wife who stole all his property and money the first time around when he was in prison, and who evidently wants him to remain there while she continues stripping the man to the bone of every last cent he has, or had. 

The Department of Justice has been happy to oblige. White has been in prison since July, but apparently they pulled one or more of those old e-mails they've got archived at their West Virginia data center, went to the woman and told her it was a "threat" and if her ex-husband got out of jail he would come and kill her, and  practically got down on their knees and begged her to file charges. It took them almost seven months, but apparently the prospect of White's release in April before she completely financially cannibalized her formerly wealthy spouse  and had to give him visitation rights with his daughter was the clincher.

(Federal authorities seem to have developed a habit recently of getting involved in people's divorce and child custody cases and using them as pressure points to compel submission and compliance with their bizarre demands.)

White's case is one of pure government malice; he pissed off somebody in the dictatorship with a planned magazine cover from 2008, a magazine that wasn't even published, but the proposed cover of which he was foolish enough to splatter all over the internet.

His previous convictions were thrown out by a judge on Constitutional grounds after White spent two and a half years in prison, where he was tortured. The nigger Eric Holder appealed the acquittals, and found some loophole to get White re-sentenced to many more years on the one minor count which was not dismissed completely. That re-sentencing is scheduled for February 20th.

The judge is the same one who threw out the first convictions, and he seems to have become a bit irritated by the the relentless and clearly personal and malicious pursuit and persecution of White, not only over their appealing his decision to reverse the Mickey Mouse initial convictions, but now their latest prison stint over an admittedly silly but basically harmless parole violation. The dictatorship is apparently not too confident that this judge will toe the line and lock White up again for them, hence the months of pressure on his ex-wife to collaborate in getting her husband more time in prison so she can enjoy his money and the dictator's servants can enjoy their revenge.

No one, not even his most rabid persecutor in the Justice Department or the FBI, has ever claimed that Bill White has ever actually harmed anyone or seriously contemplated it. Basically, it now seems to have boiled down to pure primitive rage against a White male who will not do as he is told, stay off the internet, and who will not be quiet.  

The United States government is absolutely determined to make sure that this man spends many years in prison for the crime of refusing to shut up when he was told to do so during the 2008 election and because when he came out the first time he hit the keyboard running and has produced a number of articles and books, mostly on esoteric subjects, but still, he's not supposed to be writing any books or articles at all.  He's supposed to have crawled under the porch shaking and sobbing for mercy by now. White was supposed to break, God dammit! He didn't, and it's driving the lawyers and the secret police into a homicidal rage.

I won't re-run Bill's Chicago address, because they keep moving him around. Since his arrest last summer he has been moved at least a dozen times, by ground and by air, at what must be a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, in order to keep him one step ahead of his mail and keep him away from anyone who might visit him in prison (all this for a parole violation.) 

I will keep you updated and let you folks know once it looks like he may have settled for a while, probably back in the Roanoke, Virginia jail while they await his next round of trials, no doubt on a very long court date. I've had several letters from Bill and he deeply appreciates hearing from all of you. At least so far they haven't kept him totally incommunicado like they have Edgar Steele.

Friday, February 08, 2013

HAC On The Radio

HAC and host Mike Harris discuss the state of the media, Obamacare, the dictatorship's impending gun control offensive, and the completed Freedom's Sons.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - February 7th, 2013

HAC raps on Obamacare and literature distribution while Gretchen goes Runic.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"Say That I Slew Them Not?"

One of my medieval heroes. A much misunderstood man and a monarch who could have changed a lot of history if he’d lived and prevailed. See The Princes In The Tower from my Weird Aryan History Series.

Monday, February 04, 2013


This article has been a long time coming. It's something I should have written years ago because it addresses a crucial lie of the liberals and Jews, one that has America by the balls. For seventy years now liberalism has pounded out the propaganda that racial traits or rather recognizing them is "racist", and that there really is no such thing. It's all racial typecasting by bigots and racists who want to keep the bucket stirred up.

Horse shit. Any person that's lived long enough to know the score in this world, knows that the various races all possess certain characteristics and traits peculiar to their own race. This is simply a fact, whether liberals like it or not.

For example, Hispanics are violent natured, love knives and breed like rats. Any fool knows this. They'll also steal the fillings out of your granny's teeth while she's sleeping if they can get away with it. Like their Italian cousins, they are very emotional and extremely hot headed, ready to fight at the drop of a hat. They uniformly also possess a low IQ and a high testosterone level, nearing three times that of a Caucasian. This explains their monstrous sex drive.

Blacks are also thieves and sex fiends, possessing the same high hormone levels. They are also extremely low in intelligence, violent by nature and born liars. They are also insufferably lazy as a race. There seems to be about five traits that all the dark races share with each other, namely the strong sex drive, high hormone levels, lying, thieving and a violent nature.

And once agitated, none of them can be reasoned with. The only thing that will control any of them is a bullet. Those of us brave enough to call a spade a spade as it were, already acknowledge this fact. According to the liberals this makes us evil racist bigots. Never mind we're telling the God's truth, because it's not politically correct. Our forefathers knew all this, and practiced prevention as a lifestyle.

I tried to contact my bank this morning, but it was closed because of a national holiday, namely Martin Loser Koon day. Lincoln on a rubber crutch! I was so pissed off that I threw my phone, smashing it against the wall. So much for the phone. I wish fervently that I could do likewise to the God cursed Jews that instituted that national lie. To celebrate a piece of crap like that is not only preposterous, it's an affront to every decent white in the country.

King was a lazy, thieving, coke snorting bigamist that stirred up riots, took part in looting himself, and was with two white whores in a hotel room when he was shot by J. Edgar Hoover, who had it done way too late. He should have been taken out before he got notorious. He called himself a minister, but in fact he was nothing but a phoney who never was one, but occasionally visited those loud nigger churches, where he could jump and jive with the rest of them and make dates with the ho's of the black choir.

The coon kissers also love to call him "Dr" King when in reality the only degree he ever got was an honorary one by some nigger school. Hell he never even finished high school! He has become a symbol of the niggers getting over on whitey. Every year we're forced to shut down the entire country to celebrate the birthday of that piece of crap, just to rub it in whitey's face. The Jews know this, and that's exactly why they did it.

Oh sure, the liberals passed the law, but nothing and I mean nothing gets done in Washington unless the Jews want it done. But trying to get this public to see it is an almost impossible task. They've become so brainwashed that reason has become a stranger to them. Try and expose things the way they really are and they attack the messenger and the message with equal ferocity...

When I was just a pup, my grandfather saw the handwriting on the wall. This was back in the fifties, before niggers got loose. He saw trouble brewing, and he commented on the influenceof the evil men behind it. He said it was only a matter of time, and he was right.

My father spent the night in jail in 1966 for stomping a 260 pound buck who was terrorizing a bunch of old folks in a bar and grill lounge. The coon was walking on the bar, kicking off drinks and preaching how niggers were superior to whites. He'd throw drinks at the old folks and their terrified wives and laugh. 

Then he made the drastic mistake of kicking my father's drink on the floor. He bent down and got in dad's face and said, "We is superior to you white boys and youz knowz it!" Dad looked up slowly at this ass ugly monkey and said, "If I was walking in a pasture, and I stepped in a cow pie, you might..and I say might be superior to that but it's a toss up."

The coon froze and stared at him in astonishment, then rage covered his ugly face. Out of the corner of his eye Dad saw the flash of a straight razor and ducked just in time to receive only a nick on his neck. He then struck like lightening and beat that nigger half to death. He broke his leg, his arm, four ribs, fractured his skull and blackened both eyes. 

A week later he was arrested for assault. The judge was about to throw the book at him when it came out that the nigger used a razor. "Razor? Why haven't I heard about this?" asked the judge. That nigger had bribed his attorney and the sheriff to hide the facts, but witnesses to the fight came forward at the last minute and testified.

Dad was cleared and the nigger was charged with attempted murder and ADW. But that was before MLK. The liars got in a pile of trouble. That was when there was still justice in our courts, just before the liberals took over.

Now our courts are like armed prisons, and they treat anyone that enters like a damned convict. Pull that today and you'll go to prison, where his nigger pals will kill you in short order. In almost any state in the union, the population of their prisons is almost entirely nigger and wetback with a smattering of whites. Prison is no place for a white. 

But getting back to traits, just look at the Jews. You can spot one a mile away usually. They all have rounded heads, a friar Tuck hairline, curly hair, a long, thick hook nose, beady eyes set close together, are short with sloping shoulders and no chin.

And greedy, man they are greedy beyond reason, stealing even from each other. Jews lie better than a nigger and will cheat you faster than you can say "Hanukah". They are crooked as a boar's dork and look upon whites as animals to be used. These traits are real and no amount of political correctness will ever change it. 

The problem is getting people to start admitting once again that the emperor is butt nekkid. America is living a lie and it's destroying us. While we pretend none of these traits exist, these lowlifes are systematically dismantling everything our fore-fathers built, fought and died for.

I recently discovered an old VHS tape that had a bunch of really old classic cartoons on it, and some of them were definitely not politically correct. I'm sure that's why I haven't seen any of them in over 30 years.

For example, one is a Bugs Bunny cartoon that has Bugs pitted against a lazy, bubble lipped, slurring, shuffling, clown-footed coon that's so lazy he's dragging his rifle behind him rather than carry it. Of course Bugs outwits Rastus at every turn, and at the end he traps the coon by shaking a pair of dice, at which Rastus goes into fits of joy and drags Bugs behind a bush to "throw dem' bones".

Of course Bugs cleans his clock, leaving the coon with only a fig leaf. A funny cartoon that I roared through, let me tell you. What a treasure. The liberals would have a cow if it were to accidentally get aired on some TV station. Well, I can dream…LOL. It reminded me of what we've lost and brothers and sisters, we've lost a boatload.

It makes me feel really freaking old when I see young kids that don't have a clue what they've lost, and think the world is the way it should be. God's beard! How do you make them feel and understand what's missing in their lives? They'll never know what it felt like to have real pride in your race, and that every other race bowed to our superiority all over the world, and especially white Americans.

It was like being a citizen of Rome in ancient times. To be one was a passport to anyplace on the planet. It allowed you entry into the most exclusive places and let you dine with royalty. People bowed to you in respect. My father used to tell me of the days when he was a young man when a white man walked down the sidewalk the muds would step off into the street to let him pass.

That's because they knew we were their superiors. Well that's gone because they no longer fear or respect us. Why? Because liberals and Jews have made them our equals, another great big whopping lie. Now they hate and jeer at us, making fun of the downed lion like jackals will do to a wounded predator. The Jews have chained us and the muds are throwing tomatoes at us and jeering. 

And I'm sick of it. I want so badly to kick their worthless asses clean into orbit that I can feel their butt cheeks on the toe of my boot. Something's going to give in this nation pretty soon. And when it does it can go either way. I'm hoping whites decide to fight back again and retake their lost glory. It's long overdue. I call it as it really is. 

Join me. Be a voice in the wilderness and demonstrate our lost courage. I for one still have it.

-The Lone Haranguer