Monday, January 07, 2013

The Rise Of The Apro-American

I don't rant about blacks out of mindless hatred or bigotry. To be a bigot you must hate someone without any justifiable reason. You must hate them simply for the sake of hating someone. On the contrary I like blacks just fine and have absolutely nothing against them when they're in their own habitat aka Africa. It's when they move into my country and inject themselves into my culture and society against my will and the will of millions of other white Americans that hatred comes into play. Blacks are a thorn in the white man's side and always have been. I can't turn on a TV or tune to any channel be it public or pay, that doesn't have some ass ugly plate-lipped jungle ape staring hatefully back at me from my screen.

And I have to be brutally honest here—there is nothing on this planet more offensive to look at than a close-up of some Apro-American's pimple riddled, nappy-headed, bubble lipped face. Let's face it, they are ugly! In fact they have to be the ugliest creatures in the entirety of creation. And believe me, in all my years and travels I have seen some pretty damned ugly people and things. It's as if after God created life on earth he had a bucket of assholes left over, so he decided to try and see if he could make a spare man out of them. Instead he wound up with a frigging coon.

And look at TV today. It's supposed to be a form of entertainment and education. Instead it has been twisted by the Jews and liberals into a propaganda tool for their evil agenda to breed the dumbest of our females with these simians. They figure that if they expose these ugly monkeys to our women long enough, they'll become sufficiently acclimatized to them to allow them to screw them.

And believe me, this is just fine with ole' Rastus, who lays up at night dreaming of "dem white wimmins". God! If it were up to me, I'd create "castration posses" that would roam the streets at night in search of niggers with white women, so they could de-nut them right there on the spot while the buck kicked and screamed and cussed a blue streak. Then I'd have them stuff his balls up his ass and leave him lying there as a warning to all other niggers to leave our women alone or suffer the same fate. Radical? Yer damned straight it is, but that's exactly what this country needs. Action, no more words. We need men and women with the guts and dedication to act.

Back in California and in every American city now, you have BET and MTV channels pumping vile nigger filth into our living rooms 24\7. And our dumb-ass kids are watching that filth and gobbling it up like candy while it pollutes their minds and very souls. The last time I channel surfed down there, I landed on BET and was assaulted by some naked nigger ho's ass checks smack in my face in a living color close-up as she got her ass cheeks flapping at ninety miles an hour, creating a foul breeze that no doubt killed birds for two-hundred feet around her. After that disgusting performance was a troupe of hateful faced coons wearing sideways ball caps, sunglasses and bling, rapping out some of the vilest profanity a man ever had the misfortune of hearing, and having the audacity to call it "art". Niggers are unable to communicate without every other word being some vile profanity. They have no honor, no character and no integrity. If a coon can steal from you, he will, and if he can lie to you, he will, even when the truth would be easier. A black, be he male or female, will kill you without batting an eye and will sleep like a baby that night. They possess absolutely no remorse, just like a baboon.

It's like these new liberal pro-faggot adds that are being run as a "public service", warning of the evils of "bigotry" against pole smokers and butt burglars. Is it any wonder the Arabs call us depraved? They're right. I'm flat embarrassed to be a member of Western society. Hell, I don't even recognize it any longer. It sickens me, as it does almost every other white American, save those among us that have fallen under the evil spell of liberal cultism.

Two Apro-American hos were fighting over two little niglets, not because they love them but because those kids each give the guardian a welfare check for support. That's the whole reason most of these blacks have all those kids in the first place. Uncle Sam gives them more money each month than you or I can make busting our asses at work. I remember once when I was in the checkout line at a local store. I had a few humble items in my cart, while this welfare ho had a huge cart full of the best steaks, chops, roasts, and of course lots of chicken. Heck I remember one skinny coon with a whole shopping cart full of chicken. And I mean overflowing. Dem' food stamps got ole' Rastus a whole month's supply o' frieeeed sheeekin'! Yaazzuuhh!!! He had visions of drumsticks dancing in his sloping, nappy head. That was one happy coon let me tell you! Haaww!

The hard fact is that blacks have absolutely no business in White society. Period. Ever seen a black in a tuxedo? I can't think of anything more incongruous than that. Here's this sharp looking suit with an ass-ugly, black, nappy head poking out the top of it. Talk about a head turner. I remember once at a wedding reception where some fool was idiot enough to invite one of those apes. And he had to wear a tux. He looked exactly like that. The only people that didn't stare and gawk at him were the rabid liberals, who had to make a real conscious effort to act as if they didn't notice anything amiss. But I mean damn! What's it take to make those morons see that niggers don't belong here? Blacks belong where they originated, the African bush. They were happy there because life was simple and geared to their level of intelligence. When they were hungry they picked something, and when they were horny they humped somebody, just like their smaller cousins the chimps.

They beat on drums, wore bright feathers and clothes that they made themselves(niggers always love loud colors), and spoke a simple language consisting of clicks and grunts, which hadn't changed in a million years. Their hair was long and fuzzy, causing white explorers to name them "fuzzy wuzzies". The biggest problems whites had with these natives was their unceasing stealing and their almost fanatical drive to screw their women. Thousands of niggers were shot trying to crawl in the "massa's" window to get at the missus.

And sometimes one succeeded, causing that coon to be publicly executed by slow torture. Too bad we still don't practice that today. But with the help of the Jews and their evil agenda, blacks have been systematically ensconced into main-stream white society, giving these apes access to our women. Of all the evils caused by blacks living here, this is by far the worst part. And to add insult to injury, liberals are now on a concerted campaign to promote their vile "buck n'  blonde" agenda. I can't turn on the tube without seeing some snail lipped coon slobbering on some cute blonde girl. It makes me wanna puke in my sock.

As I said earlier, blacks belong back in the bush. In fact I've heard many blacks make that very statement, saying that their people would be much happier if they were back home in their ancestral stomping grounds. The root of most of black unhappiness, frustration and hostility comes from their inability to cope in our advanced white civilization. They simply do not possess the intelligence or the emotional make-up to function in our world. And of course they blame whitey for this, failing to distinguish between Jews and gentiles.

After all, to a black a white is a white, period. The difference between our two races is infinitesimal to blacks, and not even worth considering. Never mind it was the damned Jews that brought them here by force so they could make a fat profit selling them as slaves, plus plant the seeds of America's eventual destruction at the same time. A master stroke of evil.

Between the almost complete corruption of our culture with their vile language, sexual promiscuity and complete lack of morals, white culture has become an acute embarrassment for all Americans that still honor and practice traditional Aryan values. And to add insult to injury we have become the laughing stock of the whole planet, with our entire society becoming a nest of degenerates, sexual deviates and homosexuals, which incidentally is now being forced down America's throat with a proverbial broom handle.

Liberals are on a concerted public campaign to "normalize" this vile practice, calling it "wholesome" and "healthy" and condemning any and all who reject it as bigots and homophobes. This is deeply horrifying to millions of conservatives whites in this country, as it well should be. In fact this evil and corrupt government has now passed laws making it a felony for churches in this country to preach against it! Where will it all end? With the utter and complete destruction of the Aryan way of life, outlawing it was "racist" and bigoted.

We are responsible for the rise of the Apro-American in our country, because we failed to act. We should have used brute force to bring a stop to this Jew plot long centuries ago. But as the decades slowly passed, each succeeding generation failed to do what's necessary, and now our children are paying the price. The only way we are going to salvage the situation is by spilling blood—lots of it.

This is no longer an option but a necessity, if we as a race and a nation are going to survive. For blacks are destroyers. Albert Schweitzer warned us direly of the consequences of allowing those apes into our culture, warning that they would destroy America. So far he's been dead on target. Liberals and Jews have tried very hard to erase his name from our history books, but the truth still survives, being passed down from father to son whether our enemies like it or not. Revolution is our only hope at this point. I pray there are still enough whites left willing to fight the tidal wave of evil engulfing our people.

-The Lone Haranguer


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