Friday, January 25, 2013

The Day America Died

Yes, died. The America I knew and loved died the month that niggers won their right to mix in white society. Few of you were alive back then to see it go down, and I myself was only a boy. But the images I saw back then branded themselves into my psyche forever. Even though a boy, I was still old enough to know what was being taken from us, by force. Force that was being applied not by the niggers, for they could do nothing on their own. They were as troublesome and as powerless as they always were, thank God.

No, the force was applied by our so-called government, that had just been taken over by the communist liberals. They had been working from within our government and media for decades, slowly but surely insinuating themselves into every level and department of our leader-ship until finally they tipped the scales in their favor. And the moment they did, they struck without hesitation, just like communists always have. And like all communists, they were ruthless about it.

They fired hundreds of lower level leaders and bureaucrats, replacing them with hand picked flunkies and boot-licks. And if you think the nigger riots of the late sixties were a spontaneous event, think again. The whole thing was staged, orchestrated and financed by the Jews, the ones that were and still are behind the liberal takeover of America.

Just this afternoon I heard that a teacher was called on the carpet by his rabid liberal bosses and canned for giving a child the Bible he asked for. Whether I believe what you do or not isn't the issue here. If you want to worship a picture of your own a-hole it's your business and I will defend to the death your right to do so. This country was founded to escape from religious persecution so people would have the right to worship as they saw fit. Well we've lost that right now. But if he'd given the kid a copy of the Koran, they'd have probably given him a plaque of appreciation.

That's how sick and evil and twisted this country has become. A so-called Christian nation that fires teachers for believing it.

The point is that all the evil crap we suffer today at the hands of these bastards began back then during the nigger riots of the mid and late sixties. Martin Loser Koon was only a point man for the push they engineered. Sure our media, albeit as primitive as it was at the time, was happy to show all sorts of scenes of the poor, downtrodden and oppressed nigger being abused by those mean old white cops, who were fire hosing them off the streets for smashing out shop windows and looting (though the media was calling it "venting their pent up frustrations".

Hmmm. Where have we heard that tripe before I wonder? But nowhere did any of us see the footage of what the National Guard really the whites who were counter protesting. That was quickly and quietly swept under the rug.

Remember seeing the old file footage of coons being shot and beat with billy clubs to get them under control? Yeah, some of that did take place, but only in some of the southern states, and only in the very beginning. Once the liberals got their footing, they ordered the Guard to start beating and shooting the whites. That's because there were vast marches and protests and counter riots by whites, fighting against giving niggers the freedom they wanted. Because they knew without a shadow of a doubt that if those apes ever got their "cibil rights", they'd instantly start chasing our girls. And brother, that's exactly what those bush monkeys did.

The liberal\Jew media censored the crap out of all the news back then, and the public only saw what they wanted them to see. They were being manipulated expertly. In reality there were thousands of whites that were forcibly subdued by government troops and cops, getting the crap kicked out of them and some even killed. All so Rastus could get at our females. You think that's a bunch of paranoid tripe, spewed by some racist kook, eh? Then try to refute this:

Every single year there's a meeting in the auditorium at Berkeley college in Frisco, that bastion of liberal evil. And at that meeting is the dean of the college, hundreds of black "leaders" and a load of powerful, influential Jews from all over the country. They spend the entire day discussing their progress in their interbreeding program, and talk about ways to improve their results.

Their goal is to breed us out of existence by getting to the dumbest among us, namely our young females. And brother, there is nothing on this earth more gullible and stupid that our girls. They are bombarded from birth with liberal propaganda about the desirability of black males over whites. Never mind that almost none of them ever hold a job, or that almost 90% end up in prison by the time they're twenty. 

Never mind that they will knock up a white girl then leave her and go find another one to screw. This is a feather in the cap of all bucks, and they brag to each other about their conquests. Knocking up a white girl is a status symbol to niggers. Never mind that they almost always pass on some nasty assed venereal disease to her, then go spread it some more. There are a lot of cases where bucks are deliberately and knowingly giving AIDS to white girls. Some states now charge these evil monkeys with murder. They should. If I ruled this country, it would be a mandatory death sentence with no appeal.

Most whites today just don't have a clue as to what's really going on right under their noses. America died the day it gave civil rights to niggers. It was the death knell for America and our way of life. Some of us remember what it was like before the advent of the nigger, but most of you don't know what's been stolen from you.

Yes. stolen! You have been robbed and you should be mad as hell about it. We didn't have to lock our cars or homes. It was safe for our kids to play outside at night, and we could send our wives to the store alone at ten at night and they would return unmolested. Nobody with an ounce of class ever said "muthafukka"  and shacking up was considered a nigger and white trash practice.

Music and movies both had class and didn't have or need all that raw sex and profanity. Our kids could watch any-thing on the tube and we didn't worry.

Not anymore. Crime was so low that we had small police forces in every town and city. The niggers were kept under control on their side of the tracks and forced to stay there because we knew that if they ever got loose, they'd run to our women and start stealing us blind. Well, both happened almost at once the day they got their "civil rights". Now the Jews control everything, and we now live under their iron rule. If anyone dares to say anything against a Jew or nigger, he is in for a lot of trouble.

And yes of course the Jews know it's all a damned lie because they started the lie and they keep it going under pain of prison and ruin for being a "racist". In fact the Jews are the most racist bunch on the planet. Anyone smart enough to read their Talmud will quickly discover how they feel about whites and what their plans are for us. Our Founders warned us to keep them out at all costs, and while the Founders were alive, no Jew was allowed in the country.

But slowly they bribed their way back in, and you know the result. America is dead. We must create a new nation in the ashes of the old...a tough and unforgiving nation of whites that are hard as steel and ruthless in their purge of all enemies of the white race. The time has come, and I am watching and hoping that my people will finally step up to the plate. It's time men, it's time

-The Lone Haranguer


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A good follow-on to this would be to watch the "Jew Suss" (Jud Süß 1940):

German language w/ English subtitles.

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