Saturday, January 12, 2013

HAC On Whiteboys Who Never Grow Up (Audio)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it with you people and accusing women of race-mixing. If anyone does it, MEN DO. A LOT. It's very rare that non-trashy women engage in it, and all of the rest are women we don't want anyway.

But I've seen MANY white men with lizard ladies - but of course you never mention that because white men are such innocent, put-upon victims. In fact, you never acknowledge that the biggest group of non-whites breeding with us are those damn chosen shapeshifting lizards, and if you do mention that, you mention their lust for white wimminz, instead of, y'know, OVER 90% OF IT INVOLVES WHITE MEN.

In fact, I think a number of women have commented, saying that women are more racially aware and feeling threatened, and men just view africans and whatever mud females as providers of kinky sex.

I was recently in Washington state and I saw a LOT of White men with Mestizas or lizards, but no racemixing white women.

But you don't acknowledge that, do you.

No, it's all women's fault.

Why don't you go and get some eyes. I swear you people get your ideas of what's going on outside from race-mixing ads on TV.

White men race-mix more.
White women almost never do unless they're worthless trash which we don't want.

Quit projecting your weaknesses onto us.

Sincerely, Pissed Off White American Female With Eyes

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sincerely, Pissed Off White American Female With Eyes"

Its true ya know. Most "mixed couples" I see is usually an Ex-Mil guy with some squinty-eyed yellow he picked up in Olangapo or Yokuska. Asian women are a lot more kinky than white women with their "love you longtime" enjoyment of any sick kink their men (and ours) can come up with (and yellow men are the world Kings of Kink, forget the joos).

Maybe you should start to address this issue as well. Your constant berating of white women is a bit misogynistic.

2:06 PM  

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