Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Distributing The Brigade

Received your letter of 07 Jan 13.  The old fart living in [Idaho] that did read The Brigade and face reality, is still working as an editor and writer.

He did pass the book I sent on to his son who is having a hard time accepting reality.  The son, is part of the boomer baby set born while [redacted] was screwing around in Korea in 1952 or so.  [Redacted] is now an IR nurse which does make some sense because his knowledge of pharmacology was learned while in his teens and early 20s.

As with most other copies of The Brigade that I sent out, people over age 40 or so seem to get the message and send the book on to others.  This is the feedback received from at least three people. Thus I have no effective way to read the actual success. One guy who is about age 45, reported that he met some former high hchool buddies and the buzz about Barry and BRA was the main topic.  None of these guys are college types and that seems to be my best success.  

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