Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Will White Men Ever Fight? (Comments Invited)

Since this column is attracting more and more comments, and since people don't seem to want to join our perfectly good internet forum, possibly because we moderate for civility and sanity there, let's try a kind of discussion topic. Excerpt from an e-mail I got.

"Dear HAC:

Seriously, in your opinion, will White men ever stand up and fight?


Long run, R., yes, I think at some point there will be at least a sporadic and spontaneous White insurrection when what Rush Limbaugh refers to as "low-information voters" (meaning White dumb-asses) finally understand that Obama may give them money but he is also bringing in niggers and Mexicans to kill them

Whether that insurrection or insurrections prevails or whether it is the last spasm of a dying organism that has been slowly bled to death, I don't know. A lot will depend on the circumstances.

Is an independent White Northwest Republic possible? Of course it is. There is no question that we can do it if we want to. We are, after all, better than they are. The question is, will we do it?

What are your thoughts? I haven't figured out how to edit blog comments, so I can only accept or reject. Sane and relevant comments only, plizz. Jews, liberals, and "low information" White dumb-asses not allowed. If you're too stupid to understand that we are right, you shouldn't be allowed to play with a computer keyboard.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will Fight!

"Ex Gladio Libertas"

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAC I believe that whites will fight when they finally come to the realization just how betrayed they are by everything they have been encouraged to believe in. Once the idea gains traction with joe and jane six-pack there could be one hell of an upheaval...as long as the six-packs understand that whatever junk and status they have is gone gone gone. If they are convinced of that fact then there is no holding back and it's teeth to the throat time. Anything less will be a sputtering failure...bloody but still a failure. Then again even a failure is preferable to living in zogland as a despised white man with nothing left in any case. Let the spirit of Robert Jay Mathews rise and be an inspiration to every white man and woman...he showed us the way now only that we would follow.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Alex Miller said...

Maybe, maybe not. If the answer is no, is R.P. going to his in the basement for the rest of his life? If the answer is yes, is he going to jump up and do something counterproductive?

What constitutes "white boys standing up and fighting?" Would speech, perhaps without any later issued apologies, be adequate, or does he want blood running in the gutters before he considers white boys to be "fighting?" How many white boys have to do the fighting? 10%? 100%?

It's hard to give a definitive answer to such a vague question.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as whites are provided a retreat they will not fight.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous George said...

"I think at some point there will be at least a sporadic and spontaneous White insurrection..."

-There might be, but an awful lot of whites will have to suffer at the hands of blacks and other coloreds before this happens. The reason that I say this is that, in my experience it is only those whites who have direct experience with (in other words, those whites who have had to live near or with) blacks and who recognize that "dibersity be are strempf" is utter nonsense who are attuned to the disaster that awaits whites in an ever increasingly dangerous USA.
Suburban and rural whites who have not had first hand experience with "black culture" tend to buy into the PC crap about blacks being a product of the ghetto. They do not understand that the ghetto is a product of the massive presence of blacks- that blacks create the ghetto wherever they go.

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope so. God, I want to see liberals and beaners and Jews and all the filth that have destroyed this country BLEED and DIE!!!!

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democracy has clearly failed. After November 6th, no one can deny that. The White man will face an ancient choice: spill the blood of his enemies or have his own spilled. I wish I could say I was confident about the outcome of that choice.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We haven't changed that much , modern living has made some of us temporarily soft, and PC has managed to at least place a veneer of acceptance and apathy over many of peoples minds. However what they want is not natural. At some point the realisation that the system wants us dead will meet head on with out desire for social acceptance. Survival will win in most cases.

We're not "sheeple" and all those other epithets. We've been controlled , corralled and damaged. Many are walking wounded. Even here in England the number of people waking up grows exponentially. More White men and Women are fighting back against the colonists, the fear of the false image of hard backs etc is falling as we see they are in general cowards. It will kick off. At least in the States you're armed. And the first chimp is trying to take them, which I don't think will go down well so soon after the calls for secession . The progressive are arrogant , they smell blood but I'm confident they'll pay.

If we had the second amendment I think it would have kicked off last week after the census results.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, ever since November 6 it's clear that we have no choice but to fight or to consign ourselves and our kids to living in a hell on earth with no end in sight. Whether we will have the courage to make that choice, I don't know.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anson Delafontaine said...

Millions of white people would love it if we did, if only so they could watch it on TV as a form of entertainment.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

When whites start losing their financially secure lifestyle from affirmative action, niggers moving into your upscale neighborhood and other race crimes the state has been committing against whites for the last 100 years then they will start to fight back but not until then. It always comes down to economics.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When whites start losing their financially secure lifestyle from affirmative action, niggers moving into your upscale neighborhood and other race crimes the state has been committing against whites for the last 100 years then they will start to fight back but not until then."

Dude, that's been going on for over 70 years now. The sound of the "fightback" is underwhelming. Rather, it is the Sound of Silence.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't let that ape, take your guns.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous bluegrass said...

I'm getting awfully tired of all these collapse fantasies so endemic within White Nationalism, and it’s dawned on me more and more that it’s just an excuse for those who aren't fully prepared mentally and spiritual for the task before us.

Buy a few guns, buy a few boxes of ammo, hold out, and then wait patiently for the liberal order to collapse. In the meantime, do nothing but rant on the internet while ZOG only grows more viscous as the rest of the non-White world slowly adapts to its decadent and systematic decline.

People of our persuasion have been predicting the end of the liberal order since the 60's, if not earlier, and it really just needs to end, now.

Things will get worse, yes. Living standards will drop, the economy will contract, and political correctness is slowly taking off the velvet glove to reveal an Iron-fist beneath.

Yet look at South Africa. Whites are on the verge of extinction: disenfranchised, murdered and raped without a tear shed by the world media. There is no Nation for them, only servitude to a country fundamentally hostile to their interests. They're mere pale-skinned cattle, seemingly content to enjoy a branch up the economic ladder than blacks while having a government in power that openly gossips about their genocide.

And this is a Nation 90%+ Black, the rest White. If South Africa can slog for decades in this pitiful state, how much longer could the U.S. chug along with a demographic ratio of 35% Hispanic, 20% Black, 20% Asian, and 25% White?

Much longer, I'm afraid, much longer.

We can't rely on "once the T.V.'s go out and the paycheck dries up” Yea, it'll happen, and it'll piss people off, and it won't necessarily ignite White self-conscious. American's will adapt, because it’s human nature to adapt. It should already be abundantly clear we possess the ability to endure viscous poverty, totalitarianism, and hopelessness indefinitely. As long your average White Sheeple see no alternative to the zeitgeist, they'll just accept their condition as the ONLY condition.

We need to understand that it isn't "Whites," we’re trying to save. It’s racially conscious, upstanding, nationalistic Whites we want. The kinds of Whites who build Nations, defend Nations, and have a future.

I'd say 60% of White America wouldn't even want to "wake up." They have too many attachments: an Asian girlfriend, a black best friend, Mexican employees; these things that give them emotional baggage that makes doing the right but hard decision even more difficult.

So things must change economically for our message to be attractive. I understand that component: any racial nationalism can be overridden by the kind of wealth America has offered, and American’s have long been indoctrinated in the ideal that giving up values for wealth is the natural, individualistic, and modern thing to do. Thankfully, that economic component is coming, and you’d have to be an idiot not to see it coming. Even if the “fracking revolution,” makes America into some kind of petrol super state, the one-party state democrats will probably use the resources so corruptly that even the Saudi princes would find our leaders to be heartless plutocrats.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Revolutions are not made by men who enjoy a measure, however small, of rights and liberty; men who have full stomachs and are well entertained. No. Revolutions are made by men who have no rights The Order need respect; by men who are passed sitting and staring at their children who have not eaten for three days; by men for whom entertainment is a foreign word.

Terry in Florida

8:36 AM  
Anonymous tsnamm said...

As far as i can see nothing short of starvation will put boots in the street in sufficient numbers. I agree with "Bluegrass" that people will adapt to any situation, but in my opinion nothing motivates a revolution like hunger. And I also agree with his assessment that economic collapse is coming. The elites are so brainwashed they believe their own bullshit. I've heard it stated from a number of objective economic observers that when it all falls apart, its going to be like someone shutting off a light;that fast. One small incident will set it all off, and "poof" the domino's begin to fall just like that. And up to this point, the powers that be will continue to have everyone believe that everything is fine, and the situation normal..."pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" that will be the situation to take advantage of.

6:25 PM  

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