Tuesday, December 04, 2012

What It Is

A nation like Brazil is not the worst case scenario for whites – it’s the best. Things that are literally unthinkable today – such outright seizure of white property, deliberate hard violence targeted at whites, and legal exclusion from positions of power – will become possible for the anti-white Left within a generation. Dedicated as it is to defending the interests of capital, the Right will offer no opposition as the commanding heights of capitalism are increasingly occupied by nonwhites.

You can’t drop out. You can’t remain silent. You can’t work a job quietly and hope they will leave you alone. As hard as it is to lead a somewhat decent, respectable life in the America of today, it is only going to get worse. If you build a farm, they’ll just take it. If you live off the grid and get back to the earth, they’ll come and find you. If you try to leave everyone alone, they won’t return the favor.

There’s a thin chance that you might be able to squeeze out a decent living and pray to God that it won’t be destroyed overnight. But every single year, it will get worse. Every single year, you will be forced to rely more and more on your own resources, as society is increasingly dominated by deception and incompetence. Finally, every single year, the forces of hatred against you will be unleashed all the more.

We are reaching a point where studying in school, going to a good college, and being responsible with money isn’t an advantage – it’s a huge waste of time. The forces of destruction are accelerating and consolidating their power worldwide and there is not going to be an escape. It’s not just a question of being forgotten and despised after you are dead – it’s reaching the point where individual accomplishment is impossible in this world, in this life.

There is one alternative. It is the ethnostate. It’s being part of a people and a society with state power mobilized on behalf of the folk that make it up. It’s that or extinction – and unless you are already advanced in years, it’s not going to be possible to run out the clock in comfort.

You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you. An unhappy end isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable. They are coming for you, your job, your family, everything you care about. The nature of this attack is outlined each day in the headlines, in the advertisements that mock you, in the ever increasing tax bills, in the dozens of encounters each day where you feel like a second class citizen in the land your ancestors built. You can give in to their system, accept their oppression, play by their rules, do everything you are supposed to do. It just won’t matter.

Struggle is not a choice. That’s inevitable. The choice is a desperate struggle for a white homeland – or the surrender to eternal darkness. And the worst part is — no one will care.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest thing non-whites are scared of is that one morning the liberal self-denegrating whites all around them are going to scream "WTF AM I DOING? WTF HAVE WE BEEN DOING?!?" and go on a massive unstoppable crusade to undo what's been done.

All Joo psychological conditioning and non-white laws are in place to try and avoid this.

I recently heard a white woman mocking other whites for wanting a "traditional" (aka White) Santa Claus for Christmas. The Non-Whites listening were chuckling nervously while agreeing. It was as if they had a tiger brainwashed but they knew that that superior white creature could at any moment snap and wake up. Believe me, the darks and joos fear that more than anything else in the world.

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