Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Real Reason Liberals Keep Winning

We've all heard tons of theories why Romney lost the election and to be honest, most of them were a real factor. But the most telling reason was beyond his control, simply because he was a Republican.

That party has a bad name in this country because of several very credible reasons. The first being the fact that all of their candidates are yes-men for the corporations, and the American public knows damned well who's responsible for our economy going in the toilet: the corporations. Almost every one of them have shipped their factories out of the country to third world toilets, where they can get slave labor at slave prices, greatly increasing their profits while killing hundreds of millions of jobs here at home. 

Part of this is the direct fault of the unions and their abject greed which is legendary. Whenever a company is in financial straits and goes to the union reps for some cooperation in lowering benefits and wages so they can just keep the stinking doors open, the reps put their feet down and scream a unified no! Even if it means shutting down the factory, these greedy morons refuse to budge. Then after it closes they go "Oh! I guess they were serious!" But by then it's too late and the factory is in receivership.
But do you think the other union reps learn anything from that experience? Of course not. Their own greed is so blindingly powerful that they refuse to even entertain the idea that their factories too, could be in real trouble, so here we go again. And in the end the boobs that belong to these unions are the real losers because they're all now out of work, and will never, ever get jobs that pay even a quarter of the extortion wages they were sucking out of that dead factory. 

But they're not the only losers here. There are their families, the tax revenue, and especially all the satellite companies that supplied the raw materials and parts for their products. These plants and their millions of employees also go out of business, costing the nation untold trillions. 

And where exactly is all the money going? Why, into the pockets of the already filthy stinking rich, who need more money like a dog need more fur, and into the economies of enemy nations like Red China, Iran, Argentina, Japan, and a host of other places we don't want our money going. But all the hundreds of millions of hard working Americans in this country have absolutely no say in the matter. All we can do is bend over and take it..and like it.

Even to this day, these very same unions refuse to take any responsibility for what happened, and the corporations that are getting rich are financing almost all of the Republican candidates running for office in this country on every level, all the way down to your local worthless mayor. And the one platform they always run on is blaming the economy on anything and everything but outsourcing. 

In fact every candidate flatly refuses to even discuss the issue, instead declaring that the fix lies in taking the food from the mouths of the poor, and welfare from the aged, disabled and destitute. True, we have millions and millions of worthless career parasitic blacks on the rolls, who lay up like hogs and breed like sows as well, while whites are struggling just to buy a package of discount baloney. But the way this liberally poisoned system is now set up, we can't remove the apes without a loud cry of "RACISM!!" from the bleeding hearts, not to mention all those thieving apes. 

So it's all or nothing, and every politician knows it. And this die-hard goal of every candidate that runs for office is the reason none of them ever make it, and never will. So we have a Mexican stand-off between the liberals who want to destroy the nation--then convert the ruins to communism, and the Republicans who want to transform it into a ruthless, uncaring corporate slave state where everyone works or dies.

Some choice, eh? So the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the liberals get closer to destroying us with the help of their mortal enemies. How's that for irony?

The things that need to be done must be done to save this nation can only be done by removing every last criminal from power in this country. And that can only be achieved by force. In other words, armed revolution. And if it is going to ever take place, it has to be damned soon. 

Why? Because very soon now our government's level of defense and offensive technology is going to make it untouchable. Obama already has military trucks with some pretty odd looking equipment bolted to the beds, that are now stationed all over the nation at strategic points. These units have the ability to literally cook a large crowd of people from the inside-out, just as if they had been microwaved in an oven. Just think about that. A whole company of men being boiled in their own juices while they flop and writhe on the ground as blacks in army uniforms laugh their evil, simian asses off. Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, now doesn't it? 

There are those among us fortunately, who have been planning just such an action of quite some time now, and have pretty much gotten it all worked out, down to the last place we need to hit. Interestingly, they also have the manpower required. But of course I can't discuss any of that here, now can I? After all, Big Brother has taken a keen interest in the activities of radicals such as myself, and others that have similar views.
Ever since ole' Chimpy has suffered through nearly forty attempts to erase his ugly black mug from the ass of the public, where he has his monkey teeth firmly planted, he has taken a new interest in our activities. Let him sweat.

Because the very first time he openly attacks one of our groups or organizations, it will be like sounding the war horn, and all hell will break loose. This isn't my opinion, simply a fact. Far too many people, for too long have champed at the bit for an excuse to attack, and rightly so. With every passing year we see a never ending train of victims of this system, and the beasts it has deliberately loosed on we whites. No one but a white would understand that statement, because they alone understand the nature of the assault, and the evil genius behind it. And the only cure is the one our race has always excelled at. WAR. 

We will win because of the two most important reasons there are: First: We are right! 

Second: We are white. Seems like an awfully "racist" thing to say. See just how stinking brainwashed you are? Doesn't it scare the crap out of you? Well why the hell not??? It should because believe it or not, you have a right to a differing opinion! That's right! You have no reason cowering before some boob who demands you buy into his bullshit. Don't. Be your own person. OWN yourself.

-The Lone Haranguer

[Note: I wish I could agree with L. H. about the imminence of revolution. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Believe me, I wish it was. - HAC]



Blogger Luek said...

The real reason the Republican Party is in meltdown is the same reason the much ballyhooed Tea Party turned out to be a big old flop is because they spend 90 percent of their time and resources trying to convince everyone one and their uncle that they are not white racists as if that was something to be ashamed of.

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate that pic! The white drops make it look like some guy spooged on that ugly thing and that's really gross!

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also the Tea Party is full of old white folks who are depending on Social Security and Medicaid. They feared Paul Ryan and his proposals, despite assurances that these programs for those over 55 would continue as they are.

Tea Partiers seem to be saying, "give me mine. I don't care if the country goes broke, I'll be gone by then."

Yes the Tea Party went to extremes to assure everyone they welcomed Negroes. I don't think they had a strong stand on illegals either.

Their main thrust was to "balance the budget, but cut someone else's government program, not mine." All pretty typical.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The very first time he attacks one of our groups or organizations...all hell will break loose"
Is he serious? The Federal government has been squashing White Nationalist groups and individuals with impunity for decades (the Order, the Aryan Nations, the KKK, Edgar Steele, Bill White). There's never been anything more than token resistance, and nothing even close to national outrage or violence about it. Where's LH getting his facts from?

3:11 PM  

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