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Hi, guys:

In my latest Radio Free Northwest, as well as on previous occasions, I recommended that if you're interested in why people like Ryan Lanza and "the Joker" periodically freak out and go into a school or a shopping mall and start blasting, and why these things seem to occur with such mysterious convenience for the liberal Democrat agenda that seeks to disarm White Americans so they can never resist even if they can somehow find the courage to do so, you need to obtain and watch a movie from 1977 called Telefon.

Some of you have been trying to obtain it, and you have discovered that, by the same mysterious coincidence, for some reason this flick is unobtainable from Netflix or Blockbuster. Just like certain other films such as The Summer of My German Soldier and Ice Age Columbus have become "unavailable". Imagine that!

Anyway, I checked, and you can actually buy a copy from for under $10.00 plus shipping. I recommend you invest that sawbuck, folks. This flick provides genuine food for thought about these bizarre gun attacks and why they might be happening, as well as giving us a very easy-on-the-eyeballs look at the young Lee Remick.

And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, Charles Bronson is a Jew, so you don't have to fill up the comments section reminding me. Look, nothing perfect ever comes out of Hollywood, and you have to learn to read (or watch) between the lines. This flick is worth watching.


Anonymous George said...

I don't often comment to defend someone who has been accused of being a Jew (I don't like Jews myself), but this is the first I have ever heard that Charles Bronson (Charles Dennis Buchinsky) was supposedly a Jew. I believe that you are in error on this one. Though Wikipedia has been known to be in error in the past for sure, it has been unerringly accurate when it comes to stating an actor's Jewish "heritage" (puke) and Bronson is not listed as a Jew anywhere that I searched on the net.
Here, for example is a site authored by Jews wherein THEY give the "yea" or "nay" regarding an actor or actresses Jewish ancestry and they are obviously not shy about claiming a thespian as one of their own. They are, as a matter of fact proud to announce any real Jew's ancestry to the world:
Now consider for a minute, if Bronson were actually a Jew:
What Jew is born into poverty such as Bronson lived under as a child? What Jew would work mining coal for one dollar per ton mined? What Jew would join the US military to fight in WW2? Jews don't fight wars, they get us goys to fight each other for them. No,this man was not a Jew.
About the movie, Telefon; it is available to rent from for $2.99 and most of their rentals can be watched over a 48 hour period rather than the 24 hours that Itunes gives you (you have a month to watch the movie, after that it "disappears" from your hard drive). So you don't have to buy the flick to watch it if you would rather just rent.
I also recommend joining Amazon's "instant Prime" movie club. for $6.55 a month you get to rent a lot of movies and quite a few of them are good. Others you have to pay a fee to rent, like "Telefon", but the fee is usually reasonable.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been recommending this film to newly-awakening former sheeple for years. Starting not long after those two kikes went on that rampage in Colorado. It would also explain why Oswald walked right into a police trap after the JFK shooting, whether he was one of the actual shooters that day or not.

1:04 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...


Hmmm...I hope you're right. I always thought his roles are a bit out of character for a hebe myself. Anybody got any solid sources on this?


2:00 PM  
Blogger Justthisguy said...

P.s. Be sure to read the comments on that post. At least one of the commenters points out that we Northwestern Europeans got ourselves into the fix we're in now because of excessive perverted altruism, perverted because applied to other groups who generally hate our guts and won't reciprocate.

We are really the least-racist people on Earth, and I am afraid that might be our undoing, if we don't buckle down, get on the stick, get with the program, etc. usw.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous George said...

One of the better bio's about him is located here:

There is a section there with quotes of "memorable" things that he said in the past. Speaking of himself, he said: "I am not a fan of myself." To me this does not sound like something the typical Hollywood Jew says about himself. I am old enough to remember him on the screen in one of the old "Outer Limits" episodes. In all those years I can never recall having heard or read anything scandalous about the man's life. He seemed to value his privacy - which is also not typical of Hollywood people.
The days when Jews would try to hide the fact that they are Jews are long over, Harold. Now that they practically own the world they want to be "in your face" about that and lord it over the rest of us. A huge ego is part of the Jew's persona. Not only does Bronson not have the looks of a Jew, he also did not act like one. No, I could not find anything to prove he was not a Jew, but the absence of anything on record to that effect along with the absence of the usual "bragging" about a Jewish past seem to indicate that there is no hidden Jew in Bronson's closet.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bronson is a Lithuanian Tatar, not a Jew. His family was Roman Catholic.

Telefon can be found on YouTube in it's entirety.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Hello Mr. Covington,

I wanted to let you know I found a free download of Telefon in .avi format at

It's a very slow download, about 3½ hours in my case for a file size of 529MB, and the image quality isn't very good, but it's watchable.

I don't know whether it's FireFox causing problems, but the only way I could get it was by right-clicking on the Download button in the middle of the screen and choosing Save As ...

I hope that helps.

That's me finished for 2012. I'm away now until about the 7th of January. I hope you have a good Christmas and New Year.

All the best,


8:30 AM  
Anonymous John Norman Howard said...

Bronson's not Jewish... that is all.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another film u'd enjoy: 1951 When Worlds Collide. A remnant of humans have to get off Earth, in face of a planetary collision, heading out, after a lot of conflict, in a ship...and not a single unCaucasian in sight and not a word about it. Just taken for granted.

Well, that was America in 1951.

11:42 PM  

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