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Presidential Murder On The Tube

I don’t normally do TV reviews, and I don’t even have cable TV because it’s a waste of money, but I saw something the other day that I found very interesting and which I think has a bearing on our situation here at the beginning of the Obama dictatorship.

Like I said, I don’t have cable but I do have a TV with a DVD player attached, and so I watch a lot of movies when I can get them cheap on Blockbuster coupons and the five-dollar bin at Wal-Mart, so forth and so on. One of the things I tend to watch is various kinds of cop shows, not just for the mystery aspect but also because their heroes are people who in almost every instance do not deserve to be made into heroes, i.e. FBI agents, cops, and district attorneys, so forth and so on.

I’m talking about shows like Criminal Minds, Bones, NCIS, Covert Affairs, Warehouse 13, that kind of thing. I find actual proper cop shows like the original Law and Order, for example, or the really great Hill Street Blues for those of you old enough to remember, to be a lot less offensive, because they’re at least somewhat realistic and they offer a much more balanced and truthful portrayal of race, but this business of making feds out to be heroes and noble characters motivated by lurve of Amurrica, that’s horse shit.

I watch these shows because they stir my anger to white heat and increase my level of desire to bring this latrine down on everybody’s heads, which is probably one of the reasons that the doctors keep telling me I have malignant hypertension. I know what these people do in real life, like fabricating audio tapes to send 65 year-old men to prison and shooting down mothers holding their babies in their own doorway, and watching their grossly inaccurate and suck-ass portrayal in the Hollywood media serves a definite political and racial purpose in my case; it fuels my rage. I admit, it stokes my fires and re-energizes my batteries to imagine some NVA-style group of the future wiping the smirks off the faces of these actors who are giving these heroic portrayals of people who are basically cowards and bullies and criminals who do horrible things to people for money.

I had kind of lost track of NCIS, Navy Criminal Investigation Service, the show about the Navy feds. It’s actually not very good, and I think the only reason it’s lasted ten seasons is because one of the lead characters is a quote-unquote “beautiful Israeli Mossad agent” who somehow gets assigned to investigating American naval cases with an American federal agency as a “liaison”, which is something that may actually occur, given how far the United States government has its nose stuck up Israel’s ass. Interestingly, the alleged “beautiful” Israeli is played by a Chilean mestizo. I guess they couldn’t find a Jewish actress who could last ten seasons without going all dumpy and blowsy and Golda Meir on them.

Anyway, a comrade mentioned something about the latest plot line on the series and got me curious, and so I went to my computer and I watched the last two episodes of Season Nine, including the cliffhanger where the NCIS office gets blown up, and the first episode of the latest season, this year’s, which is Season Ten and was made in the shadow of the election. I am not going to sit here like Homer Simpson and talk about what I saw on TV, but there is something in these episodes of this rather banal and cookie-cutter cop show that I think is significant and which we ought to be aware of.

Briefly, as one might suspect, the cartoonish super-villain that our noble federal heroes are chasing during this segment is a wealthy White Southern male who is the head of a—wait for it!—multinational corporation! Remember when America’s enemies were Communists or foreign powers? Now it’s all either wicked, evil Muslims or wicked, evil corporations headed by White males in suits who back the Republicans. By the way, this alleged evil White male CEO who is plotting to blow up the world is played by a Jewish actor named Richard Schiff, and to give him his due, he really does look evil and sinister. You should have seen him in The West Wing.

Okay, where were we? At the end of Season Nine the evil cartoonish White male (but he’s really a Jew) corporate super-villain blows up the NCIS headquarters, and one of the suits on the show comes into the room and he announces in a dramatic voice, “I’ve just spoken to the President, and he has given the order to terminate this person with extreme prejudice.”

In other words, on this show the President of the United States has just given the order to kill an American citizen without arrest or trial, as he now has the legal power to do in real life under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011. And it’s not a dark-skinned foreign Muslim on foreign soil, it’s a character who is American born and right here in America. The sequence of events in these episodes is given as May, June and July of 2012, which so far as I can recall the show has never done before. In other words, the producers of the show want us to know that the action takes place in 2012 and it’s President Barack Hussein Obama we’re talking about. This is not something they’re blaming on Bush; it is current Democratic party policy being floated as a trial balloon to see what kind of reaction it gets.

All of episode one, Season Ten, is about NCIS and the FBI joining forces to track down one White American male and kill him without trial, and this quest, which ends in a barroom-style knifing, is presented as a heroic deed on their part. Never mind the fact that he’s a cartoonish super-villain and he’s been blowing things up; the fact is that this is America and that is precisely what is not supposed to happen in this country.

Remember the Constitution? The rule of law? Does the Magna Carta ring a bell? The King isn’t supposed to be able to say “off with his head” and someone is put to death. That’s actually been illegal even since the Middle Ages in England, when the Magna Carta was signed in 1215 and established the rule of law which everyone including the King himself is subject to. No more.

Eventually the hero of the show tracks down the super-villain in his own former home and stabs him to death with a knife in the gut, thus carrying out a perfectly legal presidential order, if you accept that the president of the United States has the right to order someone stabbed to death in his own living room, which is where this happened. 

Okay, yeah, I know, this is a television show we’re talking about here, and it’s not real. But the message that the Hollywood media seem to convey here is that arbitrary murder of American citizens by the president isn’t really such a bad thing, since after all the guy is a Southern White male, and he’s rich, and therefore he’s gotta be evil and wicked and racist because he won’t share all his money with nigger welfare mammies and families of illegal aliens, right? Just like the last season of 24 showed us all how wonderful it was the Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brien had all these wonderful drones flying around in the sky with surveillance cameras to make sure the government’s benevolent gaze can watch over us. all and protect us from the bad guys.

It’s almost as if the régime is beginning the process of preparing us, hardening us. and desensitizing us to the fact that Barry can now legally sign a piece of paper and have somebody arbitrarily murdered, or maybe stabbed or beaten to death in his home so it looks like an ordinary crime and the feds don’t get embarrassed. It really looks to me from watching that show, that this is the general thrust of the idea. 

And since I don’t watch television, God only knows how many other shows and subtle media tricks out there are being used to slowly inoculate U.S. to the idea that the president can have people murdered and that’s a good thing. Don’t be too surprised if during the next four years some people who oppose the dictatorship turn up dead, or maybe just plain missing, since the Defense Authorization Act also legalizes abduction and indefinite detention in offshore facilities like Guantanamo Bay or those secret CIA prisons in Bulgaria and Romania.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that this sort of thing is referred to as "preparing the battlefield."

These television shows are windows into the minds of their producers...and we all know who runs Hollywood, don't we?

Dave 12012012 / 1045

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NCIS is a very poorly written show, saw an episode the other night (friends house, no choice) where a character is shot at ten o:clock at night in front of a theater, gasping for breath as his daughter holds him and is still laying in on the street in front of the theater at around noon the next day (dead by this time)waiting for for the crack team to investigate ??? No ambulance or other intervention for 12 hours or so. Lousy writing, plotting, second rate all around PC trash.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous George said...

"It’s almost as if the régime is beginning the process of preparing us, hardening us. and desensitizing us to the fact that Barry can now legally sign a piece of paper and have somebody arbitrarily murdered, or maybe stabbed or beaten to death in his home so it looks like an ordinary crime and the feds don’t get embarrassed. "

- That is exactly right, Harold, and this is not the first time that this has been done! There was, for example, a 1996 movie entitled "The Long Kiss Goodnight" in which the US government plots the destruction of the World Trade Center. I can just imagine the Jewish director or producer of this movie cackling to himself when his "accidental" prediction became reality on September 11, 2001. As Edgar Steele was so fond of saying; "there are no coincidences".

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“beautiful Israeli Mossad agent”

Which is truth veiled in the shit of this show. Mossad is notorious for the "Honey Trap," its their favorite tactic. Back in the 60s they were sending female agents to have sex with arab pilots and leaders to try to induce them to betrayal or assassination. There was a movie made staring Ben Cross and Muriel Hemmingway that told the story of how a “beautiful Israeli Mossad agent” got an arab pilot to defect with a shiny new Soviet fighter to Israel in the 60s, something that happened all the time.

“beautiful Israeli Mossad agent”s are probably best avoided at all costs. Joos and Arabs have no self control to Honey Traps. I like to imagine that whites have a little more self control.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Adit said...

This sort of propaganda stuff goes wayyyy back. I was watching an old episode of Dragnet from the 1960s where the lead character went off on some guy about the evils of racism, etc. Of course the person he was 'educating' was a white right-wing 'militia type.' Umm Hmmm. Heck, does anyone ever listen to the Old Radio Dramas from the 1940s? I remember hearing a Public Service Announcement that was left in the recording. Yep, trying to educate us on the dangers of 'racism' and other nonsense. They've been at this a long time.

11:46 AM  

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