Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Darker Brethren

I was watching the national news last night and left feeling like I wanted to hurt someone. I saw several well known starlets dating these pubic headed, gorilla nosed apes that looked like they just fell out of a banana tree, when there are millions of good looking, intelligent white males out there.

I mean what the Sam Hell is wrong with these idiot sluts? It's like a honey bee buzzing around thousands of flowers in a field, only to land on a dog turd. It makes the same amount of sense. When you examine their behavior closely, and all the influences in their lives, there's only one common denominator; liberal propaganda. The same propaganda machine that is now driving their pro-pervert faggot message into their silly little brains. Even Shakespeare said it; There is nothing on earth dumber than a young female. As he said, they'll fall in love with a jackass.

And when you take an objective look at American TV, you'll be horrified at their aggressive campaign to breed our young white girls with the blackest, ugliest bucks they can dig up. I can't turn on the tube without seeing some plate-lipped simian slobbering all over some dainty blonde Aryan flower. You can see the raw monkey lust glowing in his bloodshot animal eyes as he paws her with all the love of a dog in heat. 

And it's everywhere. And even though we now have a rash of shows like Springer, Wilcos, Povitch and others, all exposing the horrid consequences of whites breeding with these monkeys, the dumbest among our girls are still polluting our gene pool with their filth. Liberals call me every name in the book because I dare to call blacks as I see them. They have used a tried and true lie about whites unfairly hating blacks for the color of their skin, as if that had anything to do with it. They know the real reasons, but the truth doesn't further their evil agenda, which is to destroy the white race through genetic pollution.

The real reasons are numerous:

One: Their almost total lack of morals and character. The vast majority of blacks would rob their own granny for crack money. You can go into practically any black home and it'll be stripped of any-thing of value, and the fridge, if there's anything in it, has a large lock on the door to keep roaming bucks from stealing it empty in five seconds flat. I asked a black about the complete lack of well…everything in her apartment, and she said that it had all been either stolen or vandalized by other niggers, mostly by ones she didn't even know, that had come along with some relative, and that related niggers are perpetually crashing at her place and any other house that some related coon owns, because it's far easier than getting a job and paying for their own place. That way they have a lot more money for booze, weed, crack, and chasing white wimmins. 

Like the old joke about the four things you can't give a coon; a fat lip, a black eye, a flesh colored band-aid, and a job. All this would be funny if it weren't so disgustingly true, and yet the liberal\Jew propaganda machine continues to barrage the American public with the Great Lie about blacks being our equals. Horse shit!

Two: Laziness. A nigger will work harder to get out of work than it would take just to do the damned job. The entire idea of work is offensive to a nigger. This attitude has been prevalent since the first ape was shipped over here from Africa by the Jews.

Interestingly, the only exceptions to this rule I have found are the pure-blood blacks from places like the Caribbean. In fact the majority of intelligent, hard working blacks hail from areas near there. I find this keenly interesting, and wonder what the factor is that causes such a drastic difference in their behavior and character. 

Sadly, the majority of blacks aren't worth the meat they're made of. In fact creating a race specific killer germ would do this planet a great service. Many of you remember the story I recounted about my mother.

Decades ago she was the regional manager for Arctic Circle Air Conditioning. And when Ape-firmative action was let loose on an angry American public, my mother was forced by federal law to make sure that 10% of all her employee were coons. Well, she reluctantly hired a couple, who immediately began stealing the company blind and not showing up for work. Oh, but when payday came around they were first in line! 

So she fired them and got two more, who did the same damned thing. The only time they'd show up was to collect their pay. She got where she didn't even bother to fire them because they were all just as worthless.

Finally headquarters sent down a directive to just write them off as a company loss. Turned out that all their branch offices were having the same problem with worthless, thieving niggers. She said those bucks would come sauntering in, grinning evilly at the working whites as they picked up their check, waving it at the whites and then laughing like hyenas as they went out the door. Right about then should have been when Mr. Coon met Mr. Ball Bat in the parking lot.

They are also master liars. A nigger will look you right in the eye and lie his ever loving ASS off, all the while busting up on the inside. Never believe anything a coon tells you. If he says the sun's up, you had better go check. Yeah, it's really that bad. Seasoned cops know to interrogate the hell out of a nigger for hours to get even the smallest tidbit of truth out of one. 

In foreign countries they don't have the restraints we have against torture, and the military police find out the truth from a buck quite rapidly. LOL!  You'd be surprised just how cooperative a coon with his balls in a spiked vise can suddenly become. Hawww! But barring medieval methods, we're stuck with their lies.

Three:Thieving: A buck will steal something he has absolutely no need for and can't even sell, simply because it's there. Blacks have the same pathological need to steal that all the dark races have. In fact no matter what dark nation you visit, you'll quickly discover that they all have a runaway theft problem, and that their shops and homes all look like fortresses under siege, because basically that's what they are.

In every country I visited there were heavy steel bars on all the windows and biting dogs everywhere. Never let a black inside your home for any reason, I don't care if it's 15 below outside. He'll instinctively case your place and when he gets a chance, he and his homies will be back to clean your ignorant liberal ass out. Never take your wallet out in front of a darky, or allow them to see anything you own of value. Because I guarantee you, you won't own it much longer if you do.

A black has what's known as a "parasite mind-set". Everything they think about and plan revolves around a way to further their parasitism. And liberals have enabled them to the point of bankrupting America. An interesting footnote to this is that the fiscal cliff that we are now facing is caused because Obama refuses to allow the Republicans to cut welfare to parasite niggers and make it "work-fare".

Being a nigger himself, the whole concept of forcing his bruthas to actually work for a living is offensive as hell to him. But he will sign off on cutting the already laughable little amount they pay disabled Veterans and the disabled on Social Security, which incidentally, isn't even one-third what the average coon makes on welfare per month. 

If they want to balance the budget, how about suspending the space program and bringing the factories home? How about stopping all the foreign aid and pork barreling? And what about deporting all those millions and millions of invading wet-backs, who immediately get on welfare and start breeding like cockroaches? Naw, that would make too much sense! The country might actually prosper, and we can't have that, now can we? God's beard! What a fiasco.

There are a lot of other traits that I could list and discuss here, but the bottom line is that blacks and whites don't belong on the same continent. Every wise leader we've ever had has warned us of this, and yet their advice was routinely ignored by those that hate America and especially those who built it, namely whites. 

America is now in the hands of some of the most evil criminal minds in history, men that wouldn't hesitate to round up you and your children and kill you if they thought for one second they could get away with it. And right now they're working very hard toward that very goal. Until then the Jews and libs want a "monkey in every pot" so to speak. They are cramming these chimps down our gullets with a broom handle, and I for one am flat fed up.

The other night I was sitting in front of the tube, eating supper and watching the evening news. It went to a commercial, and that's when things got ugly. One of the ugliest damned Apro-Americans I've ever laid eyes on came on the screen, featuring a full color close-up of this ho'. The camera panned up her hideous gorilla nose, showing everyone the far end of her sinus cavities. I was so totally grossed out and disgusted that I slammed down my fork and cursed a blue steak, unable to eat any longer. This fat, ugly ho' was talking in that ignorant slang they use, that can't be mistaken for any other race. Blacks can barely speak because their speech center is still in its most primitive state evolutionarily. In fact to be brutally honest, they have absolutely no business in an advanced white culture in the first place.

If I were dictator of America, and that's what it would take to set things right in this country, I'd forcibly deport all of them at gunpoint, along with every other hostile, alien, parasitic race the liberals have allowed into our blessed land against our will. The dark races are destroying America, with blacks at the head of the assault and wetbacks following a close second. If I were in control I can guarantee you, we would be able to hear the liberals and Jews scream a scream of rage you could hear all around the planet. In the meantime each of us must make life here in the States a nightmare for each and every one of these bastards. 

We should make it so bad that going to Ethiopia would seem like a vacation to these pricks. I have no compassion or sympathy for any of them. They had their chance and they spat it back in our faces. So be it. Time to build a giant cannon and shoot their evil butts back to their home of origin. My last sight of a black would be his dirty black ass sailing up and out over the ocean in the general direction of darkest Africa. Good riddance.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous George said...

"Like the old joke about the four things you can't give a coon; a fat lip, a black eye, a flesh colored band-aid, and a job."

Well, I'm old but the joke is new to me. thanks, I needed a good laugh today; especially in light of the fact that there is nothing uplifting left about life here in the US any longer.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

White women dating and marrying niggers is a metaphysical experience here in the once great USA and the West in general for that matter. It is equivalent to getting "saved" in some Christianity sects. These unfortunate women have been taught by society and probably even their families that people who call niggers niggers are vile, evil, unhappy and just plain mean. But if some of your best friends are niggers then you are morally superior to racists which in this culture is the ultimate "rush." So, if you observe the facial expressions on white women who sell their souls to miscegenation you will see contentment and an serene inner happiness. If they were Hindus they would be described as reaching the happy state of Nirvana. Of course many if not most of these deluded females will eventually wind up brutally murdered by their chocolate goodyman.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's our own faults
. If us white males were doing the right thing none of this shit would happened.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wolfgang Droege (R.I.P.) - 'White are creators, Orientals are maintaners, and Blacks are destroyers'.

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Nadja said...

well things are different here in Sweden, here are men who are mad about non white females, Sweden has plenty of beautiful blonde women, I'm blonde myself and I consider myself pretty, but our men seem to prefer what they call "exotic" girls (asians,southamericans and other beasts) I'm constantly harassed by non white men here and I don't have many white swedish suitors,my female friends complain about the same,not to mention the fact that african/southamerican/african men keep on raping and attacking swedish girls and OUR men don't give a sh*T about it! they do not defend us!
Things seem to be different here, I know way more racist ladies than men here, swedish men are totally brainwashed by the media and their stereotypes of submisive asians and hot latinas. I think I will consider dating a white american man :)

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Hanna R. said...

I agree with Nadja, I'm finnish and live in Sweden and I can vouch for what she said, swedish men are totally surrended to liberal propaganda about race mixing and I think it has to do with the fact that non white women are filthy and nasty and appeal to the animal aspects of male nature: I shared dorm in college with latinas and african girls and their sexual habits would make a fag blush! It is true that in Sweden there are more racist women than men and it's simply because we females feel in our own flesh the consequences of multiculturalism more than men, we feel it in the epidemic leels of rape and violence against us, men simply see multiculturalism as a way to get kinky sex, so they do not complain about it! might sound simple but things are this sad in Sweden.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous George said...

" Anonymous said...

Wolfgang Droege (R.I.P.) - 'White are creators, Orientals are maintaners, and Blacks are destroyers'."

Well Wolfgang was ALMOST right- Whites are creators, Orientals are maintainers , JEWS are destroyers and Blacks- they are just subhuman (they are not capable of complex thought and are driven solely by lusts of various sorts).

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Sven S said...

It's actually true that in Sweden women are more racially than men because non white men expressely target them for acts of violence and sexual abuse. I know much more female comrades than males in my city.

10:00 AM  

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