Monday, December 17, 2012

Niggaz In The News

My brother and I were watching the Tulsa news this morning when we were informed of a rash of random shootings all over Tulsa. No rhyme or reason, just flat out murder. And all of the victims were white. 

It seems that the shooters (and it appeared to be three separate perps), were walking up to the windshields of cars stopped at red lights and killing the drivers with a bullet in the face. Well, the first words out of both our mouths was, "Where's the niggers?" 

And sure enough, when they caught these animals and put their mug shots on the screen, all three of them were nappy-headed, bug-eyed, sausage lipped apes. Their lips looked like the mouths on sucker fish. Perfectly round and bulbous. Another inch closer to the glass and they'd have stuck to it with their lips. Every time there's a heinous murder, home break-in or rape of some poor white girl, you can bet the freaking farm it's another ape. Blacks have this flat out passion for guns. In fact a coon will shoot five times more often than he will hit or stab you. Guns give those primitives a false sense of power. 

And since a coon can't think past tomorrow, that's all he's worried about. I firmly believe that gun possession by blacks should be banned permanently by constitutional amendment, with a rider making it impossible to repeal the new law. This would prevent future bleeding heart liberals from repealing it because it "violates dey bo rights". Never mind those apes fill our graveyards with innocent whites continually with those guns. I can flat guarantee you that damned near every white in the country would vote for the new amendment. That's because there's not a single white anywhere in America that doesn't have a dead friend, relative or loved one that died at the hands of one of these murderous chimps. 

A nigger will kill you without a shred of remorse. In fact he'll go home afterwards and smoke some crack, bone his ole' lady and gobble some fried chicken, then sleep like a baby, never once thinking about the lives he's snuffed out because of his greed and evil. Blacks, like their evil, thieving cousins the wetbacks, have absolutely no business in our country. But both were deliberately pumped into our fair land by our most virulent enemies, the Jews, who are behind everything. 

Yes of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Blacks that have lived and worked an exemplary life. And to those I give my heartfelt salute, and only pray that more like them are born into the world. But the percentage is near point five in a hundred, too small to make a hill of bean's difference in our race's problem with these apes. 

Armed and forced change is the only way America will survive intact. Its life span can be measured in the number of outrages we now turn a blind eye to, knowing full well in our hearts that supporting this evil is wrong, and yet whites still do it. 

Why? Cowardice. They're afraid of losing all those animal comforts. Like some fatted steer sliding down the slaughter shute, blithe and ignorant of the gruesome death awaiting it. We must prepare ourselves for the coming pain and suffering now, or be unprepared when it is forced on us very, very soon now. You can think about it all, or you can act. Statistically, there are more dead thinkers than those that took action. Think on that.

 -The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Myles Hawkshaw said...

The Democrats are now using Connecticut as an excuse to take away White people's guns, so the niggers will have an even easier time slaughtering us.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Louis Lanier said...

Why the hell don't any of these gun massacre guys ever go after the people who really do such terrible harm to everyone?

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Pedrotti said...

It's a pity that racially motivated black violence against White people doesn't get the same kind of weepy coverage from the liberal media that Connecticut, etc. gets.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Kirk Westfall said...

Why do niggers always seem to kill nobody but ordinary White people? Because the rich liberal bastards live in their own elite suburbs and make sure they don't have to put up with the chaos and the horror they inflict on others. Ditto the goddamned Jews. Wonder if we can ever educate our darker brethren to the fact that liberals and Jews have more to rip off?

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Chris Pretorius said...

Needless to say, if the Democrats succeed in banning semi-autos over the Connecticut business, the Crips and the Bloods will all be the first to meekly hand over their weapons to the police.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the 1908's, ZOG has been raising people from the time they're toddlers, on a steady diet of TV, movies, video games and gangsta rap and heavy metal music that are fantasies and glorifications of gun violence, promiscuity and drug use, and then we wonder why we have a society full of dope addicts, perverts and maniacs, going on shooting rampages.

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha the USA is hopeless. In Asian countries, a multi-racial population isn't a problem because nobody has weapons except for the army and police! But the US is full of liberals whining about every human right.

With such an indecisive government, how can you expect to prevent social disorder? Social development isn't a priority in the USA. I bet even the successful black people probably will be as apathetic as any successful white person. Why should the rich care for the poor? As long as these crimes don't happen near them, there's no need for alarm.

4:44 AM  

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