Saturday, December 08, 2012

HAC On Aryan Banking

Sorry about not updating the blog, guys. Got wrapped up in something.

Here's a video of me discussing Aryan finance versus the Jewish usury system.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just off subject Harold, Loyalists are rioting in Ulster over a F***king flag.

Is this a false flag to, devide whites in Ulster??


10:21 AM  
Anonymous Bill Goldburg said...

You touched on the subject of paper money in this video. What is your opinion about what the best monetary system would be in a White country?

A lot of rite wingers talk about wishing to go back to pre-War Between the States times, when most everyday transactions were done by carrying around purses of actual gold and silver coins, and bank vaults were filled with piles of gold and silver.

Others would be satisfied to just go back to the mid 20th century when everybody carried around paper money and check books, but the paper was supposedly still backed by actual piles of gold and silver stashed away in vaults.

Some even think there's nothing inherently wrong with the fiat (fake paper) money system the World uses today, they just think it needs to be "reformed" and tweeked.

7:17 PM  

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