Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Letter from Bill White

[Published as part of my policy of not allowing the one-party dictatorship to silence those whom they want to silence. As a good example of how completely arbitrary the dictator’s minions can be, contrast Mr. White’s treatment in prison with the cruelty shown to the 67-year-old Edgar J. Steele, who is being kept in the fortress-like and contaminated Victorville facility and who has not been heard from for almost six months. He may be dead by now, of natural causes due to his life-threatening heart condition when he was arrested by the secret police, or else they simply murdered him in his cell. White can at least communicate with the outside world. – HAC]

November 28, 2012

All right, Harold, you got me:

When did you learn to write like this?

I just started Freedom’s Sons, Volume One today. Most of my day I spend studying—reading conspiracy greats like Temple and the Lodge or plowing my way through the New Cambridge Mediaval History. Someone out there likes my new project, Serpent’s Blood, and is keeping my library here well-stocked.

But every day after lunch, I walk three to four miles in the fresh Pittsburgh mountain air here and for that I take something light. I finished Dante’s Inferno yesterday. I started Freedom’s Sons today. I was laughing harder after the first paragraph than I’ve laughed in a long time, and that includes when I listen to the Rasta-Man across the hall here explain how negroes were flying around the African jungle in machines before the White man  stole it all from him. Fifteen pages in, around “Mandingo”, I had to stop walking to laugh. Your book is not just well written, both in your battle scenes and your Socratic dialogues/Cabinet meetings, but it’s fun to read.

In the past I’ve not always been the nicest to you, but you have become quite an author, with a talent for fiction. I suggested today AFP and TBR look into carrying your stuff—I sent everyone an e-mail just half an hour ago. Anything I can do to help, let me know. And thank you for sending me this.

Other than that, all is well here. I just sent off 3000-ish words to TBR on the role of Jews in usury, coining, taxing, and slavery within the early Germanic kingdoms of the Dark Ages, and am working hard on the origins of medieval to Enlightenment secret societies—I need something to fill my time.

I should be out in some possibly limited form soon. The Chicago case is being taken care of. The Foundation to Defend the First Amendment, a charity, is preparing to raise money for my Supreme Court lawyer, and my new book Tradition of the Mother, on the demonic origins of YHWH, is back from the printer and going out for dale via Liberty Lifeline Press next month, Between those, I am hoping to raise the $30,000 needed to pay for the next round of this. [The eternal and necessary optimism of prisoners, all of whom always have some kind of angle going for release.  The dictatorship is presently appealing White’s previous acquittal on First Amendment grounds and is seeking to imprison him for an additional ten years for the crime of publishing on the internet information which was publicly available in the Chicago telephone directory. – HAC]

Other than that, I’m just enjoying your books, and wanted to write to compliment you. Thank you again,


P. S. You should put together a catalog of your stuff for prisoners. Guys here are still passing around old issues of The Aryan Alternative and are starving for this stuff! 


Anonymous Bill White Trial Update said...

Bill White is going to Chicago next week. That’s the plan, anyway. He’ll be leaving Loretto on the next transport out. He expects to be sentenced in the first two weeks of January. He believes Judge Adelman will give him time served, and then Bill will return to Loretto and from there go into a halfway house to finish his supervised release violation sentence.

As always, there is still a mysterious investigation going on somewhere, perhaps in Virginia. According to Bill, a US Attorney is stalking him and sending emails to Loretto every day telling them to hold Bill because they are investigating. No detainers, no writs.

Hopefully, I will get on PACER over the weekend and find out what has been going on in Court.

As Bill sees it, he is getting the sentencing out of the way so he can get to the half-way house, eventually. Otherwise, he would have to stay in prison until his appeal is heard by the Supreme Court.

There’s actually a glitch in all this, it seems to me. What has the sentencing in Chicago got to do with the investigation in Virginia? Nothing. So, how will getting the sentencing in Chicago out of the way clear it so Bill can get into the halfway house?

I don’t know!

More, later.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the reason they are taking it easier on White now, is that they have already broken him. When they tortured and drugged him the 1st time they imprisoned him, he obviously lost his mind. The stuff he is writing and saying now is pretty much gibberish and Z0G doesn't consider him to be a serious threat. And since having lost his marbles, he f00lishly ran from Z0G to Mexic0 before being recaptured, he has pretty much set himself up to be behind bars for the foreseeable future.

4:26 PM  

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