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What Is To Be Done? A Strategic Assessment of the Northwest Imperative

[In view of the importance of this article I will be leaving it up for several days. - HAC]

by Captain O’Neill

The Northwest Imperative is the powerful but simple idea that North American Whites need their own country: an ethno-state, a Homeland.  This is an idea that dates back to Richard Butler and the 1990s, and Harold Covington is only its most recent and famous proponent

A couple of articles have already been written favorably reviewing the fictional works used to expound that vision. They have tended to focus on their literary merits and mythos. While legitimate, this somewhat misses the point, as what is required is simply a strategic assessment. 

The recent debate on this imperative helped in this regard. I simply hope to wrap the matter up and the best way to do this is to start from first principles and consider the question not in terms of political ideology, but in terms of military strategy; a mindset Nationalists are going to have to learn if our race is to have any chance of surviving the storm of the 21st century.

Violence or Non-violence

First of all the question must be asked: violence or non-violence? There are four possible non-violent paths to power to be considered, and I think it will be made clear that none of them are feasible.

The first is simply establishing a nationwide White Nationalist party and somehow winning presidential and federal congressional elections. This will not work, because these sorts of campaigns require both millions of dollars and a friendly media environment. Neither will be forthcoming, as the enemy controls the media, and the plutocracy (the only people who have that sort of money) know which side their bread is buttered on. It is thanks to them that America is flooded with cheap non-White labor. Finally, there is the American public’s ingrained resistance to voting for a third party of any ideological stripe.

Secondly, there is the idea of infiltrating the Republican Party. This is not a novel tactic. It is called entryism, and it has been tried by communists in Europe. It failed. It does not work, because the party bosses simply find out what is happening and promptly expel the infiltrators. Then you are back to square one, and the problems of a third party. 

There is also the sheer disparity of size. For 25,000 Nationalists (assuming you could get them all singing from the same hymn sheet) to infiltrate a party with 100 million registered members and tens of thousands of local, state and federal politicians, it would be like an ant trying to capture an elephant. It cannot be done.

The third option, somewhat similar to the second, is the long march through the institutions. This plan has three insurmountable drawbacks:

To begin with, our race is running out of time. Secondly, it supposes that every White Nationalist has the necessary qualifications and connections to rise to the top of the ladder in business, media, government and the educational system. There is no reason to believe that is this case. Thirdly, one simply cannot sneak up on the Jews. Unlike the naïve and idealistic and Whites of the 1920s, the Jews are hyper-ethnocentric and vigilant to the point of paranoia in enforcing ideological conformity in key institutions. This leads to one of the problems from option two: any nationalist who tries to use his position to spread the word will get fired.

The fourth non-violent alternative is a nationwide peaceful uprising like the "Arab Spring." This sort of event, such as the one in Egypt and elsewhere, only works if the local military is sympathetic. How hard would it be for the regime to assemble a non-White goon squad willing to disperse the crowds with automatic weapons? To ask the question is to answer it, and to believe that the Jews would not order it to be done in order to protect their power and wealth, is simply insane.

That’s the peaceful strategies done and dealt with, which leaves the violent ones. There are three options here: a violent mass uprising, a military coup, or a guerrilla insurgency. 

A violent uprising would certainly overcome the problem of the regime's security forces shooting back, However, White Americans have simply been too denuded of their moral and physical courage to even envisage doing so. I doubt that the members of the controlled opposition movements (Occupy and the Tea Party) ever even considered a serious armed revolt against the System. More concretely, all the problems of money and media that apply to building a nationwide mass movement, also apply here.

A military coup is impossible, for the reason that that the overwhelming majority of the officer corps has never had an independent political thought in their lives, and consists primarily of careerist uniformed bureaucrats. Also the System is too dispersed and decentralized to be taken down with a blow at a single point. Military coups can only occur in small and medium-sized countries.

There would appear to be a third way between an armed struggle against the US government and peaceful activism; namely waiting until the regime collapses from the weight of its own internal contradictions and exploiting the power vacuum to seize power. Alex Kurtagic has stated before the objection to this course of action: that if the regime does collapse, there is no guarantee that it will be White Nationalists who fill the power vacuum. 

In fact, as things stan this is highly unlikely.Anyone from non-White street gangs and private security companies, to state and local governments, to remnants of the US military and even well organized evangelical churches, would be better positioned to do so.  None of these groups would be likely to be pro-White. Even if the U.S. does collapse, there would still be the necessity for a powerful pro-white paramilitary organization.

In fact, to speak of collapse is imprecise. The U.S. economy has already collapsed, and its slide into a Third World country appears irreversible, yet the U.S. government retains a credible monopoly on armed force, and that is what ultimately counts. One should also bear in mind that even most Third World states do the same, even if they are unable to control every mega-slum or frontier province.

It has been said that we are too weak to overthrow system, but the system is weak enough to collapse. This is true insofar as it goes, but logically if the system is on the brink of collapse, then a good kick would send it crashing down, and we only have to become strong enough to give it that final shove to obtain our goals.

More importantly, even if the odds of a total collapse of the System's credible monopoly on armed force are as good as 70-30, with the survival of the White race at stake we cannot accept those odds. The system will break if attacked at its weak point, but it will not be anywhere near as apocalyptic as the frankly rather implausible notion of a “convergence of catastrophes” which requires an inordinate amount of luck, and implies that criminal scum rioting in the suburbs of France could indirectly bring down the entirety of this global monstrosity of a civilization.

In reality, a powerful and strategically focused insurgency in the U.S. would be more far more likely to inflict that kind of damage than disaffected “youths” burning cars in a medium-sized European country.

So the process of elimination leaves us left with the option of guerrilla warfare. This is also the best option. 

Most White Nationalists do not seem to understand how incredibly difficult it is to defeat an insurgency. Less than a quarter of the insurgencies in the 20th century ended with the rebels surrendering. In every other case they forced the occupying government to the negotiating table or to withdraw their forces.

This success is due to the fact that an insurgency only has to survive and keeping on fighting to win. The occupying force instead has to crush them, and the guerrilla’s evasiveness makes that extremely difficult. Eventually the occupying force tires of its losses in blood and treasure, and decides to leave.


Having answered the question “what?” we must now answer the question “where?” 

Various White Nationalists have proposed a Homeland in the Old South or New England. Others have claimed that we should take back all 50 states. The latter option is just not possible. White Nationalists are simply too few and too scattered, and concentration of force is an essential military principle. One cannot build an effective political organization unless their members are a walk or short drive away. It should be taken as a given that Nationalists need to relocate and concentrate on a single region. Even if the Northwest is not the ideal region, they still need to concentrate somewhere

Bu actually, it is ideal. There are five possible choices for a future ethnostate: the Northeast (New England), the Southeast (the Old South), the Southwest and the Midwest, and finally the North West. All of them except the Northwest have irreparable disadvantages. The Northeast is where the regime's centers of power, D.C and New York are located, and they will never yield those. Additionally the area is much smaller, meaning less room to maneuver.

While the White populations of the Southeast and the Southwest are in general more racially conscious than elsewhere, this is only because the non-White population is so much larger. Correspondingly, such a massive ethnic cleansing would be required that no resources could be spared for attacking the regime's forces and administrative structures. There are dozens of counties in the Old South with the demographics of Detroit. Similarly the Southwest is already nothing but an external province of Mexico. Finally, the fact that the blacks and browns regard these lands as their home turf would make them a great deal more likely to fight rather than flee.

The Midwest, on the other hand, is landlocked, and this is enough to render any pariah ethnostate unviable. Furthermore, the featureless terrain makes it most unsuitable for guerrilla warfare.

Conversely, the Northwest is ideal. It has nothing truly essential to ZOG, a limited number of non-Whites and best of all consists almost entirely of mountains and forests, and thus is superb guerrilla country. It is also very large (if one includes Idaho Montana, and Wyoming in the definition.) It has raw materials, a coastline, living space and a rich history of White martyrdom and resistance, that no region other than that of the Old South.

Strategy and Tactics in The War of Independence

One of the most telling features of Covington’s fictional Northwest plan is the attention to detail. By comparison, all other White Nationalist schemes are actually quite vague and woolly as to how they would actually pan out.  The Old Man’s novels, on the other hand, give a detailed description of the necessary tactics to be employed. Although one is better for hearing it from the horse's mouth, so to speak, here is a short rundown just to demonstrate that when it comes to serious long term planning, the Northwest Front does not even have any serious competitors.

In his fiction, Covington describes the manner in which the NVA (the future insurgency and an acronym for Northwest Volunteer Army) will come to prevail by accomplishing a number of strategic objectives. A point frequently made in the books is that every attack must serve an underlying political purpose, and killing randomly is to be wholly avoided.

1. Lay the demographic foundations for a White Republic by force. This essentially entails driving out all non-Whites by force as well as Jews and sodomites, and targeting employers and the services they depend on to get rid of the Mexicans

2. Supplant the rule of U.S. law in selected areas. This means targeting anybody connected to the court system and suborning local police forces

3. Win the support of the local White population. This will be won by Whitening up the areas in question, meaning an end to the problems non-Whites cause such as crime, loud music and competition for jobs and services, by neutralizing the tax collection system as well as providing all kinds of Robin Hood-ish assistance and justice, and finally, attacking targets in a precise and discriminate manner.

4. Neutralize all sources of enemy propaganda. Killing and intimidating first local, and then national media, as well as intimidating Christian Zionist clergy and loyalist free-lance propagandists.

5. Inflict devastating and unsustainable economic losses upon the U.S. This entails the aforementioned elimination of local taxes, the costs of occupation, and finally physical and cyber-attacks against financial institutions and tax collection, in New York and DC

6. Terrorize and thoroughly intimidate the U.S. elite. This simply entails killing sufficiently large numbers of the U.S.’s political, economic and cultural elite (the so-called One Percent) that they decide that keeping the Northwest is not worth losing their own lives. The self-serving cowardice of the U.S. elites will render this an especially effective tactic

7. Use appropriate methods to conduct and sustain operations. This is not the place to rehearse the details, but it should suffice to say that Covington’s novels, especially the first half of The Brigade and the middle third of A Distant Thunder, are extremely rich in revolutionary know-how, covering everything from secure communications to the art of arson, to neutralizing informants. It is this more than anything else that convinces me that Covington has a genuinely viable plan

It would also be appropriate to give a rundown of enemy forces. We can take it as a given that when the Party is ready to begin the uprising, the U.S. will have large numbers of troops deployed overseas. We can consider it probable that they will be waging a war in the Middle East to protect Israel and to steal all the oil. We can also assume that the U.S. will rotate their troops on occasion to maintain their morale. So the U.S. will probably be only able to deploy about a third of their ground forces to the Northwest, and while the United States Army has around 600,000 active duty personnel, (of very poor quality since recruiting standards have been so drastically lowered since 9/11), only around 30,00 thousand are infantry.

The Pentagon could bolster that number in various ways, converting other units to infantry etc., but the fact remains that the U.S.’s “tooth to tail ratio” is so enormous that they have very few combat troops for all the hundreds of billions of dollars they spend and ever rising personnel and procurement costs will ensure that they have even less than they do now. 

There is an alternative, of course, which is to restore the draft, but this is something that the United States dare not do, because of political blowback, and because most of the young male population of America are now politically unreliable and virtually untrainable minorities. 

Furthermore, ZOG is accustomed to thinking of White Nationalist violence as a crime problem to be solved by the FBI, and will be probably caught off guard by the scale and ferocity of the violence. I might add that all of the U.S. military's expensive and intimidating high tech toys are of no use against small bands of insurgents concealed and dispersed amongst the local population and are actually counter-productive in that the collateral damag” they produce inevitably alienates the local population.


There are any number of potential objections that may be raised, most involving the potential dangers and unwillingness of the U.S. government to cede its own territory. To which I can only say that yes, a guerrilla war will be dangerous, but much less so than other forms of armed struggle, and that the whole point of war is to break the enemy's will by inflicting physical and financial pain upon him. 

Other objections, or nay-says as Covington terms them, are:

The Northwest is not actually that White. It is true that Washington and Oregon are now less White than they have been in the past, but the demographics are skewed by the huge cities of Seattle and Portland. The countryside is majority White, and all the Whiter states are landlocked, rendering them useless for an ethno-state.

The Northwest is ideologically dominated by liberalism. This is true only of the major cities of Seattle and Portland which skew everything out of shape. In any case, raw numbers are irrelevant outside an electoral contest, which is not how power will be seized.

White Nationalists do not have the numbers to compete with power structure's employees and allies. This is again irrelevant, as the aim is not to build a mass movement, but an underground revolutionary organization capable of transitioning to guerrilla warfare

The Northwest Imperative is not a new idea. Nor has Harold Covington ever claimed that it is. The idea itself goes back to the attempt in 1941 to form a new State of Jefferson in northern California. It is true that there has been little success before, but there will not be any success anywhere unless Nationalists get their act together both organizationally and strategically.

The Pacific Northwest is no different from any other part of the U.S. This  is simply not true. It has that combination of size, terrains suitable for guerrilla country, raw materials, a coastline, a reasonably White population, lack of fundamental importance to ZOG, and a history of martyrdom that no other area has. What nay-sayers claim about hiding in a bunker in the Northwest being no different from doing so elsewhere is true but trivial, as the plan does not call for hiding in bunkers but taking the fight to the enemy.

The U.S. authorities are highly competent at capturing terrorists and defeating insurgents. That is simply not true. The U.S. did not defeat the Sunni insurgency in Iraq, but bribed them to change sides, and the Americans are about to leave Afghanistan and hand it over to the Taliban who ruled prior to 2001, thus negating eleven years of pointless bloodshed.

The local population does not care about the martyrs of the Northwest, and nor do many White Nationalists. This is true, but there will be other ways of winning the local populations' support. Nationalists' indifference is something to be overcome, not a law of nature.

The collapse will never occur. This is a total red herring; the Northwest plan does not call for waiting for the collapse, but in causing or threatening its occurrence.

White Nationalists are too heterogeneous to accomplish anything. Hence the necessity of imposing homogeneity upon them through the discipline of a revolutionary party.

Covington has no communication strategy. Actually he does, like he has a strategy for almost everything else: build a real-world community capable of educating the local population through leafleting, occasional elections etc. and appealing to concrete issues of the “Mexicans out, Whites back to work” type as well abolishing income taxes and so on.

One might as well move to Idaho or Wyoming. HAC agrees; these will also be areas for revolutionary political activity

A White nation will be a proposition of no interest to anyone except intellectuals. There is nothing like suffering and struggle to build a new nation and the tribalism of non-Whites will force Whites to increasingly identify with their race. In any case, France and Germany were once mere propositions; the process is called ethnogenesis, and it has happened throughout history.

White Nationalists cannot educate the local population because similar tactics have already failed. Fortunately, the plan calls for using very different political tactics and calls only for the passive support of the local population

The Northwest American Republic, is a fantasy no more real than Star Trek’s United Federal of Planets. Technically it is an idea rather than a fantasy, and an idea that will become a reality if White Nationalists can assemble the necessary courage and discipline.

Building the Party

Although Covington discusses the methods needed to prevail in a guerrilla war, he does not discuss in detail the manner in which the present Northwest Front, which is at present simply one of many White Nationalist grouplets, can grow into the Party of his novels, which is a reasonably large (with members numbering in the thousands rather dozens) and well-disciplined. Covington envisages that the number be made up by White Nationalist migrants and these should certainly play a role.

There are number of things that could be done to build strength locally. Anyone who has had family member seriously victimized by non-Whites; people who have belonged to White prison gangs, disgruntled and unemployed military veterans, entire “hate groups” in the Northwest who can be brought onside with the promise of victory.

It would even be possible to double the Front's numbers by assigning each member a mission of recruiting one new member each year and make this the bulk of their efforts. Through such means the Front could increase its strength by an order of magnitude in less than a decade: 200-400-800-1600-3200 etc.

Some people have claimed that the Movement does not require a single disciplined revolutionary party. Respectfully I must disagree, the Movement has been ill served over the last generations by having dozens of small and fractious group each with their own ideas about the best course of action, attacking each other, splitting or duplicating efforts.

Unity of command is an essential military principle and will be a major advantage, come the war over ZOGs hundreds of competing law enforcement agencies its dozens of intelligence agencies and general diffusion of power across three branches, state and county bureaucracies, as well all the pressure groups and corporations exerting influences.

That said, the Party and later the NVA will be decentralized. The ideal organization is both unified and decentralized operating in accordance with what the Wehrmacht called Auftragstaktik i.e. subordinate units being given definite objectives and wide latitude as to how to accomplish them.  More fundamentally, the violence-averse and politically apathetic character of White Americans requires discipline to be overcome.

Some Meta-Political Points

It is sometimes said that it is too early to engage in politics, and that we must engage in meta-politics. Meta-politics consists of discerning the correct course of action, establishing its rightness and building community. It would be more accurate to speak of building and recruiting for revolutionary organization than a community of various groups, and here obviously there is a mass of work to be done. It has been said that Americans don’t like revolutionary sects seizing power and killing people, but given the total toilet the U.S. will soon enough become, they will consider it preferable and especially so if the NVA takes all the aforementioned measures to win at least their passive support.

As to what is to be done, I think that is quite clear. The Northwest plan is simply better than all the alternatives, which will be thwarted by the urgency of our cause, White Nationalist’s lack of billions of dollars, a hostile media and a military wholly compliant to ZOG.

As to the rectitude of Northwest imperative, yes, a guerrilla war is an ugly business, but there can be no doubts at the legitimacy of a war of liberation to save a slowly dying people, and nor can there be any doubts as to the wickedness of the enemy.

In HAC’s novels, the Volunteers often refer to the U.S. simply as the Beast, and this certainly apt. Even in 1930’s Julius Evola identified “the Nameless Beast” as lurking behind both American and Soviet “civilizations”. 

Covington has also written extensively about the state of affairs that is the final endgame of the Anglo-Zionist he calls variously the Brave New World, The New World Order or the global consumer plantation, and is known to those who study tradition as in metaphysical terms “the counter-tradition” and in theological ones as the reign of the Anti-Christ. In my book this more than enough to justify the “human rights abuses” and “terrorist” tactics of a guerrilla war against what Michael O’Meara has rightly called the satanic forces of globalism.


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Superb assessment!

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Anonymous Joe McGowan said...

Excellent! I wish we could somehow get all those windbags over at TOO to come here and read this article. It answers all their questions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this insight, “Captain O’Neill”.

Unquestionably this will be the most significant battle, if not our last chance for the survival, of Western Man.

Ex Gladio Libertas

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All the GOP leadership knows that the election was a "fix." Gingrich talks about "extraordinary" events. GOP leaders point out "anomalous" counts in Philadelphia.

They're all pussyfooting around with buzzwords and euphemisms. People, the election was a sham! White leadership needs to man-up and DO SOMETHING!

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I think it was some jew who replied to a hypothetical situation of a large number of protestors banging on the door of city hall waving torches and carrying a noose, He replied, I would simply pay one half to kill the other half. That might work with todays riff raff, but I should hope that white men are above treason, Leave that for the head nigger in charge.

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Anonymous George said...

"Excellent! I wish we could somehow get all those windbags over at TOO to come here and read this article. It answers all their questions."

They are forever too busy discussing the "nature of the problem and its origins", and ignoring solutions to the problem-especially those solutions which entail any hint of violence. Like theologians of the middle ages discussing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, TOO's self-styled intellectuals are there only to participate in the "debate". It is a recreational activity for them. None of those people are a threat to ZOG, for none of them will ever actually "DO" anything in the real world.

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