Sunday, November 11, 2012

To This Battlefield

[Yes, this is a Christian take on the situation. Hate to tell you, guys, but a lot of racially aware White people are "Narnian" (i.e. non-CI) Christians of this sort. - HAC]

I have a cousin who is in despair over the Obama victory. His reaction – “It’s the end of everything” – is probably indicative of the reactions of many white people. I sympathize with my cousin and others like him. Obama’s victory is quite depressing. But would a Romney victory have reversed the colored tide that is sweeping over our country and turned Liberaldom back into Christendom? Hardly. 

Admittedly the defeat of Obama would have provided a momentary thrill, such as Donald Duck gets when he temporarily wins out over the chipmunks before his eventual defeat, but the negro-worshipping liberals would have still been in power during a Romney administration. We should use this election as a general uses his scouts during a war. We have found out some information about the enemy. The states with the smallest number of negroes that went for Obama, such as Maine and Vermont, have the highest concentrations of mad-dog liberals. 

This confirms previous information given to us by Edmund Burke and Anthony Jacob: liberalism is a disease caused by an abstraction from reality. Those whites who are the furthest removed from the real negro are the most likely to worship the noble savage negro. The old Civil War battle lines are still in place; southern whites who actually know blacks did not vote for The Obama.

My cousin’s despair is the result of his listening to the irresponsible 11th hour harangues of democracy-loving conservatives. For the past sixty years or so we have had to listen to conservatives telling us that, “The hour is late, this is our last chance, we must elect ­____ or we will perish.” When a conservative bids us pin all our hopes on an election, what happens when that election is lost? Do we just curse God and die? We do if we follow the logic of the 11th hour conservatives. 

But the conservatives never follow their own logic. After losing an election they immediately start preparing for the next election. Even before Romney had officially lost, I heard two Fox news commentators asking themselves how Republicans could begin to get the Hispanic vote. 

Will the conservatives never learn? They are suffering from a spiritual malaise. They have made a god out of the democratic process. If all hope for a renewal of the European people depends on the Europeans’ ability to blend into a non-European democracy of races, then the European people are indeed doomed, because there is no hope for the European within the perimeters of democracy. But outside those perimeters is hope abundant. How many electoral defeats must take place before the white man breaks the chains of democracy?

When my prayers are not answered, I get angry with God. When the anger subsides I realize I have no right to be angry with God. “He knows,” as the poetess tells us, and I do not know. One needs to place one’s hand in the hand of God, which is often easier said than done. But in our better moments, in those white moments of the soul, we see with blinding sight, and we do place our hand in the hand of God, not because we ought to do it, but because we love and trust Him. I think the European’s infatuation with the democratic heresy stems from a shift in his attitude towards God. 

As a defense against the God who does not answer prayers to his satisfaction, the European has turned to the democratic version of the Watchmaker God. The Watchmaker God makes the world, winds it up in order to set it in motion, and then steps back, completely indifferent to the fate of the human beings who inhabit the Watchmaker’s world. The 17th century rationalists such as Voltaire were not the inventors of the Watchmaker God. The Sadducees and the Pharisees, and later St. Thomas Aquinas, all championed a theology in which a distant God set the world in motion and then stepped aside and let mortals fend for themselves. It’s a theology that allows a man to keep God as an idea while dispensing with Him when dealing with the nitty-gritty of practical, down-to-earth living in this world.

The seemingly great advantage of the Watchmaker system is that it puts a man in control of his own destiny and puts God in heaven, looking down on mortals and bestowing His blessing on their marvelous systems and then disappearing into the clouds until He is needed to bestow His blessing on a new, improved man-made system. Grace does not flow from God to man in the Watchmaker system, it flows from the system to man. And over time the system becomes all and all to man, while God becomes less and less, and even disappears altogether from some systems, such as the Communist system.

The great disadvantage of the Watchmaker system is that it cuts a man off from the living God and places him in the hands of a false god who will eventually fail him, as the great god democracy has failed the 11th hour conservative. Such a man now has no faith left from which to launch an attack on his enemies. His god, democracy, has left him naked to his enemies. Too many false Aslans render a man incapable of believing in the real Aslan.

It should be pointed out that the majority of white people in this country did not vote for The Obama. A significant minority did vote for him along with an overwhelming majority of colored people. 

What does that tell us? The barbarian hordes of color are the eternal enemies of white Europeans, and a large minority of white Europeans are irredeemable liberals who can only be dealt with on the battlefield; there can be no peaceful coexistence with such creatures. What about the majority of whites who did not vote for The Obama? 

Let me bring in one lone white man to stand in for those whites: In a small grocery store that I frequent there is a white man in his fifties who I’ve become quite chummy with over the last two years of shopping at his store. But it was only a few months ago that we got beyond small talk. He mentioned that one of his sons was about to become an eagle scout. He sounded a little tentative, worried that I might disapprove, so I told him that I thought the Boy Scouts organization should be applauded for their refusal to admit homosexuals. 

Upon hearing my opinion on homosexuals and the Boy Scouts, the mild-mannered grocer opened up on a whole host of topics. He desperately wanted The Obama to lose in order to “show our kids that America is still decent.” He also, regretfully, felt he had to couch his criticisms of The Obama with the usual apology: “I’m not racist, I just don’t like his policies.” Mr. Grocer would run a mile from me and possibly report me to the police if I told him my views on race, but I love the man; he is a white man. I wish he would realize, as I wish all such white men would realize, that his innate decency is unique to the white European and that it comes from the living God, not from the American way or the democratic process.

But there it is. Our people will not fight outside the perimeters of democracy, so we must fight for them.

During the months preceding the election when some polls showed Romney leading, there were some not so veiled threats from liberals and blacks that they would not remain non-violent if The Obama lost the election. Those threats place me beyond ordinary anger, they fill me with an eternal fire of anger that can never be put out. 

Is there one single liberal or black barbarian who fears the wrath of the white man now that the Obama has won? No, there isn’t. The liberals and his colored allies must be made to fear the angry white man who will not sit back and passively accept his own and his peoples’ execution simply because of an election. “If democracy is harmful to the white man, democracy should die so that the white man can live,” should be the battle cry of the unadulterated and unmodernized white man. We cannot remain democratically non-violent in the face of this unrelenting war of extermination against our people. 

A young white male of my acquaintance told me that Obama’s re-election made him want to go out and mow down as many liberals as possible. The sentiment does him credit. But I advised him not to waste his anger on indiscriminate violence. Be violent and bloody, yes, but let it count for something. If we take the democratic blinders from our hearts, God will tell us when and how to strike out against the liberals and their colored minions. We should never eschew violence nor should we make it a cure-all. There are many ways to destroy liberals so long as we break with democracy. The important thing is to take the democratic blinders off and let the grace of God do its work.

There is a creeping, crawling creature that we should specifically address in the wake of The Obama’s reelection. This creature tells us that, “White people are decadent, the colored races will renew the Christian faith with their purity of soul and their natural and vital natures.” If that is the case, how does Mr. “Sell Out My Own People” account for the fact that the majority of whites did not vote for The Obama, while the vast majority — 93% — of the natural, saint-like, colored tribesmen did vote for The Obama? Renewal will never come from the colored races, it will come from within the European people once they have cast off the creeping, crawling creatures and their mad-dog liberal brethren.

The only drama of any importance on the world stage is the drama of the European and his relationship with his God. All other non-European dramas only take on significance when they become part of the European drama.

There are times when the European people reach out and touch the hand of God as depicted by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. And there are times when the Europeans turn from God and plunge themselves and the rest of the world into darkness. At such times the devil rejoices and walks the earth with impunity. Obviously we are living in such times.

Is The Obama the Anti-Christ and are these the end times? That’s more than I know or anybody else knows. Would it make any difference if we did know? We are supposed to hate the devil and all his works. And negro-worshipping Liberaldom is clearly the work of the devil, so whether these are the end times and Obama is the anti-Christ or whether these are not the end times and Obama is just a nondescript little weasel, should not matter to us. Either way the Christ-bearing people must fight Satan and his minions. 

What is needful — and events like the re-election of the Obama keep us mindful of such things — is that we hold ourselves in a state of permanent warfare with the liberals and their colored allies. They love the devil and all his works, while we belong to the devil’s antagonist, the Man of Sorrows. There shall always be a great divide between us, in this world and the next. Who among us would wish it otherwise?

Some savvy political thinkers on the right tell me that the Obama victory will be good for white people because it will “wake them up” and make them vote for a real white candidate next election. I’m not that savvy; I’m a peasant at heart. All I see is that a white man with at least a modicum of the old Christian ethos in his soul lost an important election to a black weasel, who has become the sign and symbol of the liberals’ satanic reign. That cannot be a good thing. But it should not be a reason for despair, because the true European does not place his hopes in the democratic process. The light of the world did not come into the world to make it safe for democracy. I place my hopes in the European hearth presided over by the King of Kings.


Anonymous Kirk Westfall said...

You remind me a lot of the late Dr. William L. Pierce, Mr. Covington, and I am glad you don't seem to share WLP's obsessive hatred of Christianity. We must become a movement of blood, not faith, as you have said, and you seem to practice what you preach.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This man's heart is in the right place of course... but reading all the Kaballistic references in it (whether he knows he's making them or not) make me want to say "Oy Vey!"

Christianity may not be inimical to the White Man but I don't think its helping either.

Plus, Christians have not yet realized, and may never realize until it is too late, that they are not only targeted for destruction by the Muslim (who are at this moment surging out of the middle east invading Europe and North America) but by the Jew as well.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Adit said...

I have always assumed that the vast majority of racial aware Whites are "Narnian" Christians (Nice -I like that terminology), but the questions I have always had are:

A) Can they properly identify the root cause(s) of our problems without going into a metaphysical meltdown? Will their very religiousness blind them? I have seen far too many scoff at the idea that the Jews are anything but sweet little misunderstood Angels, and I'm not even talking about the 'Judeo-Christians' here. If Mental Gymnastics in denial were an Olympic sport we'd have an embarrassment of riches.

B) Can they actually do what is necessary or will they do some kind of half-a$$ed solution and leave our Great-Grandchildren to do it all over again. Kind of like a horrific Time-Loop. Can they overcome a lifetime of 'Turning the other cheek ?'

I think these are important questions since WNs are far too few (even if you could get them to do anything - How sad is this?) to fix this mess on their own.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Uncle Nasty said...

Hi, Harold. What is a "non-CI" Christian?

Seriously, I do not know.


11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a prophet Harold. "De Won" is going to build the America you describe in your novels.



5:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If i remember rightly, the White kids actually took up weapons and FOUGHT the evil minions. Do we really want to admit that White adults are too timid to actually DO what needs to be done?

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hi, Harold. What is a "non-CI" Christian?"

Google is your friend...

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adit said...

A) Can they properly identify the root cause(s) of our problems without going into a metaphysical meltdown? Will their very religiousness blind them? I have seen far too many scoff at the idea that the Jews are anything but sweet little misunderstood Angels, and I'm not even talking about the 'Judeo-Christians' here.

I know what you mean, but Christians haven't always been philosemitic. If we/they read the Bible, does "brood of vipers" or "synagogue of Satan" sound like "misunderstood little angels?"

B) Can they actually do what is necessary or will they do some kind of half-a$$ed solution and leave our Great-Grandchildren to do it all over again. Kind of like a horrific Time-Loop. Can they overcome a lifetime of 'Turning the other cheek ?'

As I understand it "Turning the other cheek" applies to a slap intended as an insult, not a threat to one's existence. Why did Jesus at the last supper tell his disciples that when he was gone they would need to carry swords?

Kennewick Man

7:14 PM  

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