Monday, November 26, 2012

Northwest Forums

Okay , the novel now being completed, I have more time for “donkey work” so to speak and more attention to pay to stuff that should be getting done by that National Organizer we don’t have.

The comments section on the Homeland blog has gotten out of hand. The posts are way too long on average, and they are starting to generate heat rather than light. It’s turning into Usenet, which is my fault. I haven’t been moderating as I should, for two reasons:
1) Time constraints which led me to not to pay attention to what I was approving;

2) Having been the victim of censorship myself, and still being the victim of an ongoing attempt to silence my voice, I am extremely reluctant to censor others, even if their posts are degenerating into drivel.

That having been said, enough. From now on the Homeland blog's posts will be moderated for brevity and on-topicality.

Those who wish to bloviate, go to:


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